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Source:Coffee & Covid ☙ Saturday, September 10, 2022


🔥 Operation Multiplier Update: We got reports that Christopher Rufo’s donation site link was broken yesterday, and we were able to make contact. They got the link fixed. If you were unable to connect yesterday, or haven’t had the chance, here’s the link again, it should be good now.

Yesterday’s comments included a lively discussion about whether Rufo deserved multiplication, whether he was a fraudster or scam artist or something, and what would he do with the money anyway? I have two things to say about that.

First, I need to keep in mind that we add new readers all the time (welcome!). These folks never heard of Operation Multiplier and it is perfectly normal they have questions. I constantly walk the fine line between over-explaining the operations, which bores regular readers into a stupor, and giving enough detail so that new readers can see why we need every single C&C reader to help out, even if it’s just two cents.

I’m a lawyer. I do my best to vet recipients to ensure they are legit. I have good instincts, but I’m not perfect. It’s theoretically possible we could someday multiply someone who doesn’t deserve it. But I argue that, in the unlikely event it happens, it’s still not important. None of us are giving more than we can easily afford. It’s a very reasonable risk, to the extent there’s any risk.

But the point is: we all benefit anyway. The bigger point of the multiplier is the statement we’re sending corporate media and the narrative cabal. We’re fighting back by supporting whoever is in their crosshairs at the moment. The underdogs. The people who are doing the hard, hard work, while we just have to chip in a little lunch money with a few clicks.

And we’re working together to build something bigger, something we can celebrate, something that ties us together in a FUNCTIONAL community, not just an echo chamber.

It’s the online version of getting together on a Saturday to help out the widows and orphans in the community. And it takes SO LITTLE EFFORT.

The second point — and I want to be cautious about this — is that questions like yesterday’s may not always be in good faith. C&C has long been on the opposition radar, BECAUSE we are moving the needle, and I am confident that moles sometimes crop up in the comments like unholy weeds. I’m not accusing yesterday’s questioner(s) of being bad-faith saboteurs, I’m just asking you all to be on the lookout for Ray Epps and his crew, and use discretion.

Our history of successful multipliers makes us all great. We’re part of the solution. We’ve repeatedly gotten national press in the Epoch Times, as well as mentions by key influencers. It’s working. And I’m so proud of the thousand and thousands of C&Cers who are helping make that happen.

We’re not stopping, either.


🔥 It’s time to remind new readers about what this is all about. What _is_ C&C? What’s it FOR? Because I didn’t start doing this just to sarcastically poke at news or politics every day, that’s for sure.

At least, not JUST.

I started C&C right after the pandemic began, at peak covid hysteria, back in late March 2020. At first, I just linked to the small fistful of optimistic or funny stories I could scrape up every day, with a snarky comment or two, as a way to protest and push back against the massive 24 x 7 fear tsunami of fake news like dark rumors of covid crematoriums in China burning day in and day out, fake pictures of bloody gurneys jamming up overwhelmed hospital hallways, and horrifying made-up ‘expert’ models forecasting mile-high case fatality rates.

In other words, C&C has always been about questioning and exposing the narrative, trying to connect the dots, and attempting to figure out what’s REALLY going on. Connecting dots is one of my lawyer superpowers.

As a lawyer, I can only rely in court on things I can prove. In the blog, I usually only rely on mainstream sources, so that the people who are still on the fence, people who are still “in the matrix,” who reflexively reject independent news sources as facially unreliable, have a fair shot at having their minds changed.

In other words, you can usually safely forward C&C to anyone who needs to hear a different point of view, without fear of them sniping, “Oh, you’re just one of those Alex Jones tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists” or something. That’s what I’m shooting for, anyway.

Truth AND accessibility.

🔥 It’s easy to feel frustrated with corporate media, ever since government killed it, skinned it, and is wearing its skinsuit walking around pretending to be a reporter and demanding respect.

But in a way, the government’s assassination of corporate media is a blessing. It’s now easier to see what the current narrative is supposed to be, how they’re trying to manipulate us, both by what corporate media says — all together now — and by which ‘experts’ they clumsily cherry pick to comment on their one-sided, narrative-advancing stories.

You can always tell when corporate media can’t figure out how to use a particular subject to further the narrative, when it actually reports both sides of an issue. If the article quotes opposing experts, that means they don’t care about the subject, except maybe as camouflage in which to hide the real rhetorical payload.

So, while what they DO say is instructive, I actually learn the most about how to counter the narrative by noticing what they DON’T cover.

A great example was how, during covid, there was a corporate media blackout on the topic of original antigenic sin, which independent scientists were screaming bloody murder about from the jump. In a normal, pre-narrative world, media would’ve snatched up a subject like OAS and used it to torture government agency scientists at press conferences. So it was a dead giveaway when corporate media all plugged their ears and pretended like they never heard of that totally fringe, conspiracy theory, OAS.

