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Coffee & Covid. Tuesday, May 24, 2022: State farm?

State Farm? Come on you agents; you are allowing this this kind of effort in your own organization? Please, clean house. mrossol


🪖 Thanks for all the wonderful comments yesterday encouraging and discouraging me from probing Elon Musk’s open job offer. I should have made this clear yesterday: OF COURSE it never even occurred to me that I might have to stop writing Coffee & Covid. How perfectly absurd. What would I do to vent all this pent-up sarcasm?

🪖 I’m mulling over options for our June multiplier. There are lots of good possibilities, but I haven’t made any decisions yet. Candidates include: Rand Paul, for standing up to the WHO, Rebel News, or Feds for Medical Freedom. If I left out any other good ones, let me know in the comments.

Incidentally, I’ve been getting lots of requests for multipliers from people running in local races against established democrat opponents. These situations don’t really fit the multiplier model, which is designed to bless folks and outfits who’ve ALREADY accomplished something important and shown courage in the face of cancellation. By multiplying them we are sending a message to encourage others, too, and show our opponents that we’ll support our heroes. Plus, accomplishment is the very best evidence that folks are for-real, non-RINO, valuable assets for the cause.

Having said that, I’d like to figure SOME way we might be able to help support local candidates and local issues, even if not financially. Suggestions are welcome.


🔥 Looks like all the attention on the WHO’s pandemic treaty amendments has borne some nice fruit. Yesterday, several Substacks reported that “12 of the 13 proposed [WHO] amendments had been removed from consideration because the working group [for Pandemic Response] was ‘unable to reach a consensus.’” We’ll see how it plays out this week, but this is a great sign. Keep the pressure on.

🔥 You aren’t used to hearing this, but sane people scored two more big wins in the runaway culture wars yesterday. The first story has been developing for a few weeks, but yesterday RedState ran a story headlined, “The New Ricky Gervais Special Might Be the Reason Netflix Sent out Its Memo Suggesting Woke Employees Quit.”

I recently reported how the streaming company sent a memo to its employees saying that if they don’t like working on shows that offend their political sensibilities, then don’t let the door hit them on the way out. The memo didn’t mince words, using phrases like “Netflix may not be the best place to work for you” and suggesting employees “might want to consider working somewhere else.”

Seems pretty clear.

The first sign of the new direction was that Netflix cancelled its big-budget show “Cowboy Bebop,” a live action remake of a popular animé, that had been widely criticized for turning one main character transgender and morphing another popular series character into a feminist lesbian action heroine.

Next, Variety reported Netflix pulled the plug on several other woke animated projects aimed at kids, including “Wings of Fire,” from executive producer Ava DuVernay; “Antiracist Baby,” a series aimed at PRESCHOOLERS; “With Kind Regards From Kindergarten,” a film targeting youngsters; and a yet-unnamed feminist animated series concocted by royal grifter Meghan Markle. Netflix also scrapped the banal documentary “Stamped: Racism, Antiracism and You.”

Finally, Netflix has announced the release of a comedy special by acerbic British funnyman Ricky Gervais. Red State says the streaming company had the Gervais special in cold storage for some time, but hasn’t released fearing leftwing backlash. Reviewers say it has more transgender jokes than Dave Chapelle’s recent special. “One-hundred percent, the Netflix employees are going to get mad again,” said SiriusXM host Sam Roberts, who’d gotten an early peek at Gervais’ show.

Get un-woke, go un-broke?

🔥 You’re going to love this next story. It took less than a workday to turn the trans cruise ship around. It started when about mid-day yesterday I began to get reports about a leaked State Farm memo sent to its insurance agents in Florida, asking six “volunteer” insurance agents to deliver packages of gender-bending books to KINDERGARTEN classrooms. In other words, we saw yet another big woke corporation sneakily assisting groomers by stealthily flanking parents with gross sex stuff. Because what do parents know about raising kids anyways? It was also clearly trying to help kooky allied teachers break the new Florida law clearly prohibiting giving this exact kind of material to young kids.

Why involve parents anyway? Those bigots, they don’t realize that you have to break a few young eggs to make a rainbow omelet.

State Farm, which itself offers zero products for children, was supporting a program by a lunatic grifting outfit calling itself GenderCool, which “promotes education around LGBTQ issues,” and which designed the outrageous strategy for ‘distribution of books in schools,’ including one awful offering for the littlest children titled “A kid’s book about being non-binary.”


