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The EU is sleepwalking into anarchy

Sept. 26, 2022 – By Thomas Faze

Source: The EU is sleepwalking into anarchy – UnHerd

All eyes may be on the Italian election results this morning, but Europe’s got much bigger problems on its hands than the prospect of a Right-wing government. Winter is coming, and the catastrophic consequences of Europe’s self-imposed energy crisis are already being felt across the continent.

As politicians continue to devise unrealistic plans for energy rationing, the reality is that soaring energy prices and falling demand have already caused dozens of plants across a diverse range of energy-intensive industries — glass, steel, aluminium, zinc, fertilisers, chemicals — to cut back production or shut down, causing thousands of workers to be laid off. Even the pro-war New York Times was recently forced to acknowledge the “crippling” impact that Brussels’s sanctions are having on industry and the working class in Europe. “High energy prices are lashing European industry, forcing factories to cut production quickly and put tens of thousands of employees on furlough,” it reported.

Zinc, aluminium and silicon production cuts (amounting to a staggering 50% of output) have already left consumers in the Europe’s steel, auto and construction industries facing severe shortages, which are being offset by shipments from China and elsewhere. Meanwhile, steel plants in Spain, Italy, France, Germany and other countries — more than two dozen in total — are beginning to slow down or entirely stop their output.

The fertiliser industry, which is heavily dependent on gas as a key feedstock as well as a source of power, is in even bigger trouble. More than two-thirds of production — around 30 plants — has already been halted. The German chemicals powerhouse BASF has temporarily shut down 80 plants worldwide and is slowing production at another 100 as it plans further output cuts depending on what happens to gas prices. To make things worse, EU sanctions have also limited imports of Russian fertilisers.

Dwindling supplies of fertilisers are also having a dramatic knock-on effect on European farmers, which are being forced to scale back their use of the key nutrient. This means higher prices for less output, and the consequences are bound to be felt well beyond Europe’s borders, potentially triggering a global food shortage.

But the shortage of fertiliser isn’t the only problem facing European farmers. Across northern and western Europe, vegetable producers are contemplating halting their activities because of the crippling energy costs — in some cases ten times higher than those of 2021 — required to heat greenhouse through the winter and keep harvests refrigerated, on top of rising transport and packaging costs. Greenhouse industry group Glastuinbouw Nederland says up to 40% of its 3,000 members are in financial distress. This further threatens food supplies — and will certainly lead to even higher food prices which, coupled with soaring energy bills, is likely to drive millions of European into poverty. In other words, the European energy and cost-of-living crisis is on course to descend into an outright humanitarian crisis.

In the UK, 45 million people are forecast to face fuel poverty by January 2023; as a result, “millions of children’s development will be blighted” with lung damage, toxic stress and deepening educational inequalities, as children struggle to keep up with school work in freezing homes. Lives will be lost, experts warn. Meanwhile, in Germany’s Rheingau-Taunus district, the authorities have carried out a simulation of what such a blackout would mean for them, and the results are shocking: more than 400 people would die in the first 96 hours. And this in a district of just 190,000 inhabitants.

Now, these numbers may well be overestimates, but the local government can’t afford to ignore them. Indeed, Gerd Landsberg, general manager of the German Association of Towns and Municipalities, has urged residents to stockpile water and food for 14 days. Landsberg says that Germany is “in no way” prepared for such a scenario.

What’s important to understand is that this is not some temporary crisis where all we need to do is grit our teeth through the winter, after which things will return to normal. The reality, as the chief executive of Shell recently made clear, is that if European governments insist on decoupling Europe from Russian supplies, the continent will face gas shortages “likely to last several winters”. It’s a bitter truth, but there’s simply no short-term alternative to Russia’s gas. Indeed, the European Commission forecasts gas and electricity prices to “remain high and volatile until at least 2023”.

To put it simply, if it stays on its current course, Europe is looking at years of economic contraction, inflation, deindustrialisation, declining living standards, mass impoverishment, and shortages — and this without taking into account the terrifying prospect of an outright military confrontation with Russia. How can anyone think Europe can survive this without plunging into anarchy?

