Let them eat less!

And the American “non-GMO crowd answers: _ _ _ _ ??”
Anita Singh, arts and entertainment editor at the Telegraph (U.K.), writing for the paper on Nov. 12:

Dame Vivienne Westwood, the fashion designer, has declared that people who can’t afford to buy organic food should “eat less” and stop getting fat. The millionaire designer made the comments as she delivered a petition to Downing Street protesting about genetically modified food.

When a BBC Radio 5 Live interviewer suggested that “not everybody can afford to eat organic food”, Dame Vivienne replied: “Eat less!” Told that many people in Britain are visiting food banks because they don’t have enough to put on their tables, so “to eat less isn’t an option”, Dame Vivienne was dismissive.

“They don’t have any choice—this is the point, isn’t it,” she said. . . .

Notable & Quotable: Dame Vivienne Westwood – WSJ.


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