“The project’s goal is to increase representation of LGBTQ+ books and support our communities in having challenging, important and empowering conversations with children age 5+,” the leaked email said.

Why on Earth do they think 5-year-old kids need to have “challenging, important and empowering conversations?”

The email continued, “Nationwide, approximately 550 State Farm agents and employees will have the opportunity to donate this three book bundle to their local teacher, community center, or library of their choice.”

In other words, if the STATE won’t give kids five years and up the disturbing sex manuals, then GenderCool will, and it will use your State Farm insurance premiums to do it with, too. So, take that.

Personally, I find it impossible to scrape together any sympathy for deviants who want to teach kindergartners about their options for having a more fulfilling sex life. Personally, I think these kinds of people should be criminally prosecuted.

So I was all set to give the insurance giant a wicked scolding in today’s post and encourage some ‘positive communications” with local agents when, early yesterday evening, the Washington Examiner ran a story headlined, “Backlash Prompts State Farm to End Program Donating Trans Books to Schools.” Well, well, well.

It turns out the pushback began almost immediately yesterday, with awesome meme campaigns “Like a Creepy Neighbor” and “Like a Good Groomer” making the rounds of Twitter by mid-afternoon. Moms for Liberty’s twitter feed was red hot, as you can imagine.

Although State Farm initially defended the program, by late afternoon it was sprinting backwards. “State Farm’s support of a philanthropic program, GenderCool, has been the subject of news and customer inquiries,” the company said in a statement to the Examiner. Then it conceded, “Conversations about gender and identity should happen at home with parents.” You don’t say. It continued, “We don’t support required curriculum in schools on this topic. We support organizations providing resources for parents to have these conversations.”

And finally, “We no longer support the program allowing for distribution of books in schools,” the statement promised, but warned “we will continue to explore how we can support organizations that provide tools and resources that align with our commitment to diversity and inclusion.” Hmm. My thought is that, if you’re spending time dabbling in kindergarten sexual education, maybe you aren’t focusing enough on the INSURANCE BUSINESS.

Just saying.

Anyway, well done, parents! Whatever you did yesterday worked. State Farm wisely decided not to join Disney in the culture wars this round, and will be coughing up crow feathers all day today.

💉 In a series of about six hundred excited tweets, the Boston Globe reported yesterday on its very own article, headlined “Experimental Pill Prompts Some to Regrow a Nearly Full Head of Hair.” How about that? It’s too bad this story didn’t break a couple months ago, we might’ve avoided all that unfortunate unpleasantness with Will Smith.

The Globe reported that Concert Pharma’s CEO Roger Tung announced that between several hundred thousand and 1.5 million people in the US currently have the heartbreaking non-hair condition. For some reason, this is a HUGE new market opportunity, because nobody ever heard of baldness before. I wonder what could’ve changed. Weird.

And, it turns out that the small Lexington pharma company is only one of SEVERAL companies with hair-loss drugs in the late stages of clinical trials for the disease, where a person’s immune system attacks their own hair follicles, resulting in patchy or total hair loss. Eli Lilly, Incyte, and, wait for it, PFIZER are also developing new treatments for the condition. Soon balding people will have tons of options for regrowing their shedding curls. So that’s good.

According to the article, Concert tested its TWICE-DAILY pill in a study of about 700 people with moderate or severe alopecia. By the end of the study, the company said almost half — 41.5% percent — of people who got the highest dose also got hairier.

“I think there are enough patients in the US who are going to need treatment for alopecia areata that there will be multiple successful drugs,” CEO Tung told the Globe. It seems like there are more alopecia patients all the time, and there will be plenty of market to go around.

For some reason.

🔥 Yesterday, Governor DeSantis announced a program to give certain citizens $100 million dollars for “down payments and closing costs.” It’s for “more than 50 professions when buying their first home,” including police, nurses, and teachers. This is covid surplus money. On one hand, it’s great that the Governor is plowing the dollars back into Florida’s economy rather than wasting it on some crony-fied boondoggle. It also helps him politically, because his opponents Nikki Fried and Charlie Crist have been constantly attacking him based on the cost of housing in Florida.

On the other hand, from an economic standpoint, the program violates core conservative principles by picking winners and losers, and will inevitably cause more real estate price appreciation, although it’s not clear to what extent. On balance, I’ll call it good news.