The folly of the situation becomes even more apparent when we consider that, in its attempt to reduce its dependence on Russian gas, the EU is increasing its reliance on supplies from countries like China and India — which, it would appear, are simply reselling to Europe gas that comes from… Russia (at a higher price, of course). If people’s lives weren’t on the line, this whole thing would seem like a sick joke.

Europe has lost the energy war

By Thomas Fazi

It’s truly a sign of the feebleness of Europe’s politicians that despite the fast-approaching cliff, no one can bring themselves to state the obvious: that the sanctions need to end. There’s simply no moral justification for destroying the livelihoods of millions of Europeans simply to school Putin, even if the sanctions were helping to achieve that aim, which they clearly aren’t.

And so, rather depressingly, the only voice of reason appears to be that of Hungary’s prime minister, Victor Orbán. For weeks he and other members of his government have been warning about the economic calamity facing Europe. “The attempts to weaken Russia have not succeeded,” he said recently. “By contrast, it is Europe that could be brought to its knees by brutal inflation and energy shortages resulting from sanctions”. This is a statement of fact, not an opinion. But nobody seems to want to listen.

In response, the technocrats in Brussels are proving to be just as senseless as national leaders. Not only is the EU’s gung-ho approach to Russia one of the main causes of the present crisis, but its leadership continues to pour petrol on the fire. Just this month, Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said that “the strategy against Russia is working and must continue” — and promised new sanctions.

Even worse, the EU isn’t even doing anything to help cushion the effects of the crisis it helped create. After dropping the ridiculous proposal of capping only the price of Russian gas — which would have led to the latter’s immediate cut-off — Brussels is now mulling a cap on all gas imports, which even the German Minister of State for Europe has warned could lead to severe shortages.

The proposal also fails to take into account a basic fact: it’s not energy exporters that are ramping up the price of gas; the latter today is linked to the price at which gas is traded on virtual trading markets such as the TTF in Amsterdam, where speculators have been rallying up prices for months, making huge profits. Moreover, in today’s liberalised market, which is based on so-called marginal-cost pricing, the final price of power is set by the most expensive fuel needed to meet all demands — in this case gas. This means that as gas prices soar, so does electricity, even if cheaper, clean sources contribute to the total mix.

So, if the EU were serious about tackling about energy prices, it would decouple the price of gas from speculative trading markets and overhaul the marginal-cost pricing system. But that would go against the European technocrats’ fundamental ideology: the idea that prices should be set by markets. Indeed, the EU was among the most ardent supporters, against Putin’s advice, of the shift from long-term, fixed price gas deals to a system where the price is set by virtual trading markets.

Civil disobedience is coming

Given the unlikelihood of radical reform, what will Brussels do next? In all likelihood, it will settle for half-baked solutions — such as a cap on the excess revenues made by non-gas power plants and a windfall tax on surplus profits — as well as for what it does best: austerity. Meanwhile, the ECB, instead of announcing a new round of bond purchases to provide governments with the cash they need to cushion citizens and companies from soaring gas and energy prices, has started to taper its quantitative easing programmes and hiked interest rates, causing the spread between 10-year government bonds issued by Italy and Germany to widen to their highest levels since the pandemic began. This could easily precipitate a new debt crisis, which is the last thing Europe needs.

Without central bank support, governments in the EU have essentially been left to fend for themselves. Once again we are reminded of what it means for euro countries to have given up the power to issue their own money; it’s no coincidence that the UK alone has allocated more than 50% of what has been set aside by the EU as a whole.

This is already leading to beggar-thy-neighbour policies: those countries, such as Germany, that can rely on financial markets to raise the cash they need to help citizens and businesses, and nationalise or bail out ailing energy utilities, will inevitably outcompete weaker countries that are already facing stress on bond markets, such as Italy. In fact, this is already starting to happen, as more and more countries engage in what can only be described as energy protectionism.

