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Europe’s Energy Crisis Is About to Go Global as Gas Prices Soar – Bloomberg

And the Greens and Democrats want to get off carbon based fuels? And discussion of the most rationale solution, nuclear power, will get you branded as an “enemy of the world”.. This is not craziness? mrossol

A power failure in November 2016 plunged London's West End into darkness. Energy supplies in the U.K. and elsewhere in Europe may become more unreliable this winter.

A power failure in November 2016 plunged London’s West End into darkness. Energy supplies in the U.K. and elsewhere in Europe may become more unreliable this winter.

Photo illustration by 731; Photo: Getty Images

This winter, the world will be fighting over something that’s invisible, yet rarely so vital—and in alarmingly shorter supply.

Nations are more reliant than ever on natural gas to heat homes and power industries amid efforts to quit coal and increase the use of cleaner energy sources. But there isn’t enough gas to fuel the post-pandemic recovery and refill depleted stocks before the cold months. Countries are trying to outbid one another for supplies as exporters such as Russia move to keep more natural gas home. The crunch will get a lot worse when temperatures drop.

The crisis in Europe presages trouble for the rest of the planet as the continent’s energy shortage has governments warning of blackouts and factories being forced to shut.

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Employees patrol a tank at a liquefied natural gas terminal operated by China Petrochemical Corp. in Qingdao, Shandong province.
Photo: VCG/Getty Images

Inventories at European storage facilities are at historically low levels for this time of year. Pipeline flows from Russia and Norway have been limited. That’s worrying as calmer weather has reduced output from wind turbines while Europe’s aging nuclear plants are being phased out or are more prone to outages—making gas even more necessary. No wonder European gas prices surged by almost 500% in the past year and are trading near record.

European Natural Gas Prices

Per megawatt-hour

Data: Intercontinental Exchange


The spike has forced some fertilizer producers in Europe to reduce output, with more expected to follow, threatening to increase costs for farmers and potentially adding to global food inflation. In the U.K., high energy prices have forced several suppliers out of business.

Even a normally cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere is expected to drive up natural gas prices further across much of the world. In China, industrial users including makers of ceramics, glass, and cement may respond by raising prices; households in Brazil will face expensive power bills. Economies that can’t afford the fuel—such as Pakistan or Bangladesh—could simply grind to a halt.

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Low water levels in the Parana River are forcing Brazil’s hydroelectric plants to rely on other fuels for generation.
Photographer: Juan Mabromata/AFP/Getty Images

Utilities and policymakers are praying for mild temperatures because it’s already too late to boost supplies. The prospect of accelerating energy costs, in conjunction with squeezed supply chains and food prices at decade highs, could make more central bankers question whether the jump in inflation is as transitory as they’d hoped. Traders will be carefully dissecting every weather forecast published from now to December.

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A man fishes in front of a liquefied natural gas tanker berthed at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s power plant in Futtsu, Chiba prefecture, Japan.
Photographer: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg

“If the winter is actually cold, my concern is we will not have enough gas for use for heating in parts of Europe,” Amos Hochstein, the U.S. State Department’s senior adviser for energy security, told Bloomberg Television on Sept. 20. For some countries, “it won’t only be a recessionary value, it will affect the ability to actually provide gas for heating. It touches everybody’s lives.”

Global LNG Imports

In tons

Data: BloombergNEF


In Asia, importers of liquefied natural gas are paying record prices for this time of year to secure supplies, with some starting to snap up dirtier fuels such as coal and heating oil in case they don’t obtain enough. This may undermine efforts by governments to hit ambitious green goals: Gas emits about half as much carbon dioxide as coal when burned.

China, the world’s biggest buyer of natural gas, hasn’t filled stockpiles fast enough, even though imports are almost double what they were last year, according to customs data. Several Chinese provinces are already rationing electricity to industries to meet President Xi Jinping’s targets for energy efficiency and pollution reduction. A power crisis could exacerbate shutdowns if authorities divert gas to light and heat households.

If Chinese factories have to contend with widespread power shortages, global prices for steel and aluminum will jump. To make matters worse, the country is also grappling with a coal shortage.


Utilities in Japan and South Korea are largely protected by long-term LNG contracts that are indexed to oil. Still, Korea Electric Power Co. said on Sept. 23 that it will increase electricity prices for the first time in almost eight years. A sudden cold snap could force more power companies to dive into the spot market to buy emergency gas supplies at record-high rates. That’s what happened last winter.

The cost of securing LNG supplies has sparked a political controversy in strapped Pakistan, with opposition politicians demanding an inquiry into purchases by the state-owned importer.

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Qatar’s Energy Minister Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi.
Photographer: Donat Sorokin/Getty Images

In Brazil, the lowest flows to the Parana River Basin in almost a century have slashed hydropower output and forced utilities to rely more heavily on gas. The country boosted gas imports to an all-time high in July, and power bills are rising. With inflation already ballooning, that could hurt President Jair Bolsonaro’s chances in next year’s election.

