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Where Did All the Workers Go?

July 24 | Posted by mrossol | CDC NIH, Critical Thinking, Disinformation, Health, Science, Transparency[non], Work world

Source: Where Did All the Workers Go? ⋆ Brownstone Institute

In a November 30, 2022, speech on “Inflation and the Labor Market,” Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell blamed most of the 3.5 million estimated shortfall in the US labor force on premature retirements. He also blamed a... Read more

Put Yourself Out There!

October 5 | Posted by mrossol | Personal Development, Work world

By Jared Dillian, October 5, 2022 Put Yourself out There My approach to networking has changed a lot over the years. As an introvert, I used to attend conferences and not talk to anyone. But nowadays, I make it my goal to talk with as many people as possible. For example, I recently returned home from the Future Proof Festival in Huntington Beach, California,... Read more

EXCLUSIVE: 70,000 Trucker Owner/Operators to Be Forced Out of Business in California: Supply Chain Breakdown

July 15 | Posted by mrossol | Democrat Party, Labor, Work world

Source: EXCLUSIVE: 70,000 Trucker Owner/Operators to Be Forced Out of Business in California: Supply Chain Breakdown – American Faith

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For White-Collar Workers, It’s Prime Time to Get a Big Raise

February 22 | Posted by mrossol | Business, Economics, Work world

WSJ, By Sarah Chaney Cambon, 2/21/2022

White-collar professionals are reaping big pay gains as worker bargaining power spreads across the U.S. economy and shows early signs of durability. Wall Street banks are boosting compensation for employees. Consumer lenders are seeing their biggest pay bumps in more than a decade. Legal firms are raising wages aggressively as burned-out workers flee... Read more

How to Make a Living

September 2 | Posted by mrossol | Economics, Education, Personal Development, Work world

One of the best articles on the value of being able to write clearly and concisely that I have read in a long time. ======== WSJ 8/30/2018 As a 20-year-old graduate student in creative writing, I asked a professor how to submit work for publication. “If you’re already worried about publishing,” he said, “you’re not a serious writer.” I was serious—and desperate to learn... Read more

Last of the Over-The-Road Men

February 10 | Posted by mrossol | AI, American Thought, Work world

This one for a good friend who lived this life for a while.  Mr. Cohen has some wistful dreams, but I do wonder how many miles, and days, he actually spent in the seat he dreams about. ========= WSJ 2/10/2018 BY RICH COHEN THE REPORT was supposed to reassure those worried about the fate of the American trucker. Last week, Uber Advanced Technologies... Read more

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