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Flying Baby Formula In From Europe: ‘Turned Us Into 3rd World Nation’

OK, so you didn’t like the previous administration. I’m happy to hear how this is better. mrossol

By  Ryan Saavedra,

Democrat President Joe Biden was mocked over the weekend for bragging about flying 70,000 pounds of baby formula from Europe to the U.S. as his administration has faced criticism for the shortage of baby formula across the country.

“Folks, I’m excited to tell you that the first flight from Operation Fly Formula is loaded up with more than 70,000 pounds of infant formula and about to land in Indiana,” President Biden tweeted Sunday. “Our team is working around the clock to get safe formula to everyone who needs it.”

Biden originally claimed on Twitter that his administration had brought in “70,000 tons” of baby formula which was later deleted, but not before it went viral on social media.

Biden faced a mix of mockery and intense criticism online for bragging about the situation.

“Over 10,000 children are born daily in the US, 20% of which will use formula within the first days of life,” Nicole Saphier, MD, wrote on Twitter. “The shipment is great, but let’s be honest, the supply won’t last more than a couple days.”

The popular conservative Twitter account Comfortably Smug wrote, “Biden has turned us into a third world nation where other countries are sending us relief aid.”

Other notable responses included:

  • Stephen L. Miller, political commentator: “Another Biden Admin historic airlift.”
  • Julie Gunlock, director of Independent Women’s Network: “The Biden admin created this mess…but sure, folks, take a bow.”
  • Ellen Carmichael, president of The Lafayette Co.: “Will never not be discomfiting to see other countries bailing us out for stupid policy decisions. This is America.”
  • Jesse Kelly, radio host: “The government causing a baby formula bottleneck with ridiculous regulations and then causing a baby formula shortage with incompetence and then acting like a hero for flying in baby formula is the most government thing in the history of government things.”
  • Preston Byrne, attorney: “If you just allowed European formula to be sold to US distributors you wouldn’t need the military to fly in pallets for show Abolish the FDA.”
  • Victoria Coates, former White House official: “Honestly I think it might have been better to just sit this one out and hope folks weren’t paying too much attention on a Sunday morning to your previous effort?”
  • James Jay Carafano, Heritage Foundation Vice President for Foreign & Security: “Only this White House could attempt to make virtue out of its incompetence.”
  • Tammy Bruce, Fox News: “You have officially turned our great country into Blanche DuBois, unstable and completely reliant on the kindness of strangers.”
  • Hans Mahncke, political commentator: “Probably the most humiliating tweet of all time (made even more humiliating by the fact that the millennials who wrote it are oblivious to how humiliating it is).”
  • Zack Kanter, political commentator: “It’s a reverse Berlin Airlift, where we’re blockading ourselves and flying in our own shipments to prevent the starvation that we’re at risk of causing.”
  • Sean Spicer, former White House official: “There has been a baby formula shortage in the US since January – we a[re] less than 10 days from June.”
  • John Cardillo, political commentator: “This senile idiot is impressed that third world countries are solving problems he and his handlers created.”
  • John Cooper, The Heritage Foundation: “How bad are things under Joe Biden? We have to fly in baby formula from Germany to make sure American babies don’t starve.”


Public health shooting itself (and us) in the foot

4/28/2022  By Vinay Prasad

The problem is not rogue online misinformation; it is errors from CDC, NIAID, and the White House

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Building trust in institutions is vital to their success, but as we enter the third year of the pandemic, public health still seems hellbent on destroying itself.