In theory, Europe’s gas security is governed by a regulation adopted in 2017, which makes solidarity among European countries mandatory. But EU countries don’t always observe those rules when confronted with a supply crisis. So, for example, the Italian newspaper la Repubblica recently reported that Italy had received written notification from France’s state-controlled utility EDF regarding a potential two-year halt on power exports as part of France’s energy-saving plans. A spokesperson for Italy’s Ministry of Ecological Transition later confirmed the newspaper report, although it was denied by EDF. Similarly, Croatia and Hungary have both announced that plans to implement measures to limit exports of natural gas to neighbouring countries. While Norway, which has supplanted Russia as the EU’s largest source of gas, making gigantic profits on the back of higher gas prices, has thus refused to back a price cap on its gas exports.

Yet while moaning about such “lack of solidarity” between European states is easy, it is also naïve. This, after all, is simply how capitalism works. For all the talk of “global capitalism”, individual nations — or better, their respective capitalist elites — are still engaged in competition with each other. While the ruling classes of individual countries are more than happy to collaborate to pursue the interests of capital-in-general at the expense of workers — just look at the European Union — their competing interests inevitably re-emerge in times of crisis.

The EU, in fact, far from encouraging solidarity among countries, actually makes inter-capitalist competition even more fierce, by depriving countries of the basic economic tools that are required to deal with external shocks. It doesn’t matter if the continent is experiencing a financial crash, a global pandemic or an energy shortage. In Europe, beggar-thy-neighbour policies aren’t an exception to the rule — they are the rule.


It’s past time to throw away routine, forced masking in health care facilities

Thank you! Been saying the same for 18 months. COVID is the largest scam and the ‘vaccines’ the most damaging illegal experiment ever pulled on the human race. mrossol

Source: It’s past time to throw away routine, forced masking in health care facilities

Sep 13, 2022

Most health-care facilities in the United States have not yet embraced what hundreds of millions of Americans have: throw away the mask, and return to normal. For hospitals this means “Yes, you can choose to wear an n95 mask in a Covid + patients room,” but “No, we don’t need to force mask all visitors and all workers in the hallways between sips of coffee”. For the dentist’s office, this means that after you keep your mouth open for an hour, you don’t need to put a mask on to walk back to the door. These are policies that no longer make sense in Sept 2022 and have to go.

I usually start with efficacy, but this time let’s begin with harms and downsides. Masking is a burden. If it were not obligatory, few would do it. Want evidence? Exhibit A: everywhere in America. Masking use on airplanes is almost gone. Masking in grocery stories is just a dream. Masking in restaurants and bars— non-existent. Well, except for servers and kids in headstart, who are powerless.

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Masking has real downsides, particularly in hospital and clinic settings. Masking muffles speech, and irritates skin, noses, cheeks, etc. Masking makes it harder to read emotions and gauge reactions— both for your colleagues, your staff and your patients.

Masking harms patient care for older people who are hard of hearing. It harms people who are acutely short of breath. It harms older people seeking care for suspected stroke (did they suddenly develop facial droop?). It harms women giving birth (forced to mask during contractions— why? they just tested negative anyway). It prevents people from seeing your facial expression. In many cases, harm may be limited to subjective discomfort— but guess what: that is still a harm. Unless masking in hospitals has a clear upside, it has to go.

In terms of efficacy, there are zero high quality studies that universal hospital visitor masking on any important outcome. But more importantly, even if there were, that might apply to 2020, but as of Sept 2022, it no longer makes sense.

Have you walked around America? Flown anywhere? No one is wearing a mask. Most Americans have been vaccinated, had Covid, or both. In the short term, 93-97% of all people on earth will get COVID. In some age groups, we are likely already at that saturation point.

Passing out sea-turtle strangling surgical masks to hospital visitors will have zero impact on the time till total Covid19 saturation— even if worn perfectly, given the absolute lack of use outside the hospital. But consider also that they are not worn well at all.


Recently, I visited a few hospitals in different cities. I saw masks off for tea, coffee, food. I saw more noses than I could count. More masks spill out of boxes on the floor than tightly seal lips and noses.