The stage is set for an all-out scramble among Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America for shipments of LNG from exporters such as the Qatar, Trinidad and Tobago, and the U.S. “We have huge demand from all our customers and unfortunately, we can’t cater for everyone,” warned Saad Al-Kaabi, Qatar’s energy minister, at an industry conference this month.

Global Power Generation

In gigawatt-hours

Data: IEA Electricity Information 2020


American exporters are poised to ship more LNG than ever as new projects come online toward the end of the year. But as more gas goes abroad, less will be available at home. Even though gas prices have been notably lower in the U.S. than in Europe and Asia, they are trading near the highest level since 2014. Gas inventories are running below their five-year seasonal average, yet U.S. shale drillers are reluctant to boost production out of concern that would crimp their profitability and put off investors.

The Industrial Energy Consumers of America has requested that the Department of Energy reduce U.S. exports until storage levels get back to normal, a move that might exacerbate shortages abroad.

It used to be that the average person paid little attention to the market price of natural gas. It isn’t like oil, where a snap decision from OPEC will almost immediately affect how much they pay at the pump. This winter, the world is likely to learn how much the global economy depends on natural gas. —With Lynn Doan and Anna Shiryaevskaya

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Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Amass Under Bridge in Texas

Anyone who believes operating without boarder controls and letting anyone into a country who can fog a mirror is not thinking straight. They definitely do not have the interest of their country at heart. All from your “not Donald Trump President.” mrossol

September 16, 2021

DEL RIO, Texas—Thousands of illegal immigrants, mostly from Haiti, are congregating under an international bridge in Texas while they wait to be processed by Border Patrol.

The illegal immigrants are spread out over a dirt lot strewn with litter, many sitting or lying on blankets. Others stand, chatting with companions.

Some 9,000 illegal immigrants, including Haitian, Cuban, and Venezuelan nationals, are in the area, Val Verde County Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez confirmed at 3:45 p.m. local time on Sept. 16.

Five hundred more had arrived within the previous half-hour as the sheriff and the mayor of Del Rio, Texas, held a press conference near the bridge–almost within sight of the Rio Grande, which serves as the international border with Mexico.

The number has skyrocketed in less a week, from only a couple of hundred under the bridge on Sept. 9.


Mayor Bruno Lozano confirmed that another 20,000 are on their way.

“I’m deeply frustrated. The thing that I worry about is a stampede. The thing I worry about is terrorism,” Lozano said.

“This is not secure. This is not defensible,” he said, looking toward the wide open border and the number of people walking back and forth across it.

“We don’t really know who they are.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said that he has directed the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard to “maintain their presence at and around ports of entry to deter crossings,” although it’s unclear how effective that will be in reducing numbers.

“The Biden Administration is in complete disarray and is handling the border crisis as badly as the evacuation from Afghanistan,” Abbott said in a statement Sept. 16.

Lozano said his city’s medical services are stretched thin. An illegal immigrant woman was rushed to hospital on Sept. 15 to give birth. On Sept. 16, The Epoch Times witnessed Border Patrol loading a woman into an ambulance.

Lozano blamed the Biden administration, particularly Vice President Kamala Harris, for not focusing on the U.S.–Mexico border, especially the smaller cities being affected, such as Del Rio. The number of illegal aliens currently under the bridge is almost one-third of the population of the city.

“We’re ignored. They’re prioritizing urban centers,” he said.

Sheriff Martinez confirmed that the illegal immigrants aren’t being tested for COVID-19.

“None of them are being tested for anything,” he said.

Law enforcement is adding more portable toilets under the bridge every day and drinking water stations are provided.

The illegal immigrants cross the river frequently to go back to Mexico for food and supplies.

Epoch Times Photo
Illegal immigrants walk near the international bridge area after crossing the Rio Grande (on left), from Mexico into Del Rio, Texas, on Sept. 16, 2021. (Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times)

Lozano said the system is so overwhelmed that it will likely take Border Patrol two weeks to transport the current 9,000 illegal aliens to Border Patrol facilities and process them. Those who are released often get dropped at the local Stripes gas station in Del Rio, where they wait for a bus to San Antonio.

It isn’t clear why the bulk of the Haitians cross into Del Rio, though migration patterns show that people from certain countries have favored routes into the United States.

CBP didn’t answer the phone or return voicemails or an email on Sept. 16 as the number of illegal immigrants continued to swell. No CBP representative spoke at the press conference.

“It’s completely predictable because Biden is basically inviting in illegal immigrants,” Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, a nonpartisan think tank that advocates for a pro-immigrant, low-immigration system, told The Epoch Times.

“This just seems to be an extreme example of what we’ve been seeing since Jan. 20, which is illegal immigrants, taking Biden up on his offer that if they manage to get into the United States, they’ll be let go.”

Epoch Times Photo
Thousands of illegal immigrants amassing in Del Rio, Texas, on Sept. 16, 2021. (Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times)

President Joe Biden, upon entering office, quickly overhauled the U.S. immigration system, ending construction on the border wall as well as a program that forced many asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico.

