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Putin’s Sudden Turning Point

There is plenty of evidence that the collective West is waging war against Russia/Putin. This was and is a bad idea. mrossol

Source: Putin’s Sudden Turning Point

September 23, 2022 Updated: September 24, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin finally abandoned hope in mid-September that he could rebuild a bridge to the West.

With that realization, he committed Russia to the new anti-Western pact.

The turning point was the signal Putin received from the United Kingdom over the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. It had little to do with the military setbacks in the Ukraine war, for which he had already begun planning.

Russia’s new, harder-line anti-Western policy was essential for building a new strategic bloc with China, Belarus, Iran, North Korea, and, de facto but integrally, NATO member Turkey.

This is the “new Warsaw Pact.” It signaled that the Russian bid to regain control of Central Asia—which Russia had controlled from the late 19th century until 1991—was now also in full swing. It also meant that the U.S. plan to revive the Iran nuclear deal was, in reality, dead.

Moscow has now walked away from any thought that it could negotiate with the two countries at the core of its problems: the United States and the United Kingdom. On its first day in office on Jan. 20, 2021, the Biden administration had already committed to an irrevocable policy of alienating—and possibly breaking up—Russia, so Putin’s hopes were probably always in vain.

Then-UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson also committed fully to the Biden agenda toward Russia. Putin hoped that the incoming UK Prime Minister Liz Truss could soften the Johnson stance.

Significantly, Putin had pushed one final endeavor to open a strategic dialogue with the UK on Sept. 8. He sent a warm statement of condolence to the family of Queen Elizabeth II, who died that day, and paid unqualified tribute to the late queen. The communiqué implied a clear call for an equally humane response from the UK.

Epoch Times Photo
Members of the public mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth II with flowers and candles outside the British Consulate General in Hong Kong on Sept. 19, 2022. (Sung Pi-lung/The Epoch Times)

The desired British response did not come. Moreover, when the British Crown and government issued invitations to foreign heads-of-state to attend Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral on Sept. 19, Russia was explicitly excluded, one of the few states to be singled out. Even North Korea received an invitation, and China, albeit not at the head-of-state level.

Putin’s gesture had been rejected with venom. The UK would not be split from the United States in its strenuous proxy war through Ukraine, against Russia.

Within a week, Putin had clearly resigned himself to the reality that the future of Russia was never likely—in the foreseeable future—to include any degree of economic integration with the West. He then used the opportunity of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, on Sept. 15-16 to cement the new, anti-Western bloc, and with Chinese leader Xi Jinping to begin gradually prying India away from its close relationship with the United States and the Quad alliance (India, Japan, the United States, Australia), which had been designed to contain China.

By Sept. 15, when Putin met with Xi at the SCO summit, China and Russia significantly strengthened the interpretation of their mutual cooperation treaty, with the statement that both countries would support each other’s “core interests.” Beijing would support Moscow on Ukraine; Moscow would support Beijing on Taiwan. This was a major hardening of the new bloc and a sign that Russia would not compromise on its determination to retain its gains in Ukraine.

Teenagers cross a street in front of destroyed buildings amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in the town of Borodianka, in Kyiv region, Ukraine, on Aug. 26, 2022. (Gleb Garanich/Reuters)

Events surrounding the Russia-Ukraine war had already seen Russia pushed by the United States, and particularly the UK, into isolation that forced Moscow into an inevitable and growing interdependence on China. The ever-increasing political, economic, and resource costs of the Russia-Ukraine war have also meant that Putin faced hard choices and the prospect that the negative aspects of the war would soon have a significant impact on his governance.

On Sept. 15, Putin sent his own message back to the UK by causing Russian state TV to run movie footage allegedly showing a young Queen Elizabeth throwing food to “the children of the enslaved people in Africa,” and indicating that the queen was racist. The footage, however, was fake and filmed in French Indo-China by the famous Lumière brothers in 1899 or 1900, decades before the queen was even born. It actually showed a woman tossing coins to children.

It was meant to be the kind of reactive insult from which there was no going back. London got the point. It lost, without caring, a strategic opportunity.

On Sept. 21, Putin announced a partial military mobilization in Russia, reportedly activating 300,000 reserve troops for the Ukraine war. He said that he was not at this time considering introducing military conscription. At the same time, he committed extra funds to increase Russian defense-related production. Russian armor and aircraft producers had, in fact, been delivering significant new stocks of Su-35 fighters, T-90 main battle tanks, and other materiel in September.

Media reporting in the West, Ukraine, and Russia cannot be relied upon for a long-term view of events. History demonstrates that Russia, after accepting an adversary’s thrusts, regroups and relies on significant geographic, human, and resource depth to respond. Stalin, the ultimate Marxist-globalist, when facing the German Operation Barbarossa’s 3 million invading troops in 1941, fell back in disarray before appealing to “Russian” nationalism, abandoning the globalist Soviet ideology until Germany was defeated.

Russia has far greater strategic depth than Ukraine.

Xi, as he saw China under growing threat after 2012, has revived nationalism as a motivating force for the Chinese Communist Party.

History is the best intelligence.

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

Gregory Copley


Gregory Copley is president of the International Strategic Studies Association based in Washington. Born in Australia, Copley is a Member of the Order of Australia, entrepreneur, writer, government adviser, and defense publication editor. His latest book is The New Total War of the 21st Century and the Trigger of the Fear Pandemic.

C&C.  C&C Censored? Ukraine Inflection Point? Bio-Labs. UFOs.

Sept 26, 2022. By Jeff Childers

Source: C&C NEWS ☙ Monday, September 26th, 2022 ☙ ADMISSION BY SILENCE


🪖 More commenters than usual reported last week that their C&C emails were disappearing and the Google was flagging links to the website as dangerous. It looks like they might be onto something:

I guess somebody doesn’t like it when you point out all their psyops narratives all the time. Would it help if I apologized? Or sent flowers or something?