In recent weeks, we have seen flip flops on major policy proposal: a vaccine passport for domestic air-travel and authorizing the Pfizer vaccine for kids ages 6mo-4 years. These were publicly flirted with, but eventually abandoned. The administration has pushed medical products through, without the traditional advisory boards (as in the case of the 4th dose for Americans over 50).  We have witnessed absurd contradictions– that Kyrie Irving can watch the basketball game from the first row, but not play on the court–, and worse, that this rule only applies in New York city. Finally, the prospect that mask mandates may return in the fall looms over us, even as our rules become more absurd, with restaurant servers and preschoolers acting as the last, powerless people tasked with masking for all.  Public health, the institution, must own these absurdities and contradictions because the CDC has the scope and authority to correct them with clear guidance.  Just as we need trust, public health seems poised to destroy it .   Let’s consider these cases:

In early October 2021 Ashish Jha, the newly selected Biden COVID Czar, suggested a vaccine mandate for domestic air travel, a view he reiterated in late January 2022.  On Dec 27th, Anthony Fauci emphasized the idea of a vaccine passport for domestic air travel.  Politico reports that Dr. Jha has long advised the administration on health policy, and Dr. Jha has confirmed he received  “updates and announcements” from the administration prior to his appointment.  Then silently, the proposal was abandoned with no action taken. As a close observer, I was confused as to what happened.

Similarly, in Feb 2022, the FDA asked Pfizer to submit data from an ongoing, and to date, negative trial for vaccination in kids ages 6mo to 4 years. An advisory committee was scheduled to discuss the results, which was leaked to news outlets as a reduction in symptomatic cases– one of the trials secondary objectives.  Then, at the penultimate moment, the application was withdrawn and the advisory committee was cancelled.  These flip flops were jarring. In the latter case, many parents were crushed, and felt as if the rug were pulled out from them. Scientists voiced protest, suggesting the vaccine be approved anyway. But I was most concerned that an approval based on inadequate data would further poison vaccine hesitancy at all ages, and for other vaccines (so called spill-over effects). Even as it stands, this whipsaw news coverage may yet undermine parental trust.

Last year, the top two officials at US FDA famously resigned, citing pressure from the White House to approve boosters (a 3rd dose) for all adults, despite inadequate data showing benefit at young ages.  Now without this institutional memory, the White House pushed ahead with an ambitious plan to authorize a 4th dose of the original, ancestral Wuhan strain mRNA product for anyone 50 or older. The advisory committee, a bulwark of transparency and independence, was skipped and the product has now been pushed through.  This is a controversial decision because the data showing a 4th dose helps older people is based on observational studies, which are often unreliable, and, in this case, plagued by the bias that wealthier people preferentially sought it out. Better outcomes after a 4th dose cannot be disentangled from better socioeconomic factors.  Moreover, there are underappreciated risk of more doses of the same vaccine, including original antigenic sin. This term means that at some point in the future, if we authorize a different vaccine made to target a new variant, recipients of 4th doses of the older vaccine may be more likely to mount an antibody response to the original strain and not the modified spike protein.  This is an unknown risk to the current policy.

The public saga of Kyrie Irving reminded the world just how absurd COVID policies can be. Mr. Irving is an employee of the Brooklyn Nets, and subject to NYCs employer vaccine mandate.  As such he cannot work in NYC. But recently NYC dropped the vaccine and mask mandate to attend Brooklyn nets games. Kyrie can stand in the front row and cheer, but he cannot stand on the court. He can also play during away games, and visiting unvaccinated players can play in New York. The policy was so contradictory that Kevin Durant, a teammate, called it ‘ridiculous’. In response to criticism, the mayor exempted athletes from the mandate, a band-aid solution that makes the policy even more unjust to average workers, and is now what some are calling the “Kyrie carveout.”

Finally, we continue to be obsessed with masks. Masking kids, preschoolers, and possibly restoring mask mandates in the Fall, if cases rise.  This rhetoric belies the deep truth: we know very little about when and if community mask mandates slow the spread.  Moreover, in a country where any adult who wishes to get vaccinated for the last year could get vaccinated, the purpose of mandatory masks, even if they work (like tight fitting n95s), seem pointless.  Sars cov 2 will eventually infect nearly everyone on earth., a fact acknowledged by Anthony Fauci. Delaying this inevitability while stoking political anger seems a foolish proposition.