🔥 Progress! Yesterday, CNBC ran a story headlined, “Monkeypox Outbreak Is Primarily Spreading Through Sex, WHO Officials Say.” The sub-headline notes that “The most recent surge in cases appears to have been spread among men who have sex with other men.”

I told you the euphemism machine would be at its highest setting. Why can’t they just say “gay men?” Why do we need this tortuous language “men who have sex with other men?” Don’t tell me, I don’t need to know. It was a rhetorical question.

But they haven’t given up the fear, I mean public health campaign. The story explained that “WHO officials … emphasiz[ed] that ANYONE can contract monkeypox.” The gist is that they think the transmission is from close physical contact with open body sores rather than something particular to the kinds of sexual contact between gay men. So if hetero people also join up in “sexual networking” — whatever that is — and have sex with random people that have open monkeypox sores, the hetero people could catch it, too.

The fear porn continued as the article gloomily predicted, “monkeypox can kill as many as 1 in 10 people who contract the disease.” Well. We haven’t seen that yet, or anything like that kind of fatality rate. They’re just guessing, or hoping, or something. The old African figures they are referring to involve the very worst cases in third-world people who waited a long time to seek treatment.

But at least they’re acknowledging how the disease is really spreading. That is good news. Late last night, CNBC ran another article headlined “CDC Officials Sound Alarm for Gay and Bisexual Men as Monkeypox Spreads in Community.” That’s even closer to reality than the first article. The evening article includes the same silly warnings as the earlier article, but the headline says what it needed to say.

Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb apparently said, “there is a possibility now this has gotten into the community [and] if in fact it’s more pervasive than what we’re measuring right now, that becomes hard to snuff out.” Hard to snuff out?

I’m just a lawyer, not a public health expert, and I don’t know all the ins-and-outs of sexual networking, but here is a suggestion. Maybe — just stick with me for a minute — maybe if people stop having sex with other people they don’t know and aren’t married to for a while? Could that help? Take a year if they have to. Maybe THAT could “snuff it out?”

Remember all the stuff about “do it for the community,” and “if it saves just one life,” and “don’t kill grandma?” How about a tiny abstential sacrifice for grandma and the community, gay people? Will we hear those kinds of suggestions this time, do you think?

Somehow I doubt it. Somehow I think this is going to come down to them telling us ALL to take smallpox vaccines. Or, maybe I’m just being paranoid. It’s so hard to tell the difference these days.

Have a terrific Tuesday and I’ll see ya’ll back in the morning for more.


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Banned Film Exposes the Real Reason for the COVID Pandemic

(Banned on Youtube and Facebook). I have not watched the video yet, but the article describes “reality” pretty well. mrossol

The Epoch Times, March 12, 2022, by Joseph Mercola

Prior to 2020, if you heard the term “lockdown” you might think of something that happens in a prison — not in a free society. This mechanism of control has since become commonplace — not among prisoners but among the free — with repercussions that are only beginning to be understood.

The film Planet Lockdown explores this unprecedented time in history, speaking with epidemiologists, scientists, doctors and other experts to uncover the real motives behind the increasing totalitarian control taking over the globe. Already banned by Facebook and YouTube,1 the film starts at the beginning of the pandemic, when we were told lockdowns were necessary to “flatten the curve.”

This was supposed to be a short-term, 15-day event in the U.S., but the narrative soon changed to ongoing restrictions. As Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., a former vice-president and chief scientific adviser of the drug company Pfizer and founder and CEO of the biotech company Ziarco, now owned by Novartis, explained, people have historically quarantined the sick, but quarantining healthy people, as has occurred for the past two years, has no scientific backing or historic precedence.2

“Given this virus represents, at most, a slightly bigger risk to the old and ill than seasonal influenza, and a less risk, a smaller risk, to almost everyone else who’s younger and fit,” Yeadon says, “it was never necessary for us to have done anything. We didn’t need to do anything — lockdowns, masks, testing, vaccines even.”3

The filmmakers of Planet Lockdown are allowing a free viewing of this film (for a limited time). CLICK HERE to learn more about their important mission and see how you can help!