💉 The OAS embargo has obviously lifted, telling us much about the current state of the narrative. Yesterday, ABC News ran a story headlined, “What You Need to Know About ‘Original Antigenic Sin’ With Fall COVID Boosters Around the Corner.”

It’s IN THE HEADLINE. I bet you never thought you’d see THAT headline. Here’s the very first paragraph from ABC’s article:

With new COVID variant-specific booster shots set to roll out in the coming week, vaccine scientists argue that more research is needed to understand how a person’s early immune response — either through vaccination or infection itself — may impact future protection against a constantly evolving virus.

My goodness. That might make some people hesitate! They might wait to see what happens! And … guess who is on the OAS bandwagon now? Vaccine expert Dr. Paul Offit, that’s who. He was quoted for the story:

”Where this matters is if you keep giving booster doses with [original] strain, and continue to lock people into that original response, it makes it harder for them to respond then to essentially a completely different virus,” says Dr. Paul Offit, professor of pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Philadelphia.

Of course, Offit knew about OAS all along. He’s acting like he suddenly discovered it now, though. But what does it mean? Have a gander at this alarming little nugget from about midway down ABC’s article:

Some experts say they are concerned that frequent boosting with the original version of the vaccine may have inadvertently exacerbated immune imprinting. At this point in the pandemic, some adults have received four or more doses of the same vaccine.
Although still theoretical, some scientists worry about a potential backfire, with frequent boosting handcuffing the body’s natural immune system and leaving it exposed to radically different variants that might emerge in the future.

A potential backfire! That doesn’t sound too good. And then — throwing all vaccine hesitancy caution to the wind — the article quoted an expert who pondered about exactly how often people should be boosting anyways:

”It is true that the best boosts typically are the ones that are given infrequently, that immunologically, if you boost too much and too frequently, then you often have a lower immune response at the end,” said Barouch.

The BEST boosts are INFREQUENT! That’s not good for business. And it’s not what the CDC says, either.

Then, for balance, the article quoted some experts who waved off the OAS concerns, explaining that if we have a variant-specific booster, OF COURSE we would want to use that. That doctor also said she doesn’t “really think immune imprinting poses a threat.” She doesn’t THINK so; not exactly a strong position. Another expert, Dr. Paul Goepfert, told ABC, “I suspect that we’re still going to do very well against severe disease and hospitalization” — even if OAS does take a toll.

He SUSPECTS. That sounds a lot more hopeful than certain. Science.

C&C discussed original antigenic sin over a year ago, while the corporate media embargo on OAS chatter was in full effect. Something’s obviously changed in the narrative, we can see that, in a slew of other current events including Fauci’s abrupt resignation.

But what can we learn from ABC’s OAS article, about the NARRATIVE? I’ll make three observations.

First — obviously — the embargo is now lifted on facts that might cause “vaccine hesitancy.” That’s interesting.

Second, corporate media clearly hasn’t been compelled to push the new hybrid booster shots every chance they get. That’s also interesting, and probably not what you thought was coming.

But third, the article was “balanced” — in the pre-covid media tradition — in that it raised a provocative issue, and then quoted QUALIFIED expert opinions on both sides, leaving the thinking part up to the reader. Imagine that, they DO believe we can think for ourselves. At least, about this. And what THAT means is that the current narrative payload no longer includes covid theater.

In other words, it looks like the narrative makers have abandoned covid as a way to manipulate our feelings, leaving corporate media to do what it wants with the virus.

Fascinating. You with me so far?

🔥 Here’s another one. This controversial story was buried so deep that I didn’t see anything about it at all until this week, when corporate media finally found a narrative-consistent way to report it.

Way back in February, Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent a letter to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, instructing the agency to investigate children who were transitioning genders, to see if child abuse was occurring. In his letter, Abbot said:

[I]t is already against the law to subject Texas children to a wide variety of elective procedures for gender transitioning, including reassignment surgeries that can cause sterilization, mastectomies, removals of otherwise healthy body parts, and administration of puberty-blocking drugs…
Texas law imposes reporting requirements upon all licensed professionals who have direct contact with children who may be subject to such abuse, including doctors, nurses, and teachers, and provides criminal penalties for failure to report such child abuse.
There are similar reporting requirements and criminal penalties for members of the general public.
Texas law also imposes a duty on DFPS to investigate the parents of a child who is subjected to these abusive gender-transitioning procedures, and on other state agencies to investigate licensed facilities where such procedures may occur.

Pretty strong, no?

So, back in February, Abbott announced in no uncertain terms that TEACHERS can be criminally liable for failing to report instances of child abuse evidenced by confused kids whose parents might be pushing them into gender transitions. And then Abbott pushed for investigations. You’d think teachers unions would have gone ballistic. Not to mention the trans army. But, like me, you probably never even heard about any of this, especially if you live outside Texas.