No one wants to enforce the policy. I saw joggers duck into one hospital (it was urban and had restaurants and shops on the ground floor), maskless, and duck out, and no one said a word. Who would?

What should we do? Of course, anyone who wishes can do whatever they want. Patients who want protection can wear tight fitting n95s. Perhaps hospitals can offer fit testing for truly vulnerable, transient immunosuppression. Why haven’t they already?

Doctors who have not recently had BA4/5 can choose also to wear n95 in known COVID positive rooms. Of course, if I have not been recently infected, I would take that choice any day of the week. The short term application of a tight fitting, fit tested mask for a double digit absolute risk reduction over 15 mins is worth the short time. A doctor just getting over BA4/5 (non-infectious now) might make a different choice. Forcing a doctor who just had covid to wear a tight fitting mask to protect other patients doesn’t make sense for the simple reason that the doctor could acquire covid in that room, yes, but also in a million other places outside work, and you cannot patrol all those places. And also because having just had covid, they are unlikely to get it again.

Of course, healthcare workers who are actively sick and infectious should not be working, but guess what? They never should have, and forcing a sick health care worker to wear a flimsy surgical mask (99% of hospital policy) is little protection for a patient. A false protection.

Ultimately there is no longer any good reason to force people in hospitals to wear masks. People can make their own choices. Everyone will get COVID in the short term, and people are adult enough to decide what risks they want to take. This has always been how the world works, and always will be. Finally, here is a tweet I saw that I have no comment on, but perhaps you do.

Twitter avatar for @juli_bg_bsJuli798686 @juli_bg_bs

Poor MD who spoke about “hey we have no severe Covid” got cancelled ofc. Luckily, he has some decent friends🙏😊🫂 Repeat after me: Covid was REALLY bad. It is manageable now. 99% of the world get that. The 1% who don’t either have agenda OR mental disorder. 😬😬🙄🙄

Brad Spellberg @BradSpellberg

@AnilMakam 1) i understood what you mean & thank you for saying it; 2) i don’t think you need to apologize. We seem to be in a world of 2 distinct, unchallengeable realities. Either Covid will end civilization or it’s a total scam. And any thought in between is attacked by both sides. Sad.

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Professor declares not wearing a mask indoors is a ‘manifestation’ of racism; offenders will be kicked out

Source: Professor declares not wearing a mask indoors is a ‘manifestation’ of racism; offenders will be kicked out

For good measure, professor Jahred Adelman equates going bare-faced indoors as a “manifestation” of – you guessed it – racism, as well as ableism which is defined as discrimination against those who have disabilities.

“Refusing to mask indoors is a manifestation of ableism and racism, an exercise of individual privilege that tells the most vulnerable that their health and the health of their loved ones do not matter. Thus, masks are required here. They are NOT optional,” read a message from Adelman seen in a photo of a projector screen from one of his classes.

The forced masking and the ridiculous likening of those desiring to make their own decisions regarding their personal medical health to racists and bigots were reported through the Campus Bias Tip Line set up by Young America’s Foundation, the watchdog group posted an image of the offensive message from Adelman to his students.

(Image: Screengrab/Young America’s Foundation)

“Masks are required AT ALL times in PHYS 253. Here and in your labs. It is not pleasant, but it is for your health and safety, my health and safety, and the health and safety of your friends and colleagues. If you do not follow this requirement, you will be asked to leave,” he wrote in the course syllabus, a copy of which was obtained by YAF and which also featured pictures of famous historical figures wearing face burkas, a highly esteemed fashion symbol of the 21st century American left.

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(Image: Screengrab/Young America’s Foundation)

“Yes, I have the authority to mandate masks in my crowded classroom to keep myself+others safe and healthy. As always, I’m happy for any of my students to come discuss this in my office hours. If anyone else has an opinion, I look forward to teaching them in my class next semester,” Adelman wrote on Twitter, in defense of his petty authoritarianism before he locked down his account.

(Image: Screengrab/Twitter)

Adelman – who has taught at the school since 2014 – has “bragged about filing reports against unmasked individuals on the train–sometimes, even claiming to have confronted them,” reported YAF with one student who asked to remain anonymous telling the group, “He seems a bit emotionally unstable.”