Questionable Practices Urged for COVID-19 Diagnosis

Dr. Scott Jensen, a family doctor and former member of the Minnesota Senate, received an email from the Department of Health that seemed to be coaching him to use COVID-19 as a diagnosis in situations where he wouldn’t have previously used influenza or any other specific viral diagnosis without first testing for it. He said:4


“What struck me right away was I felt like I was being coached to go ahead and use COVID-19 without using the same standards of precision that I would for other things. If I’m going to make a diagnosis, I believe as a physician I have an obligation to use the tools available to me to nail it down with as much certainty as possible.

And it seemed to me that the Department of Health, and the link to this CDC document that said you could diagnose COVID-19 as a cause of death on a death certificate … those two documents, in tandem, went against everything that I had been taught or doing for the last 35 years.”

Even Dr. Ngozi Ezike, director of the Illinois Department of Health, is featured in the film stating that even if you died of a clear alternate cause, if you had COVID-19 at the same time, it would still be listed as a COVID death. “Everyone who is listed as a COVID death, doesn’t mean that was the cause of the death,” she says.5

In January 2020, the PCR test for COVID-19 came out, which allowed health officials to define COVID-19 “cases.” If the test was positive, it counted as a case — it didn’t matter if you have symptoms or not. Reiner Fuellmich, global fraud attorney, founder of the Corona Investigative Committee, pointed out, “It’s never, in the history of mankind, in the history of medicine, there’s never been testing of healthy people.”6

Yeadon agrees that mass testing of people with no symptoms has no scientific basis. Rather, he says, “It’s just a way to frighten people.”7 The rising “cases,” based on PCR testing, is what built the crisis. But counting cases was only measuring the activity of testing; the more that testing occurred, the more cases that were found.

‘Fear Everyone’ Became the Message

June 8, 2020, WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced that asymptomatic people could transmit COVID-19. That same day, Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO technical lead for the COVID-19 pandemic, made it very clear that people who have COVID-19 without any symptoms “rarely” transmit the disease to others. In a dramatic about-face, WHO then backtracked on the statement just one day later.8

In the days that followed, media and health officials ramped up fear by claiming that you could be sickened by virtually anyone, even when they appeared to be healthy. “This idea that … you can be ill even though you have no symptoms and you can be a … virus threat to someone else even though you have no symptoms, that’s also invented in 2020,” Yeadon says.9

Alexandra Henrion-Caude, geneticist, former director of research with the French National Institute of Health, is among those who have noticed something off from the start. “I was very puzzled since the very beginning … I was alert to the fact that what we were living was not quite right.10

She notes that the notion of asymptomatic spread is terrifying because it turns virtually anyone you meet or encounter on the street into the enemy, because they could be exposing you to SARS-CoV-2. “This is actually terrible because it denies the capacity of a person to be a healthy person. Because if asymptomatic [spread] exists, then who is healthy? No one.”

What’s more, the “proof” of asymptomatic spread is flawed and fraudulent. The New England Journal of Medicine published an article suggesting the transmission of COVID-19 is possible from an asymptomatic carrier in January 2020.11

It was based on a 33-year-old businessman who had met with his business partner from Shanghai, then developed a fever and productive cough. The next evening, he felt better and went back to work January 27.

The writers reported the partner had been “well with no signs or symptoms of infection, but had become ill on her flight back to China, where she tested positive for 2019-nCoV on January 26.” From this case study, they theorized the virus could be transmitted from asymptomatic carriers. An important point was left out, which is that the researchers did not speak with the partner from Shanghai before publication.

However, Germany’s public health agency, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), did speak with the woman on the phone, and she reported she did have symptoms while in Germany.12 So she was not asymptomatic after all.

In a State of Incoherence, People Crave Normalcy

The pandemic has twisted reality, leaving the public in a mental fog. “You’re regularly pledging obedience to things which are not logical,” Catherine Austin-Fitts, assistant secretary, Bush Sr. administration and investment adviser with Solari, Inc., says.13 WHO has changed definitions of herd immunity and pandemic, literally altering reality, and this is just one example.

Censorship and campaigns to discredit those who speak out against the narrative are additional control mechanisms that distort the truth. Bishop Schneider of Kazakhstan says the pandemic measures are very similar to Soviet times where he lived, in that there was only one narrative, and if you said there was another meaning, you were declared an enemy.