Biden administration officials also stopped using the federal government’s Title 42 authority, which was established during the COVID-19 pandemic, to expel unaccompanied minors, or illegal immigrant children.

The use of Title 42 has dropped in recent months as Democrats pressure Biden to end the authority. Officials applied it to just 44 percent of the illegal immigrant encounters in August.

The decline in federal immigration enforcement has prompted Texas authorities to fill the void. State and local law enforcement have ramped up enforcement of illegal immigrants, including in Del Rio, where the mayor has pleaded with Biden to stop releasing illegal immigrants as local conditions deteriorate.

Crossing the border into the United States without proper papers is illegal, but after entering, an illegal immigrant can claim asylum, or fear of persecution if they are returned to their home country. If they do, they are often released into the United States. If they don’t, they are processed under Title 8, or federal law, typically getting a court date or told to appear at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office on a certain day. Most don’t end up appearing.

Epoch Times Photo
Border Patrol agents and local EMS staff load an illegal immigrant woman into an ambulance in Del Rio, Texas, on Sept. 16, 2021. (Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times)

The CBP spokesperson told The Epoch Times that “the vast majority of single adults and many families will continue to be expelled under the CDC’s Title 42 authority, and those who cannot be expelled under Title 42 and do not have a legal basis to remain will be processed under Title 8 authorities.”

There are indications that a number of single adults are being allowed to remain in the country, particularly foreign nationals whose nations have been granted a special type of protection called Temporary Protected Status by U.S. authorities.

One Haitian man, a single male who crossed with some 350 other illegal immigrants to Del Rio from Mexico in July, spoke to The Epoch Times after entering the United States. About a month later, he texted to say he’d made it to Boston and was fine.

A Cuban man in his late-20s, Eduardo, told The Epoch Times this week at a gas station in Del Rio that he was waiting to be picked up by his parents, who live in Houston. He said he traveled from Panama through Central America before making it through Mexico to reach Del Rio, walking most of the time.

“There’s no freedom in Cuba,” said Eduardo, who had been dropped at the gas station by Border Patrol.

Epoch Times Photo
Illegal immigrants board a bus to be transported to a Border Patrol station for processing, under the international bridge, in Del Rio, Texas, on Sept. 16, 2021. (Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times)

The United States recorded more than 208,000 illegal immigrant arrests at the border in August, one of the highest months on record. Under the Biden administration, the country is on pace to set records for the highest number of fiscal year and calendar year encounters.

The administration would have known about the large groups of immigrants that are now in Del Rio, Jaeson Jones, CEO of Omni Intelligence, told The Epoch Times.

U.S. intelligence programs monitor Central America to detect large groups forming, said Jones, a former Texas Department of Public Safety intelligence and counterterrorism captain, who worked closely with Border Patrol.

“No one in the federal government has acknowledged what was coming, stated that this was happening, nor did they do anything to mitigate it, because this should have been stopped. This is a large caravan of people that wasn’t stopped,” he said.

“To me, this just is more validation of the level of failure of leadership within the current administration.”


Evidence of foolishness

Some of the comments attached to this article are classic. mrossol

Unherd  5/11/2021  by James Carden

Mask wearing and reverence for Dr. Anthony Fauci have become the twin pillars of Washington DC’s civic religion.

Consider what happened in the District earlier this month. Our mayor, Muriel Bowser, and the city’s public health officials decided that the time had come to lift the mask mandate. As of last Friday the city would allow fully the vaccinated to gather inside without a mask.

The order was rescinded almost immediately. The new order then went further, allowing businesses to ask for proof of vaccination. Even more preposterously the city has also enacted a ban on dancing at weddings (nor are guests allowed to stand during cocktail hour).

What exactly is going on here? It seems the thought of returning to some semblance of normalcy is too much for city officials to even contemplate. In DC the civic religion reigns supreme — even of course if that means not, in this particular case, following the science.

It is emblematic of the hyper-cautious attitude of liberals to the pandemic. Born out of a dismay at the former president’s cavalier attitude towards the virus, liberals in blue states like mine have taken their reverence for Dr Fauci to new extremes.

Everywhere you look in the tonier precincts of our fair capital one sees the posters and placards and pictures: ‘Thank you Dr. Fauci!’ A house I passed by in Georgetown even had its front door covered in pictures of the good Doctor.

There is something peculiar about the way in which this new cult of personality has arisen. How have we gotten to the point where the media and many ordinary citizens have taken to treating Dr. Fauci as a kind of divine figure, as an object of veneration and awe? After all, this is a man who said that he wouldn’t travel or eat at restaurants even though he’s fully vaccinated (CDC guidance says that these activities are safe for vaccinated people who take precautions).

[These are] Washingtonians who refuse to recognise that the time to move along from the Covid crisis is upon us. Following the science is no way to order a society, and it is an even worse way to order your priorities as a human being. Science is not, has never been and never will be infallible. The unctuous worshipping of an aged public health official and wearing a mask on an empty street in the middle of the night is not evidence of morality: it is evidence of foolishness.