Twitter users posted their grades on the restrictive policy as well as professor Adelman’s bizarre justification.

In an email to Fox News Digital, Adelman said he is trying to “keep everyone a little safer while we learn physics.”

“The university allows professors to set mask policy in their classrooms and laboratories. I cannot and would not tell students what to do outside of my class, but if I can do my part to keep everyone a little safer while we learn physics, I will do so. Of particular concern to me is protecting those students of color and those with special health demands and needs, whom studies have shown are disproportionately impacted by the virus,” he added.


C&C. Safe, Effective on Mice. Data Disappearing.

Anyone brave enough to explain why the administration and corporate media and the deep state are not all working together to make the US the craziest, most illogical, anti-science country? mrossol

Source: Coffee & Courage ☙ Tuesday, August 30, 2022 ☙ MOUSE DATA


🪖 OPERATION MULTIPLIER REPORT: I never expected it would take this long to get the results of our last operation, but I think you’ll agree, it was worth the wait. Unsurprisingly, Dr. Gold’s team is hunkered down while she on her all-inclusive holiday in scenic downtown Miami Club Fed, and they are all feeling a little wary about strangers. But after my live visit, information controls loosened, and we now have the numbers.

Although a few more donations trickled in later, between Saturday, July 30th (Multiplier Day) and the following Friday, SIX THOUSAND C&Cers (5,927) donated $176,793.94 to Dr. Gold’s freedom fundraiser. That’s nearly $90,000 per month of her sentence.

Dr. Gold was sentenced to federal prison for first-time misdemeanor trespassing. She never even said anything about the elections. She was there to make an anti-mandate speech. A courageous advocate for medical freedom, Dr. Gold has done so much for all of us, by speaking out and holding the line against further loss of liberty, and by publishing alternative treatments that literally saved tens of thousands of lives. It’s the least we could do.

By each giving a little that we could easily afford, we not only blew up the fundraiser, but we also sent a clear message about how we feel about the selective prosecution and punishment of a first-time offender.

We could only have done it by working together. I am VERY proud to be part of the C&C Army!

On to the news.


🔥 The Washington Times ran a short story yesterday headlined, “Top Agent Exits FBI Amid Charge of Political Bias Undermining Hunter Biden Probe: Sources.” The Times reported that a senior FBI official in the bureau’s Washington DC field office, Timothy Thibault, abruptly resigned yesterday after congressional scrutiny for political bias in handling the investigation of Hunter Biden’s laptop computer.

I know, you’re shocked. Shocked and appalled. How could this happen, and so forth.

The Times anonymously cited “two former FBI officials familiar with the situation,” who said Thibault “was escorted by two or three ‘headquarters-looking types.’”

And that’s the whole story from corporate media.

Independent media sources added some details. Just the News reported, “Former Special Agent Thibault was accused of displaying bias in his handling of politically sensitive investigations, including the criminal investigation of Hunter Biden’s laptop and FBI probes of former President Donald Trump.”

Apparently, Thibault’s departure is connected to Senator Chuck Grassley’s recent disclosure of a group of FBI whistleblowers who alleged, and I know you aren’t going to believe this, partisan enforcement at the agency. The online paper said the whistleblowers alleged that Thibault “concealed the partisan nature of evidence from FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland to secure their approval to open an investigation into former President Donald Trump in 2020 unrelated to the [Mar-a-Lago] raid.”

Becker News reported that in May, Senator Grassley asked the DOJ for records relating to Thibault’s work history, after discovering Thibault’s anti-Trump social media posts on Twitter and LinkedIn. The next thing you know, Thibault is out, at least out of the DC office.

While there was online speculation that Thibault was connected to the Biden Raid of Trump’s residence, I could not confirm that in any official source. So stay tuned. I’m sure there will be more.

💉 TctMD ran a story last week headlined, “Myocarditis Risk Low Overall After COVID-19 Vax, but Higher in Some Groups.” It’s a lot of blah-blah word salad about a new study, but it — finally — admits that myocarditis risk is MUCH higher in one teeny-tiny cohort: all men under 40.