How could corporate media miss THIS story? Remember, it was happening the whole time the “don’t say gay” fracas was unfolding in Florida, and while DeSantis and Disney were duking it out. It would have been perfect timing for hysterical stories crying about government overreach and trans bigotry in Texas. But no. Embargoed.

I stumbled across the story yesterday, when the Washington Post finally ran an article headlined, “Mom Says Trans Eighth-Grader Was Questioned by Texas Officials at School.” It reports on two lawsuits that were filed MONTHS AGO against Abbott’s letter, seeking to stop all Texas DFPS investigations into the well-being of transitioning children.

The gist of the current story is that attorneys, trying to stop the state from investigating transitioning kids for child abuse, filed an affidavit from a mom who claims her eighth-grade daughter got depressed after Texas DFPS workers questioned her at school. The officials were allegedly asking good questions like, why was she trying to become a boy?

So now WaPo is trying to flip the script, suggesting that Texas is abusing kids, rather than the parents. But that’s not the real story.

Given how much attention the trans issue gets in corporate media, you’d think you would have heard all about these facts: Texas AG Ken Paxton’s original opinion memo, Abbott’s letter, the two lawsuits, an order partially suspending DFPS investigations, and so on.

But there was almost no coverage of this top-of-fold story until now.

Why? What can we learn from corporate media’s deliberate myopia? Well, for one thing, Texas’ investigation of parents for trans child abuse obviously didn’t fit the narrative, and was maybe even dangerous to the narrative. Were the narrative spinners worried that most people would AGREE, that child welfare agencies SHOULD check on situations where minor children are suddenly and unexpectedly transitioning? Or did narrative makers fear that other states might copy Texas?

My instinct is that corporate media narrative crafters worried that the story might slow down the trans movement, which was spreading like wildfire through public schools, by maybe giving virtue-signaling parents something to think about before leaping on the trans train.

Again, as this story shows, we can often learn more about what’s really going on by what corporate media DOESN’T want to talk about. And that helps us discover where the narrative’s weaknesses can be found.

🔥 Yesterday, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd announced the results of a sting operation arresting ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY people for human trafficking, including several public school teachers and at least one Disney employee.

Some of the arrestees were prostitutes, which Judd said he also considers victims. When arrested, Judd said that the department also immediately refers those arrested victims — the prostitutes — to social services. He explained that many of these ladies are victimized by traffickers:

“…folks, the overwhelming majority of these ladies are, or have been in the past, taken advantage of. You know, they used to call them, ‘oh he’s the one who provides for me, he’s the one that gives me a ride,’ but what we’ve found is many, many, many times, that in fact, this person is trafficking this lady. He’s making a profit off of her. He is controlling her very life.”

Then, as Judd was rolling through his famous arrest cards, he got to a point where he casually remarked, “and new Disney employees. Oh yes, we always have Disney employees.”

We ALWAYS have Disney employees. Gosh. If I were a “family-friendly” entertainment giant, I wouldn’t want law enforcement talking about me that way. I’m just saying. That’s not good for business!

🔥 Yesterday, constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz approved of the judge’s decision to appoint a special master in the Biden Raid case.

Dershowitz suggested that the court should pick a retired federal judge who’d been appointed by a Democrat president to be the special master, to eliminate the appearance of bias. Not a bad notion, but the master would have to pass muster with conservatives, too. If you could find a retired democrat judge with an impeccable record of even-handed decisions, it might work.

But I don’t know. I was thinking maybe Steve Bannon might be a good pick for special master. He’s had experience with the system. He’d be fair.

Nobody liked my idea. Responding to the judge’s order to provide them, Trump’s lawyers and DOJ lawyers each suggested two options for special master. Trump’s team recommended Raymond Dearie, a former chief judge of Eastern District of New York who also served on the FISA court, and Paul Huck Jr., a former partner at Jones Day who was general counsel to former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who is now the democrat candidate for Governor.

The DOJ offered two retired federal judges, one of whom previously reviewed materials seized from Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, and the other a retired D.C. Circuit judge, who is probably just like the current crop of D.C. judges, or worse.

Well. I still like Bannon. Who do YOU think could be Trump’s special master? Let me know in the comments.

🔥 Speaking of Bannon, he told an interviewer yesterday that the FBI raided 35 Trump supporters this week. I don’t have any details yet, but will keep you posted as this explosive story develops.

We’ve been neatening the Childers household in case we get a visit too. Michelle REALLY hates it when people come over to see me and she doesn’t have a chance to straighten up first.

I’m more afraid of her than the FBI, to be honest.

💉 Somehow I missed this electrifying pre-print study from July, titled “Covid-19 vaccinations and all-cause mortality — a long-term differential analysis among municipalities.”

In the study, a Dutch researcher compared overall mortality rates in Dutch cities between 2019, 2020, and 2021. He explained that he relied on all-cause mortality to avoid confounders of age, culture, population density, and problems with rules for counting covid deaths.

