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C&C. Djokovic. Portland. Scott Smith.

September 11 | Posted by mrossol | Childers, Democrat Party, SADS, Vaccine, Woke

Source: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE ☙ Monday, September 11, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS Before we start, let’s observe a moment of silence for all the murdered victims of the Trade Center’s destruction on September 11th, 2001. And those killed in Building 7, too. 🗞💬 WORLD NEWS AND COMMENTARY 🎾 Serbian tennis legend Novak Djokovic, won the U.S. Men’s Open Championship yesterday in a... Read more

What I learnt from an Aboriginal Elder

August 13 | Posted by mrossol | Australia, Social Engineering, The Left, Woke

By Steven Tripp, Dec. 13, 2022 Source: What I learnt from an Aboriginal Elder | The Spectator Australia Recently, I sat down to interview an Aboriginal Elder from South Australia for the ExCandidates podcast, of which I am a host. Her name is Kerry White, a former nurse and diabetes educator from the Narungga people. The aim of the interview was to... Read more

C&C. Witchcraft. Coming For Our Kids.

June 29 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Childers, Law, LGBT, Liberal Press, Sex Trafficking, The Left, Woke

Source: MONUMENTAL WITCHCRAFT ☙ Thursday, June 29, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🗞 *THE C&C ARMY POST* 🗞 🪖 I noticed in the comments yesterday someone asked about a good video to send to a new mother friend who was considering starting her newborn on the vaccine schedule. This next clip from a recent Town Hall with RFK might be a good place... Read more

C&C. Clots. Democrat Pedophiles. Coup Over!

June 25 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Childers, Democrat Party, Disinformation, Intelligence Services, Russia, Sex Trafficking, Woke

Source: THRICE CHARMED ☙ Sunday, June 25, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🗞💬 *WORLD NEWS AND COMMENTARY* 💬🗞 💉NBC Sports ran a story earlier this week that it updated Friday, headlined “Deion Sanders Undergoing Emergency Surgery for a Blood Clot.” Friday’s update confirmed that Sanders had the surgery.

At first, based on the reports from earlier this week and Sanders’ videos, I thought... Read more

C&C. Bribery Recordings. DoJ is Corrupt. WH is Woke. AI Bible?

June 13 | Posted by mrossol | 1st Amendment, American Thought, Biden, Childers, Deep State, Democrat Party, FBI, Transparency[non], Ukraine, WEF, Woke

Not sure how days can become darker for the USA. It is impossible to deny the politicization of the DoJ and FBI. Nor can anyone deny the complicity of legacy media – not challenging the Gov. seeking truth and transparency. E.g. why no mention of the existence of audio records of bribery deals? Shame on the WSJ.... Read more

C&C. Tucker 2.  Counter O in U. Lonely ‘Man’. Trans-late.

June 10 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Big Govt, Childers, Deep State, Democrat Party, Law, LGBT, Trump, Woke

More data points in the PSYOPs battle. Gotta pray for “Sally”. mrossol Source:WHAT COUNTEROFFENSIVE? ☙ Saturday, June 10, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS *WORLD NEWS AND COMMENTARY* 🪖 Tucker Carlson published the second episode of his new Twitter show last night, this one titled “Cling to your taboos!” And it was a doozy. FIFTY MILLION VIEWS! In less than 24 hours. That’s the... Read more

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