The paper tentatively suggested that SOME PEOPLE might want to consider the pro’s and con’s. One expert quoted for the story, who chairs the American Medical Association’s pediatric committee, said this:

[These results] allow for a frank and transparent discussion on the pros and cons of vaccination. Does a completely healthy teenage male, without high-risk family members or close contacts, require a full set of vaccines at the interval prescribed? Or should he be selective of the vaccine available/accessible to him? For healthcare officials, further assessment of the risk-to-benefit balance regarding age and sex with comorbidities should be done using data from this and other nationwide-based studies.

It’s a nice sentiment, but good luck finding someplace to have a frank and transparent discussion on the pro’s and con’s of vaccination. Let me know how that works out for you.

Notwithstanding that advice, another one of the paper’s cherry-picked experts, whose comment was blown up in a callout in the middle of the article, opined, “The overwhelming recommendation is strongly in favor of COVID vaccination, even when myocarditis is the endpoint.”

I guess they have to say that. After all, what’s a little myocarditis among oh-so-virtuous people who care about grandma and who care about virtue signaling?

💉 Jason Jenkins, 47, Miami Dolphins’ senior vice president of communications and community affairs, died suddenly and unexpectedly on Saturday, according to a team announcement.

Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel told reporters that Jason was previously completely healthy. “This was a healthy, healthy guy that just brought it every day. … Just full of life,” McDaniel said. “That’s the hardest part. There’s just no words to describe. He has a great family. His wife’s awesome, and his children. It’s tough. It’s a tough one to swallow. He will be missed. He will not be forgotten, I can tell you that much.”

I hope that Jason won’t be forgotten, but I have my doubts. Of course, Jason’s cause of death was not disclosed. I mean, who’d be interested in knowing why a completely healthy man in the prime of his life would keel over suddenly and unexpectedly? Don’t be ghoulish.

💉 The New York Post ran a story over the weekend headlined, “Latest COVID Booster Shots Will Be Released Before Human Testing Is Complete.”

If THIS is what we’re going to be doing now, why do we even NEED an FDA? That’s a serious question. Why don’t we just surgically remove the FDA like any other useless organ, like a swollen appendix or infected tonsils?

The jabs are magic now! We don’t need to test them, what a silly idea. They are safe and effective. Because the government and the corporate media says so.

Plus, it’s not like they don’t have ANY idea. According to FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf, instead of waiting for data from testing in humans, the agency will just use data from mice trials — and real-world evidence of the safety of current covid vaccines (ahem) and test results from boosters targeting older strains — to evaluate the new and improved boosters.

They have mouse data! Not everyone is thrilled though. The Post quotes vaccine expert Paul Offit, from the FDA’s sidelined vaccine approval committee, as being hesitant to approve the new jabs. “I’m uncomfortable that we would move forward — that we would give millions or tens of millions of doses to people — based on mouse data,” Paul Offit wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed in June.

It’s like the punchline to a joke.

Oh, the Post also reported that Pfizer and Moderna both said the newest shots are safe and effective. So. You can trust them.

Does anyone else feel like the government is completely schizophrenic at this point? Over at the CDC, the emergency is over, all mitigations have been dropped, and vaccinated and unvaccinated share equal status. But at the FDA, the emergency is burning so hot they can’t wait a couple months for human trials to finish to approve jabs for millions of Americans. So … which is it? Is it an emergency or isn’t it?

💉 Last week, the UK government quietly revised its vaccine guidance and pivoted with respect to pregnant and breastfeeding women, I mean people. The new guidance explicitly wants against shots:

…it is considered that sufficient reassurance of safe use of the vaccine in pregnant women cannot be provided at the present time … healthcare professionals are advised to rule out known or suspected pregnancy prior to vaccination. Women who are breastfeeding should also not be vaccinated.

I’m old enough to remember back when you got kicked off Facebook for warning pregnant women not to take the jab. Here’s the link.