What he found was there was NO statistical correlation between all-cause mortality when comparing the pre-vaccine period to the period after the vaccines came out, and suggested that it suggests the vaccines were NOT effective at preventing deaths, despite what that fool Fauci says:

Normalized to 2019, we found no correlation between municipal mortality in 2020 with vaccination uptake in 2021, which shows the effectiveness of our confounder accounting. We could not observe a mortality-reducing effect of vaccination in Dutch municipalities after vaccination and booster campaigns… Our results add to other recent findings of zero mRna-vaccine effectiveness on all-cause mortality, calling for more research on this topic.

So, that’s interesting. But even more interesting, the researcher observed a STRONG statistical correlation between the dual vaccine rollouts and increased all-cause mortality, in other words, he found spikes of deaths around the two big jab pushes:

We did find a 4-sigma-significant mortality-enhancing effect during the two periods of high unexplained excess mortality.

In other words, the study also showed strong evidence that the vaccines were not ‘safe’ either. So, a simple comparison of all-cause mortality during the pre- and post-vaccine periods shows neither safety nor efficacy. I know, you’re shocked.

This study reminds me of the period about a year into the pandemic when the comparative mask studies started coming out. It was the beginning of the end, even though it took a while.

Here’s the link.

Earlier this week I bungled Swedes and Swiss. But Dutch people come from the Netherlands, NOT Denmark. People from Denmark are called Danes. It’s not confusing at all. So there.

Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you back here Monday morning for another packed roundup.


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American Occupation – Tablet Magazine

Source: American Occupation – Tablet Magazine

Brave dissenters willing to defy an oppressive orthodoxy are our country’s best hope

by David Mamet  April 12, 2022

I lived for very many years in rural Vermont. I’d bought a long-abandoned, post-and-beam farmhouse on a third-class dirt road. The realtor was a German immigrant who’d come to Vermont with his wife and infant children just after the war. He suggested that I call a local builder, Bob, to inspect the house, which was superficially in dreadful shape, but the farm and basement were sound. Bob said he’d be glad to put it right, and he and his brother-in-law restored it to its 1805 perfection.

Bob’s family had lived through the war in Germany, and through the famine afterward, and through relocation in America, ignorant of the language. Bob taught himself carpentry and all the building trades, and became a much-respected member of the small town, where all of his contemporary men had fought against the Axis in World War II. His brother-in-law, Eric, had been in the Hitler Youth, and Bob was a glider commando in the Luftwaffe—the equivalent, today, of Delta Force, or the Navy Seals.

My family became friends with Bob, and his wife, Ilse, became a surrogate grandmother—or better, great-aunt—to my kids. His family was my first encounter with the German national character—hard working, honest, and uncomplaining.

Of course I was seldom unaware that the regime he had fought for was dedicated to the destruction of my people and my race (if Jews are a race … in any case, to my like). I asked Eric about the Hitler Youth, and he said that he’d missed one meeting, and was told by his group leader that, should he miss another, he’d be shot. And, Bob, and every other man of fighting age and ability, was conscripted, and what were they to do?

Just as Eric explained, and perhaps apologized for, his membership in the Hitler Youth, Bob would tell me that his father had risked his life saving a Jew of his acquaintance.

To both cases: perhaps, and perhaps not. I never met a German who had lived through that wartime period who did not share with me the history of his family helping the Jews. Putting aside the question of the stories’ truth, I was struck by their seeming necessity for the teller. The current self-protective rationale of the Nazi era invokes an occupation by the forces of evil, which they were mostly too powerless to fight. Most of the people who lived through it are gone, and their descendants are entitled to imagine a history with which they can live—neither absolutely false nor true, but one in which someone tried to act.

Over the last two years in America, I’ve witnessed our own forces of evil with incredulity, despair, and rage. Corruption, blasphemy, and absurdity have been accepted by one-half of the electorate as the cost of doing business; as has the fear this acceptance generates. Does anyone actually believe that men change into women and women into men who can give birth, that the Earth is burning, the seas are rising, and we’ll all perish unless we cover our faces with strips of cotton?

No one does. These proclamations are an act of faith, in a new, as yet unnamed religion, and the vehemence with which one proclaims allegiance to these untruths is an exercise no different from any other ecstatic religious oath. They become the Apostles’ Creed of the left, their proclamation committing the adherent physically to their strictures, exactly as the oath taken on induction to the armed services. The inductee is told to “take one step forward,” and once they do he or she can no longer claim, “I misunderstood the instruction.”

Those currently in power insist on masking, but don’t wear masks. They claim the seas are rising and build mansions on the shore. They abhor the expenditure of fossil fuels and fly exclusively in private jets. And all the while half of the country will not name the disease. Why?

Because the cost of challenging this oppressive orthodoxy has, for them, become too high. Upon a possible awakening, they—or more likely their children—might say that the country was occupied. And they would be right.