“When you had another opinion, they said, ‘You are a conspiracy group. You have a conspiracy theory. You have hate speech. This expression, hate speech, came from the communists.14 It’s psychological manipulation, based on fear, which makes people act totally irrational. The artificially imposed state of incoherence was even described by Austin-Fitts as a torture tactic, designed to get people to submit to vaccine passports and COVID-19 shots:15

“Human beings crave coherence. And so if you can put them in a state of incoherence they will literally do anything they can to get back to coherence. It’s a typical torture tactic. ‘If you just do what I want, I will allow you to go back to a state of coherence.’ So, if you just accept the [vaccine] passports, you’ll be free. Or if you get the vaccination, you’ll just be free.”

Further, by declaring small businesses as “nonessential” during lockdowns, they get shut down, while Amazon, Walmart and other big box stores can take over their market share. A major transfer of wealth occurred away from small family-owned businesses to very large, publicly owned businesses that benefited from the digital economy. In the meantime, Austin-Fitts explains:16

“The people on Main St. have to keep paying off their credit cards or their mortgage, so they’re in a debt trap and they’re desperate to get cashflow to cover their debts and expenses.

In the meantime, you have the Federal Reserve institute a form of quantitative easing where they’re buying corporate bonds, and the guys who are taking up the market share can basically finance — or their banks can — at 0% to 1%, when everyone on Main St. is paying 16% to 17% to their credit cards, without income.

So basically now you’ve got them over a barrel and you can take away their market share, and generally they can’t afford to do what they say because they’re too busy trying to find money to feed their kids.”

New Control Systems Are Being Engineered

If a few people want to control many, how can you get the sheep into the slaughterhouse without them realizing and resisting? “The perfect thing,” Austin-Fitts says, is invisible enemies, like viruses.17 This ramps up fear so the public believes they need the government to protect them. Another effective tactic is “divide and conquer,” and the media plays an important role in this, dividing people over shots and masks, for instance.

“What COVID-19 is,” Austin-Fitts explains, “is the institution of controls necessary to convert the planet from the democratic process to technocracy. So what we’re watching is a change in control and an engineering of new control systems. So think of this as a coup d’état. It’s much more like a coup d’état than a virus.”18

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a former public health official and member of German parliament, agrees, stating that pandemic responses have “nothing to do with hygiene. It has to do with criminology.”19 The global injection campaign is another form of control, one that’s forcing the public to receive experimental shots.

Many of the experts in the film bring up the Nuremberg Code, which spells out a set of research ethics principles for human experimentation. This set of principles was developed to ensure the medical horrors discovered during the Nuremberg trials at the end of World War II would never take place again.

But in the current climate of extreme censorship, people are not being informed about the full risks of the shots — which are only beginning to be uncovered. People are being forced into the shots due to mandates and loss of jobs and personal freedoms, like the ability to travel freely and attend business and social events.

In the End, Truth Will Win

A revolution is occurring, and the experts are hopeful that people will awaken to common sense and resist the totalitarian control that is threatening to take over the globe. Instead, society can be regenerated if people come together and fight back against the encroachment on our liberties.

Civil disobedience, boycotting businesses that are requiring vaccine passports, participating in rallies and fighting illegal mandates in court are ways that everyone can get involved in protecting freedom. “If they want to make us a machine, if they want to make us slaves, we say no,” Wodarg says. “… We don’t need you anymore, we are many … we don’t have to be afraid of any pandemic.”20

Originally published by March 12, 2022

Sources and References

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.


C.D.C. Lowers Speech Standards for Children

C.D.C. Lowers Speech Standards for Children

I can’t say it better than this article. When the facts don’t support the definition, change the definition. mrossol

By The Epoch Times 5 hours ago

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has lowered its standards of childhood speech development, a decision that has many people worried about the way milestones are measured in kids.

CDC added two new child development milestones at 15 and 30 months. Earlier, children aged 24 months were expected to know about 50 words. But in the new update, the CDC raised the time period to 30 months, lowering the established standard of speech development. In the update, the CDC linked to research published by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) that influenced the organization in setting up the modified benchmarks.

“Application of the criteria established by the AAP working group and adding milestones for the 15- and 30-month health supervision visits resulted in a 26.4 percent reduction and 40.9 percent replacement of previous CDC milestones,” reads an abstract of the AAP study, published on Feb. 8.

“One-third of the retained milestones were transferred to different ages; 67.7 percent of those transferred were moved to older ages.”

The AAP, based on recommendations from the CDC, convened experts and revised child developmental checklists. The original milestone followed standards that only 50 percent of children were expected to achieve, the organization said. These guidelines were deemed unhelpful to families who were worried about their kids’ development.