Now you just get kicked off Facebook for calling pregnant people “women” when you advise against the shots.

Now, I realize a lot of chronic complainers are going to ask, “what about the pregnant and breastfeeding women who took the shots based on the OLD guidance?” Do they get an apology? Or at least a lollipop or something? But look, NOBODY EVER SAID the shots were safe and effective during pregnancy. Okay, maybe they DID say that. But they’ve pivoted. There’s new data or something. So it’s all good.

And … shut up! Science!

💉 On Friday, a split decision in the 11th Federal Circuit partially upheld and partially dropped the injunction against the Federal contractor covid vaccine mandate. The dissenting judge, a Carter-appointee, wrote that he thinks the federal government has clear authority to order the mandate whenever it wants to. But the judge writing for the majority, a Trump appointee, upheld the injunction, but held that enjoining the entire country was over broad, and reduced its effect to just the seven states who joined the lawsuit plus the Associated Builders and Contractors union, which also joined.

Although this means the Biden Administration could restart the mandate in the other states, reports say officials are “still considering” what will happen next. They’ll probably keep considering it, at least until after the midterms. Vote accordingly.

💉 Last week, Florida federal Judge Steven Merryday enjoined the entire Marine Corps from enforcing the Military Mandate against any soldier asserting a religious objection to the jabs. Props to the heroic lawyers who litigated the case.

💉 Here’s the very last report on covid outcomes by vaccine status from the Canadian province of Manitoba, from May:


See how it doesn’t look too good if you take the deaths category, add Fully Vaccinated to Booster deaths, then compare that to Unvaccinated deaths? And keep in mind that they’re probably pumping up the unvaccinated numbers by including single-shotters and folks not past 30 days after the second dose.

Corporate media, of course, completely ignored the the data’s ramifications or even suggestions, but Alex Berenson wrote a short stack about it. Then, immediately after publishing the May report, Manitoba Public Health decided, for some reason yet to be explained, to STOP REPORTING the data. They must have got a lot of questions about that, because the latest report for August includes this brief disclaimer:¹

Monthly updates about severe outcomes after vaccination have been discontinued starting Week 31 [July 31-Aug. 6]. Manitoba Health will continue to monitor COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness and report periodically when data allow.

Nah nah nah nah I can’t hear the data I can’t hear you nah nah nah.

See, if they don’t report the data, there’s no actual problem, because the problem isn’t about who’s dying, the problem is about whether it makes politicians look bad. In a sane world, the corporate media would be screaming bloody murder about a cover-up. But now we live in Clown World, where corporate media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of government.

And it’s not just Manitoba. Ontario stopped reporting outcomes by vaccination status around the same time. So did Scotland, back in February. So did Britain, in April.

Thanks experts!

🔥 The Tampa Bay Times ran a whiny story yesterday headlined, “Some Doctors Stopping Treatment For Transgender Youth In Florida.” The sub-headline explains, “In Tampa Bay, a child’s surgery was canceled. In Miami, a hospital stopped accepting new patients seeking care for gender dysphoria. It comes as Florida calls for a ban on such procedures.”

Oh no! A child’s surgery was canceled? Stopping a child’s genital mutilation surgery is a PROBLEM for the Tampa Bay Times. That’s where we are now.

I could say a lot about this story. One noteworthy point is that the State of Florida is successfully pushing back against maniacal medical procedures, and apparently some doctors are starting to turn down the surgeries. I’d call that progress.

But even more interesting was the following paragraph:

“This is another example of politics interfering with the inviolability of the doctor-patient relationship,” [University of Florida pediatric endocrinologist Michael] Haller told the Tampa Bay Times in an email. “I expect to see additional situations in which patients are forced to seek care outside of our state.”

Haller lives where I do, in Gainesville. I am aware of this doctor, a champion of coerced vaccination and masking during the pandemic. Now suddenly he’s discovered a newfound sense that the government should stay out of people’s medical decisions. At least whenever Haller thinks it should, or if it’s the second Tuesday of a month ending in a -y.

Still, it’s progress. Kind of.

Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow morning for more!


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