Gandhi said to the British, you’ve been a guest in our house for too long, it is time for you to leave. He borrowed the line from Oliver Cromwell, and it’s a good one. The left has occupied the high places for too long, promoting dogma even as the occasions for their complaint have decreased (what position is closed to people of color, or women? Inclusion in all levels of the workforce; preference in higher education, a seat in the cockpit, in the Oval Office, in a movie’s cast, or admission to an elite school+? And yet the vehemence of their protests has increased, progressing into blacklisting and even rioting by those claiming to represent “the oppressed.”

Old-time physicians used to speak of the disease “declaring itself.” History teaches that one omnipresent aspect of a coup is acts of reprisal staged by agents provocateurs of the revolutionaries, and blamed on supporters of the legitimate government. It would be a historical anomaly if we were not to see such between now and the midterm elections.

For the disease has declared itself, and we are not now in a culture war, but a nascent coup, with its usual cast of characters. The Bolshevists could have been defeated by a company of soldiers in the suburbs of Moscow, Hitler stopped at Czechoslovakia, and the current horrors confronted at the Minneapolis police station or a meeting of the San Francisco school board. But those tragedies, and our current tragedies, were not just allowed but encouraged to run their course.

Yet I believe there is hope for reason and self-direction. Hispanics in Texas are opposing the policies which have infested their state with the gang violence they fled in Mexico; Ron DeSantis and conservative Floridians have displayed irrefutable common sense, responsibility, and probity, opposing “critical race theory” and the sexual indoctrination of adolescents. Black conservatives, similarly, appeal to the reason of their historically reasonable community, to address the horrors the left has made of the cities. In San Francisco, a place where many of us left our hearts but the natives have historically surrendered their brains, the people voted to remove the wicked fools on their school board. And Bari Weiss founded a university in Austin, Texas, for the pursuit of free thought.

As Tennessee said, “Suddenly there’s God so quickly.”

This is a bit more than facetiousness on my part. I’ve found great comfort in the Torah, counseling Moses again and again, when he was reluctant to fight the power of the Egyptians, and unsure he could do it alone, that he would not be alone, as God would be with him.

What we are seeing through these brave dissenters is the wisdom of the Rumpelstiltskin story. The young woman marries a king who locks her in a cell until she is able to spin flax into gold. She despairs at the impossible task, until an elf shows up and says he’ll show her how. He does so. She asks how she can thank him, and he says all he wants is her firstborn child. And she must give him her child until, or unless, she figures out his name. She is terrified and clueless, but she knows she must try. Eventually, after committing to the task, she guesses his name. What prompted her, frightened though she was, to break the sick cycle? She would not visit her plight upon her child.

Now, the disease having proclaimed itself and its dangers having become clear, it is time for us all to overcome the occupation by standing up to those tyrannies under which we are not prepared to live.



Source: Coffee & Covid ☙ Friday, July 22, 2022 ☙ HERCULES


💉 Hahahaha! We’ve come this far! Fox News quoted Admiral Giroir in a telling article headlined “COVID Vaccines ‘Provide Very Little Protection’ Against Infection: Former HHS Assistant Secretary for Health.”

Very little protection! Hahaha! My sides hurt from laughing! Wait, say it again! Hahahaha!

That’s what “95% protection” will get you, folks. A year of threats of getting fired if you won’t take it and then they just say, well, OF COURSE it offers very little protection. Only a moron would have thought it stopped you from getting infections or anything. You people are SO DUMB. Good thing we have experts like Admiral Giroir.

The Admiral’s comments were in light of Joe Biden’s newly-diagnosed covid infection. He must not have been wearing his mask right. Or maybe he should’ve gone for a fifth booster.

So that was the big news yesterday: the Big Guy finally announced he’d gotten it. Well, sort of. After Joe Biden told reporters he had cancer, the White House gaffe team scurried to correct the quadruple-jabbed politician, who has COVID, not CANCER.

It was just a silly mistake that anyone could make; you know Joe.

But don’t worry, he’s still working on inflation and Ukraine and so forth. The former Vice President continues to toil away in quarantine. So that’s good. But still, his health problems are starting to add up. In April he disclosed that, while growing up, he was part of an unlucky asthma cluster that left him and 8 out of ten of his friends with the debilitating but manageable illness. Specifically, the 79-year-old said:

“I have asthma and 80% of the people who, in fact, we grew up with have asthma.”

(Don’t worry about Joe referring to himself as “we.” He just does that sometimes.)

So then Wednesday, Biden explained that ROAD OIL had given him cancer, along with so many of the other people we, I mean HE, grew up with:

“My mother drove us, and, rather than, us be able to walk. And guess what? The first frost, you know what was happening? You had to put on your windshield wipers to get — literally — the oil slick off the window. That’s why I and so damn many other people I grew up have cancer. And why, I can’t, for the longest time, Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the Nation.”