Public health is, to some degree, responsible for these contradictions, inconveniences, and irrationalities. Government agencies and actors have failed to articulate the goals. Failed communicate uncertainty, especially around masking kids– an intervention where the US deviates from Europe and the World Health Organization.  The Surgeon General is on a hunt for misinformation, and upset with podcaster Joe Rogan, but appears entirely incapable of introspection. Trust in public health is gone not despite the actions of public health, but because of them.  When a star dies, it may shower pieces across the galaxy, and if public health implodes, Americans will seek out snake-oil salesman and charlatans, and we will have only ourselves to blame.


The Meltdown of the Mask Cult

The Meltdown of the Mask Cult

By Michael Senger   April 22, 2022   Masks   3 minute read SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL

On Monday, major US airlines suddenly dumped their mask mandates after a federal judge struck down the CDC’s national mask mandate for travel. Since then, the Covid cult has been in a state of apoplexy. Below is a collection of some of the most priceless takes.

Apparently breathing equals smoking now, according to Bess Kalb. Kalb is most famous for her early 2020 screed about all the young people her dad was seeing in the ICU who were suddenly falling over dead from Covid, which she blamed on their sinful trips to the beach.

It remains unclear whether Kalb’s father ever actually treated any Covid patients in the ICU. Next we have former Surgeon General Jerome Adams.

Imposing their beliefs on others… who would do such a thing?! Oh wait… Here’s former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich.

Something wrong with a system… as in, constitutional democracy? Fortunately, Abdi appears to have just the solution to that.

That’s right: Disagree with a court ruling on forced masking, threaten to blow up the whole system to get your way. Though perhaps he won’t need to, according to Alex Steed.

Pretty sure it takes longer than a few seconds to get Covid symptoms, but what do I know. Then there’s this take from Aubrey Hirsch.

Imagine being from another culture and trying to make sense of this tweet. Heck, I’ve lived in America my entire life, re-read this tweet about five times and still can’t figure out what the heck Aubrey’s talking about. Though in her defense, it’s still a bit more coherent than this take from Evan Greer.

Capitalism making a mockery of consent… maybe try communism and let us know how that works out. Fortunately, Andrea Junker has just the solution.

I think Andrea may be waiting quite a while. Or not though, because it looks like the Biden administration is appealing the ruling. As Jen Psaki tells us:

That’s right. The administration is appealing the ruling against the mask mandate to “preserve that authority for the CDC.” Power, in the purest sense. Of course the state of emergency can have no end point, because it never had any legitimate beginning.

Notably absent from any of these takes is any analysis of how many lives masks are supposedly saving, any analysis of the costs of wearing masks or, most importantly, when exactly the mask mandates are supposed to end. Though there is one telling exception.

That’s right. To be honest this tweet isn’t really funny, it’s actually just terrifying. There it is, literally, in the most explicit possible terms: Masks forever, with 137,000 likes and counting.

Republished from the author’s Substack


  • Michael Senger Michael P Senger is an attorney based in the United States. He has been researching the influence of the Chinese Communist Party on the world’s response to COVID-19 since March 2020, and previously authored China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign and The Masked Ball of Cowardice in Tablet Magazine.

Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and the Future of Masking

Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and the Future of Masking

By Ian Miller   April 25, 2022   Masks   9 minute read SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL

San Diego’s nickname is “America’s Finest City.” 

Whether you agree with that designation or not, there are few people in the United States who would argue for including Philadelphia or Los Angeles on the list of “finest” locations in the country.

But their fanatical dedication to COVID policy has taken cities that already struggle with crime, homelessness, poor quality of life or high cost of living and made them even more uninhabitable.

They’ve enforced mask mandates, outdoor mask mandates, discriminatory vaccine passports, engaged in reckless fear mongering and in the case of Los Angeles, created one of the largest self-owns in covid “history” — LAPublic Health surveyed over 1,500 businesses during a one week period in December 2021 and proclaimed that “high masking compliance” was keeping the region “safe.”

Those aren’t my words, that’s their words:

Public and business sector masking compliance is high, indicating the broad understanding that this small behavior change adds a layer of protection that enables us to engage in our customary activities without endangering ourselves or others. Public Health regularly conducts site visits to assess mask compliance across a variety of L.A. County businesses, during which we determine compliance among customers, employees and their staff, and overall safety requirements. Out of more than 1500 site visits conducted between December 4th-10th, the vast majority of businesses and industries, including restaurants, bars, food markets and hair salons, had masking compliance rates above 95%.