Milestones were updated to ensure that at least 75 percent of kids are able to achieve them, according to Jennifer Zubler, an author of the study. Because many children were unable to achieve the previous milestones, it was decided to establish new, lower milestones.

Literacy advocate Karen Vaites points out that, according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, children speaking fewer than 50 words by 24 months is still a worrisome situation. She had previously spoken against forcing kids to wear face masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the negative effects that the masks have on speech and learning.

“Masks impede language development, and they also impede the process of kids learning how to read,” Vaites said in a Jan. 18 tweet. In another Twitter thread from late July, she shared her experience of observing a kindergarten room during a reading class; in the thread, she insisted on the importance of children seeing the movement of a teacher’s mouth and vice versa.

In some situations, parents and clinicians choose a wait-and-see approach regarding children’s development, which ends up delaying diagnosis.

“The earlier a child is identified with a developmental delay the better, as treatment as well as learning interventions can begin,” Paul Lipkin, a member of the AAP Section on Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics and Council on Children with Disabilities, said in a statement. “At the same time, we don’t want to cause unnecessary confusion for families or professionals. Revising the guidelines with expertise and data from clinicians in the field accomplishes these goals.”

Lea Themea, who has practiced speech pathology for close to three decades, believes that the CDC guidelines have been updated to better clarify what parents should look for as developmental progress in their kids.

“I think these guidelines look at how the language is used, because you could have a 2-year-old that can label all their colors and count to 10, but they’re not saying them to actually communicate,” she told ABC6.

Dr. Nicole Saphier, a Fox News medical contributor, drew parallels between the CDC quietly lowering speech standards to an incident from last summer, when the AAP began “deleting stuff” from its website about the importance of facial recognition in childhood development while also pushing masks on children.

Saphier insisted that face masks were “negatively impacting children” and cited studies conducted in the UK, United States, and the Netherlands to point out that kids during the pandemic are performing poorly on “gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and overall communication.”


WOW! This NBC Reporter Quit Her Job To Lead The Charge Against Wokeness!

It seems that every one that is in the media is just a far-left nutjob that is working overtime to push the leftist agenda.

For example, the majority of the news anchors at CNN are totally brain dead lefty zombies as well as MSNBC and NBC.

Though there are some good people in these networks that have been lurking in the shadows and now they have had enough.

It is one thing when people mess with adults, but it is a whole new ballgame when people start messing with our kids. That is how one NBC reporter feels after seeing how the leftist ideology is being shoved down her children’s throats in school and she has had enough.

NBC sports reporter Michele Tafoya is done with how the left is corrupting the schools and can no longer stay silent about it.

She’s now leaving NBC sports to take on a bigger fight… a fight to save our nation’s kids from the whacko far-left “woke” ideology that’s permeating our schools.

Daily Wire reported that NBC Sports reporter Michele Tafoya revealed in an interview this week that the reason she left the leftist news organization was that she wanted to fight for American values by advocating for middle-of-the-road ideas and pushing back against far-left woke policies in schools.

“It’s been on my mind for quite a while,” Tafoya told Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “I’ve been waking up every day with a palpable pull at my gut. That my side, my view, my middle ground, kind of moderate viewpoint is not being represented to the rest of the world, I didn’t feel. And so, rather than, you know, just banging it out on Twitter or Instagram every day, I thought, I’ve got to do something. I have benefited greatly from the American dream. And I feel like for the sake of my kids, and because I so love this country, I’ve got to start giving back.”

In the clip, Tafoya said:

My kids in school, there is a big, big focus on the color of your skin. My children are now 16 and 13. It’s been going on since they were in lower school. And it is that there are affinity groups on campus for — my son’s first best friend was a little African American boy, they were inseparable, get to a certain age, they start having what’s called an affinity group, which means you go for lunch and pizza with people who look like you. Suddenly, my son wasn’t hanging out with him anymore. Why are we even teaching that the color of the skin matters? Because to me, what matters is your character and your values.


Tucker talked directly to Tafoy about her shocking departure from NBC:


The left has gone too far, trying to indoctrinate young kids.

Liberals woke up some sleeping parents with this nonsense and are now facing an onslaught of angry moms and dads who refuse to let their children be “guinea pigs” for progressive ideology. 2-20 4a PB