So I learned a lot from this. The first thing I figured out is there’s a terrifying cancer-asthma cluster in Biden’s neighborhood. Someone should alert the EPA. The second thing is: oil causes cancer! The third thing is, old style wipers can somehow remove oil from car windshields. Finally, Delaware was hardest-hit by road oil pollution, back in the day.

Anyway. Biden’s handlers raced to cover up his latest malady, claiming he was just talking about a 2020 skin cancer diagnosis, a different cancer that they also covered up and have only just disclosed. So, it’s been a tough couple years for poor Joe Biden, who has asthma AND oil cancer, AND he just recovered from skin cancer.

And now, on top of everything else, he has covid! So, a little sympathy is in order, if you don’t mind.

First, as questions swirled about Biden’s oil cancer, the White House announced, never mind about that oil cancer, we mean skin cancer — Joe’s tested positive! It’s confirmed! The Big Guy has covid. With undetectably-mild symptoms like a dry cough and fatigue. (Fatigue? How could you tell?)

Experts like Doctors Marc Seigel and Brett Giroir quickly speculated that Biden’s gaffe-laden speech Wednesday, where he “incorrectly” said he had oil cancer, might have been a result of BRAIN FOG caused by his covid infection.

Dr. Marc Seigel said covid brain fog is common, it could happen to anybody: “Especially since one of his symptoms that he was talking about was fatigue last night … I think that that symptom might imply a certain amount of brain fog … maybe that explains some of the comments that he made yesterday, you know, about being confused about the cancer issue.”

Later yesterday, Biden tweeted out a highly-polished video showing the frisky White House resident all pent up in quarantine, tells fans not to worry, he’s quadruple-jabbed and he feels GREAT. He’s getting SO much work done.

Still, it seems a little weird. Someone important, I can’t remember who, said if you took the shot, you wouldn’t get covid. I don’t recall all the details but it seems like it was about a year ago. It was somebody important, I think:

Twitter avatar for @townhallcom

Here are four times that Joe Biden claimed that vaccines stop the spread of COVID.


Or it could have been a lady doctor:

Maybe it was Pfizer:

Or maybe it was some other TV doctor, who knows:

I guess we’ll never know. Another mystery was the White House couldn’t say WHO Joe got covid from, but rather said that wasn’t important right now. Who cares? So, contact tracing is officially dead, I guess.

Another reason not to worry is they said Joe has started taking his Paxlovid. Of course, they had to discontinue his Eliquis prescription, because it is contra-indicated when taking Pfizer’s covid drug. Eliquis is a blood thinner Joe supposedly takes for his afib diagnosis.

White House officials didn’t address the FDA’s warning that “premature discontinuation of any oral anticoagulant, including Eliquis, increases the risk of thrombotic events.” Thrombotic events? In other words: blood clots. Like … well, you know.

Back in 1988, quadruple-jabbed Biden survived TWO brain aneurysms, which can be caused by … blood clots. Eliquis lowers the risk of strokes and clots in people with atrial fibrillation. So it’s kind of important. But all heart meds must be stopped while taking Paxlovid, so. First things first.

Anyway. We pray for a quick recovery and that Mr. Biden does not lose his sense of smell. He so loves smelling things.

Aneurysms, skin cancer, asthma, atrial fibrillation, oil cancer, covid, and now, on top of everything else, covid brain fog. No wonder!

🔥 CNBC ran a story yesterday headlined, “Russia Resumes Gas Flows to Europe After Fears of a Total Shutdown.”

The gist is that after widespread anxiety that Russia would hold Europe completely hostage through passive-aggressive excuses about missing parts and repairs, or by sandbagging them somehow some other way, the gas provider announced the gas should be coming back online soon. At levels 60% lower than last year.

Whew! That was a close one.

🔥 In related news, ZeroHedge ran a story yesterday headlined, “IEA Chief: Europe Must Cut Gas Usage 20% To Survive Winter.”

Executive Director of the International Energy Agency Fatih Birol issued a “red alert” for European energy markets this week, explaining, “Even if there is no single accident… Europe still needs to reduce its gas consumption about 20% compared to today in order to have safe and normal winter months.”

That’s even WITH the resumption of NordStream-1 gas. And, it didn’t take long for the “required” gas reductions to jump from 15% on Wednesday to 20% yesterday. Give it a few more days.

Mr. Birol exhorted Europe to come up with an emergency plan. He said Germany is the most vulnerable country, followed by Italy and some Eastern European countries. But … GERMANY.

How it started:

How it’s going:


🔥 Conservative governors have been shipping illegal migrants to blue cities, and the tactic — intended to get media attention focused on the problem — appears to be working. This week, two faux sympathy stories broke all over corporate media about NYC and DC’s migratory woes.

NBC New York ran a story this week headlined, “Asylum Seekers Flooding NYC Shelters, Mayor Says, Calling on Feds for Help.” To big blue cities, apparently the federal government is like your parents, and you can always just move back in with them when you can’t afford your own rent.