“Masking requirements reduce transmission without much disruption to people’s routines and allow businesses to reduce risk for their customers, and workers,” said Barbara Ferrer, PhD, MPH, MEd, Director of Public Health. “We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the business community of L.A. County for leading by example on masking as champions for public health. The take home message is clear: masking creates safety for employees and customers, reduces COVID transmission in our communities and helps everyone stay safe here in L.A. County.”

Immediately afterwards, cases skyrocketed more than 20x higher and shattered every previous record:

It’s hard to be more demonstrably wrong than this.

LA public health officials specifically credited the high rate of mask wearing with keeping cases low and residents “safe,” only to see this remarkable compliance prove the uselessness of masks once again.

Of course, there were no press releases from Barbara Ferrer in the months afterwards acknowledging that the demonstrably high rates of mask usage are clearly meaningless, and that based on her own department’s exhaustive site checks, masks provide no “protection” for others.

And more importantly, after the mask mandate and vaccine passport requirements were lifted, despite Ferrer’s best efforts, cases plummeted to the same low levels seen in previous years:

Cases are as low this spring as they were in previous springs, despite LA finally resembling something close to normalcy.

I haven’t been able to find any press releases reporting how the mask mandates and vaccine passports failed to prevent the largest surge of infections the county had seen, and that removing these destructive policies did not lead to a new surge. 

Unsurprisingly, Ferrer has not commented on the fact that a complete lack of “interventions” is apparently just as “protective” as the city’s obsessive need for theatrical policies.

However her latest policy decision is yet another indication of what the “new normal” will look like in heavily blue cities like Los Angeles.

There is no epidemiological, data driven or evidence based justification for continuing to force people to mask at airports, bus stations and on planes, trains and buses. 

So of course, that’s exactly what Los Angeles did.

LA County’s public health department reinstated part of its COVID mask mandateFriday, meaning a patchwork of rules for masks on public transit and at airports in Southern California. The decision announced Thursday came just days after a federal judge overturned the Centers for Disease Control’s mask mandate on public transportation.

Initially, local transit agencies went along with that Florida judge’s ruling, allowing the federal rule enforcing masks on planes, trains, buses and other ways of getting around to lapse. Masks became optional.

But that changed with Thursday’s announcement from the county health department.

The LA Metro immediately announced they would be enforcing masking on the subway (yes LA has one) and buses.

As with nearly all masking policy, this highlights the danger of allowing public health officials and politicians the authority to maintain the disproven narrative that masks work or that mandates are remotely beneficial.

This is exactly why I and many others continue to write about these issues, exposing their lies and misrepresentations — they must not be allowed to continue misleading the public and ignore the inarguable reality that masks have failed. Inevitably, it leads to policies like this; where rogue public health directors extend a mandate out of desperation and in order to maintain their relevance while protecting their extremely fragile egos.

Never mind that we’ve already seen that masks on public transit are completely useless at preventing widespread community transmission.

On September 22nd, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City announced they would be heavily stepping up enforcement of masking in order to ensure universal compliance:

Customers Refusing to Wear Masks Are Subject to Receive a Summons

Authority Ramped Up Mask Education and Distribution Efforts Immediately Following Labor Day as More Riders Returned to School and Offices

25,000 Free Masks Handed Out During Phase One of “Mask Blitz” During Last Two Weeks

The goal of heightened enforcement is to increase mask usage across all agencies, and to return to 2020 and early 2021 compliance levels where nearly 100% of riders wore masks onboard subways, buses, commuter railroads and paratransit vehicles. Since the $50 fine was implemented on September 14, 2020, MTA police officers have had over 88,000 positive encounters with customers. This has included the distribution of more than 50,000 free masks overall, 25,000 in the two weeks since the blitz began on September 7.