Anyway, the article says on Tuesday, Mayor Eric Adams demanded the federal government help pay for a tsunami of asylum seekers flooding into the city, with busloads of people from border states straining the city’s “safety net.”

It’s the mandates, of course.

Among all the other mandates, New York City has a “right to shelter” mandate, meaning any homeless asylum seeker who comes to town, by any means, MUST be put in a bed somewhere.

Adams whined, “Currently, New York City is experiencing a marked increase in the number of asylum seekers who are arriving from Latin America and other regions. In some instances, families are arriving on buses sent by the Texas and Arizona governments, while in other cases, it appears that individuals are being sent by the federal government.” He said over 2,800 asylum seekers have recently entered the city’s shelter system.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey denied Adams’ claim, admitting they were sending illegal migrants to DC but not to NYC. But Adams’ spokesman called the governors heartless cowards: “If they need financial help, they should ask for it instead of heartlessly sending asylum seekers on their way with a one-way ticket.”

At a White House press briefing, Biden’s diverse mouthpiece Karine Jean-Pierre said the administration reached out to both Mayor Adams and DC Mayor Bowser, and said the free bus rides were just “shameful.”

🔥 As to the DC side of things, Trending Politics ran a story this week headlined, “DC Homeless Shelters Packed With Illegal Migrants Who Were ‘Tricked’ Onto Buses.” For her part, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser took her complaints directly to the nation on Sunday:

DC’s Mayor says Texas and Arizona are “tricking” illegal migrants into getting on buses to DC, and like Mayor Adams, Mayor Bowser wants the federal government to help her out.

The Washington Examiner put it pretty bluntly in an article this week headlined, “DC Democrats Beg for Help as Border States Bus Migrants to Biden’s Backyard.” The article reported over 150 buses from Arizona and Texas transported nearly 6,000 illegal migrants to the nation’s capital over the last three months.

The point of the busing was to force the corporate media to start covering the problem and to push Biden to answer questions about the border invasion.

I think the governors’ strategy of shipping illegal migrants to blue cities is working. Even some conservative critics are coming around to my way of thinking. Fox News host Pete Hegseth admitted yesterday “I’ve been wanting Greg Abbott to declare an invasion which gives constitutionally the state of Texas additional powers. And I downplayed what he was doing on busing illegals to D.C.; I think I was wrong on that.”

More buses!

🔥 Professional globalist grifter Chelsea Clinton called Substack authors like me, “anti-vaxx grifters.” Specifically, she was referring to an article in the Guardian this week that called out Dr. Joseph Mercola and Alex Berenson, who each have tens of thousands of paid Substack supporters.

The Guardian asked Substack for a comment on its hit piece, and Substack responded, saying:

As we face growing pressure to censor content published on Substack that to some seems dubious or objectionable, our answer remains the same: we make decisions based on principles not PR, we will defend free expression, and we will stick to our hands-off approach to content moderation.

Chelsea has written a bunch of feminist kids’ books for which she was paid millions, she sits on a bunch of boards getting giant salaries, and NBC paid her $600K a year to be a part-time contributor until the show got cancelled due to low ratings. I bet you never heard of any of her books, her philanthropic activity, or her NBC show. But she got rich off them.


🔥 Newsguard, which advertises itself as a barometer of the trustworthiness of various news sources, yesterday downgraded Fox News from Green (“trustworthy”) straight to Red (“proceed with caution”).

So I guess dems will stop watching Fox News now?

🔥 In a very interesting development yesterday, Newsweek actually reported on a recent Putin speech in a cover article headlined, “Putin Warns West Current World Order Is Over and New Era Is Coming.”

In what must have been very confusing for rank-and-file leftists, Newsweek reported Putin’s remarks that the West is “inherently racist and neo-colonial,” and how Western economic success only comes from “the robbery of other peoples both in Asia and in Africa.”

Haha, Putin is colonializing wokecabulary. This reminds me of an effective strategy that college conservatives have been using lately. When their woke students councils pass resolutions that the colleges are “structurally racist,” the conservatives demand investigations and federal sanctions for racism, since it’s already been determined that racism is rampant there. Whoops.

Here, as Newsweek reports, Putin is using the elite’s own rhetoric against us. If, as our elites insist, the West is inherently racist, then why should anyone follow or even listen to the West at all? They’re just a bunch of ignorant prejudiced people.

Newsweek reported that Putin warned, “no matter how much Western and supranational elites strive to preserve the existing order of things—a new era is coming, a new stage in world history.”

It sounds a lot like Putin is saying a ‘new world order’ is coming. But, he says, the globalist model is no good. Because of our inherent racism and new-colonialism, “the West simply cannot offer the world its own model of the future.”

In a video of clips from the speech attached to the article, Putin warned we are past a point of no return, “Revolutionary transformations are increasingly gaining momentum and strength. These tremendous changes are certainly irreversible.” Returning to his theme about the West’s bad position to tell anybody else what to do, he asked, “why should this ‘golden billion’ of all the population on the globe dominate everyone and impose its own rules of behavior?”

Significantly, the video ends with this telling statement, not quoted in the article: “the globalist, allegedly liberal ideology underlying [the West] is more and more acquiring the features of totalitarianism.”

He’s not wrong about that one! We’ve seen it firsthand.

There are several takeaways. First, this is a significant story because the media has mostly embargoed Putin’s speeches. For some reason corporate media must be thinking it’s unavoidable to continue blacking him out. Second, the article wasn’t just the usual boilerplate of anti-Russian hysteria that we’ve grown used to seeing. Newsweek actually reported his speech fairly neutrally.

Finally, the anti-globalist rhetoric from Putin’s speech contradicts the post-covid narrative, which is unabashedly pro-globalist, because safety. It’s an interesting development, suggesting some kind of pivot might be popping up on the radar.

Still, if I get to vote, I prefer NO new world order. Not Putin’s or G.W. Bush’s or the globalists’ new world orders. But maybe, after covid, there’s no going back to the old version now.

The only way out is through.

Have a fabulous Friday and I’ll be back here tomorrow with the weekend edition of Coffee & Covid.


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One question from Sen. Hawley this Berkeley Professor Can’t Handle

July 12, 2022, The Western Journal: Watch: Pretentious Berkeley Professor Can’t Handle 1 Question from Sen. Hawley

Khiara Bridges might be a law professor at Berkeley, but on Tuesday, Sen. Josh Hawley was teaching the lessons.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the legal aftermath of the Supreme Court overruling Roe v. Wade in June, the Missouri Republican opened up his line of questioning on an area of human biology any 10-year-old is familiar with.

And the law professor couldn’t give a straight answer.

“Professor Bridges, you’ve said several times, you’ve used a phrase, I want to make sure I understand what you mean by it. You’ve referred to ‘people with a capacity for pregnancy.’ Would that be women?”

Give credit to Hawley for keeping a straight face here. Like any good lawyer, he knew the answer to the question before he asked it. And it’s a good bet that he knew just as well that the witness was going to try to wriggle around it.

“Many women — cis women — have the capacity for pregnancy. Many cis women do not have the capacity for pregnancy,” Bridges answered, falling back on orthodox leftist jargon that dares any doubters to see through the nonsense.

“There are also trans men who are capable of pregnancy as well as nonbinary people who are capable of pregnancy.”

When Hawley suggested that that answer took abortion out of the realm of “women’s rights,” Bridges responded with the kind of answer that probably sounds masterful in a faculty lounge but is nonsense to normal human beings.

“We can recognize that this impacts women while also recognizing that it impacts other groups,” she said, fairly bubbling with her own cleverness. “Those things are not mutually exclusive, Sen. Hawley.”

She then accused Hawley of being “transphobic” and even inviting violence against transgender people.

Hawley wasn’t buying it.

“Wow, you’re saying that I’m opening up people to violence by asking whether or not women are the folks who can have pregnancies?”

Lawmaker Wants Answers After Report on Biden’s Twisted Plan to Divert Services from Sick Veterans

That’s the question the left can’t answer.

They can pull dodges like then-Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson claiming she couldn’t define “women” because “I’m not a biologist.” They can take refuge in scary factoids, as Bridges did by throwing out the statistic that “one out of five transgender persons have attempted suicide.”

But they can’t give an answer that has been a fundamental part of the human experience since there have been humans walking the earth.

In the current political environment, cosseted by an establishment media that’s either too corrupt or too cowardly to call them on it, activists like Bridges have been able to get away with the pretense that sex is a matter of individual choice, that there are no objective differences between men and women, that human agency is the real authority rather than creation itself.

But Bridges’ semantics didn’t work with Hawley, as they wouldn’t work on any sane observer.





There’s no doubt Bridges and her progressive colleagues thought she came away the winner of this contest — the liberal HuffPost headlined its coverage “Professor Schools Sen. Josh Hawley For His Transphobic Questions In Abortion Hearing,” while a website called LGBTQNation went with “Law professor humiliates Josh Hawley during Senate committee hearing.”

But the reality is, Hawley’s question — Do only women get pregnant? — was one Bridges couldn’t handle.

“Is this how you run your classroom?” Hawley asked. “Are students allowed to question you, or are they also treated like this?”

“We have a good time in my class. You should join,” Bridges answered. “You would learn a lot.”

“Wow, I would learn a lot,” Hawley said, with evident sarcasm. “I’ve learned a lot in this exchange. Extraordinary.”

It’s doubtful the pretentious Professor Bridges came out of it questioning her own beliefs, of course. But Americans who watched learned, once again, that the left of the 21st century is capable of denying a basic truth of existence – and deny it’s denying it.

For Hawley and the rest of the country, it was a masterclass.

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