“Promoting mask usage is an important component to protecting one another,” said Patrick Warren, MTA Chief Safety Officer. “To support the use of masks we have provided tens of millions of free masks to customers, complemented by a robust communication endeavor. These efforts have seen mask usage recently rise on buses and trains. This next phase of our blitz will reinforce that wearing a mask is not optional. Vaccinated or not, you must wear a mask when traveling on public transit.” 

Less than two months after this “mask blitz,” designed to enforce “nearly 100%” compliance among riders, cases in New York exploded to new highs, shattering all previous records:

So it’s understandable that Los Angeles would deem it necessary to continue the transportation mandate, to ensure success like this.

How do you engage with people so profoundly ignorant and habitually incompetent? This data is readily accessible, anyone should be able to see that the high mask compliance in Los Angeles was useless. Everyone should also see that masks on public transit, along with the general mask mandates and vaccine passports of course, were unsuccessful at stopping record breaking surges. 

There is no easy answer, unfortunately.


Not to be outdone in the annals of covid policy hilarity is Philadelphia.

Less than two weeks ago, Philly announced they would be bringing back a mask mandate in response to a rise in cases.

Set to take effect on April 18th, the mandate was supposed to prevent another surge of infections in the city:

When the city announced April 11 that the mandate was coming back, the health commissioner, Dr. Cheryl Bettigole, said it was necessary to forestall a potential new wave driven by an omicron subvariant. She said Philadelphia had crossed the threshold of rising cases at which the city’s guidelines call for people to wear masks indoors.

“If we fail to act now, knowing that every previous wave of infections has been followed by a wave of hospitalizations, and then a wave of deaths, it will be too late for many of our residents,” Bettigole said at the time.

A quick glance at a chart of cases in the city after the initial mandate came into effect in June 2020 shows you why city health authorities and the mayor thought that masks would prevent the surge from taking hold:

Cases rose 3,544% after June 26, 2020 to the peak of new cases in January 2022.

With inarguable success like that, how can you blame them?

Their decision is even more absurd when we look at the “increase” in cases that caused them to believe a useless policy was necessary:

Not only did the end of the mandate not lead to an increase weeks afterwards, but even with the slight increase, case rates are still significantly lower than in April 2021 with the mask mandate in place.

Hilariously, the mayor announced that the policy would be ending after only four days in effect:

In a masterclass of misinformation, the mayor of Philadelphia specifically stated that wearing masks would “tamp down the case counts”

“Our belief is that wearing masks again will tamp down the case counts and hospitalizations, and allow us to continue to reopen and to get back to more normalcy,” Kenney said Thursday.

And his health officials had the audacity to credit their “response” with cases dropping, despite the fact that cases had already peaked by the time the mask mandate came into effect and at the exact same time they peaked in 2021.

That desperate attempt to convince the public that masks work is even more absurd when looking at data from neighboring counties. COVIDcast provides a comparison between Philadelphia and their closest neighbors and without labels it’s impossible to tell them apart:

Predictably, the undeniable futility of a mask policy having a positive impact in four days does not enter in the discussion or in the media coverage, which is especially offensive when considering trends are exactly the same in neighboring counties without masks.

Naturally, the mayor and health director also specifically stated that they would not rule out further mask mandates if conditions change.

These two cities are tremendous contributors to some of the worst, least impactfulpolicies in world history.

Their commitment to gaslighting their citizens, openly lying to justify their political desires, and maintaining the delusional narrative that masks are necessary or valuable would be admirable if it wasn’t so immeasurably destructive.

Masks are useless, mask mandates are even more useless, yet cities like LA and Philadelphia are clearly going to forcibly mask their residents on a rolling basis indefinitely. 

“CDC guidance,” the politicization of mask wearing, where many on the political left have made masks an visible form of their allegiance to progressive causes, and the desperately incompetent and malicious health “experts” who brazenly lie about the effect of masks are combining to ensure masking is semi-permanent in the anti-science jurisdictions.

No matter how much evidence accumulates against their usage and how ludicrously absurd their statements and justifications are, these two cities represent the future of masking; a clearly useless intervention, designed by incompetent and panicked “experts.”

Republished from the author’s Substack