🔥 LibsofTikTok ran an atypical multi-part post last week, exposing Wisconsin hospital chain UW health’s revolting pediatric gender surgical program.

Within 24 hours, UW Health had scrubbed its website and made all its gender-related YouTube videos private. Whoops! Never mind!

If there was nothing wrong with what these hospitals and doctors were doing, then they would defend it, not hide it. Hiding things suggests you know it’s wrong. I can even get a jury instruction that an attempt to conceal provides an inference of consciousness of guilt.

Here’s the young lady, Dr. Gast, the “gender surgeon” who performs the permanent experimental medical procedures on kids for UW Health:

This story shows the power of LibsofTikTok. With one tweet, she shut down the public face of UW Health’s gross medical program.

💉 In a video interview with the Atlantic last week, that weasel Fauci tried to slime his way out of responsibility for the vast harms he caused while advising two administrations about covid. He pitifully tried to make the case for having to break a few eggs to make an omelet, or the ends justifying the means, or something:

“You have to do something that’s rather draconian, and sometimes when you do draconian things, it has collateral negative consequences. Just like when you shut things down even temporarily, it does have deleterious consequences on the economy, on the school children, you know that, but you have to make a balance.”

In other words, Fauci just admitted he KNEW the mitigation measures were going to hurt kids. He just thought it was worth it. To HIM, it was worth it. The kids? Well, who knows. Who cares?

Fauci only offered two examples to justify the “draconian things” that he “balanced” for our own benefit: (1) “overrun” New York Hospitals, and (2) “ICUs in hallways.” It’s telling that’s the best he could come up with.

Both are lies that are trivially easy to disprove.

Even worse, Fauci tried to silence any opposing opinions. The authors and signers of the Great Barrington declaration publicly warned that the lockdowns wouldn’t work, and would cause enormous collateral damages. Fauci’s response to that age advice — proven correct in hindsight — was to secretly conspire with Francis Collins to cancel the scientists who signed the declaration. “You have to make a balance.”

Paul Alexander, a former adviser to the WHO and HHS, has compiled a [list of more than 400 studies]( showing that COVID-19 lockdowns, shelter-in-place policies, school closures, masks and mask mandates have failed to curb virus transmission or reduce deaths.

Fauci was wrong. He’ll never admit it, of course, but at least he’s being forced now to admit “collateral negative consequences.” That’s Fauci-ese for “we broke stuff.”

🚀 Last week, the American Conservative published a critical piece on the Ukraine war titled, “Holding Ground, Losing War.” The sub-head explains, “Zelensky’s strategy of defending territory at all costs has been disastrous for Ukraine.”

The Conservative plainly stated the article’s main point, that Russia hasn’t really started to fight yet: “Russia always had the resources to dramatically escalate the fighting and end the fighting in Ukraine on very harsh terms. Escalation is now in progress.“

But even within the context of the current, more limited conflict, the article describes the Russians being historically patient and deliberate, while the Ukrainians let themselves be pushed around like checkers in a game played by unsupervised two-year-olds.

According to the Conservative, Ukraine made the classic strategic error of valuing inches over lives. In other words, again and again Ukraine’s military — undoubtedly encouraged by U.S. intelligence agencies who craved headlines for their psyops — traded transitory minor territorial gains for significant lives and hardware.

As an example, the Conservative pointed to the recent “victories” in Eastern Ukraine, describing them as a propaganda win but a military disaster:

U.S. satellite arrays undoubtedly provided Ukrainians with a real-time picture of the area showing that Russian forces west of Izium numbered less than 2,000 light troops (the equivalent of paramilitary police, e.g., SWAT and airborne infantry).
The Russian command opted to withdraw its small force from the area that is roughly 1 percent of formerly Ukrainian territory currently under Russian control. However, the price for Kiev’s propaganda victory was high— … an estimated 5,000 to 10,000 Ukrainian troops were killed or wounded in a flat, open area that Russian artillery, rockets, and air strikes turned into a killing field.

Now that Russia has begun its mobilization — which is moving full steam ahead — the Conservative says the war has entered a new phase, provoking a critical inflection point: “Washington confronts a stark choice: Talk about having successfully ‘degraded Russian power’ in Ukraine and scale back its actions. Or risk a regional war with Russia that will engulf Europe.”

Europe, as the article notes, is on the brink of its own revolution, a rightwing ascension induced by the war’s social and political side effects:

Sanctions are hurting America’s European allies, not Russia… Discontent is growing, making it quite plausible that governments in Germany, France, and Great Britain will likely follow the path of their colleagues in Stockholm and Rome , who lost or will lose power to right-of-center coalitions.

You can add Sweden to that list. The Ukraine war may have the unexpected effect of cementing more rightwing nationalist governments in Europe. An equal and opposite affect.

🚀 On Thursday, the Russian Duma (their congress) held a meeting of the committee investigating Ukrainian bio-labs. Irina Yarovaya, Deputy Chairwoman of the State Duma, summarized the current findings from Russia’s point of view:

It has become clear that the Pentagon is working on secret plans of using tactical biological weapon of mass destruction. The Pentagon’s military biological activities violate the regime of non-proliferation of biological weapons and require the adoption of relevant measures at the international level.

Referencing documents and evidence that the Russians have collected from Ukrainian facilities, Yarovaya repeatedly stressed what is probably the most damning fact: the United States has not denied that any of the documents are authentic. To the contrary, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has equivocated about the purpose of the labs, refusing to tell our Congress that we have NOT been undertaking bio research there.

Instead, Yarovaya claimed that American officials are attempting to “distract attention by nuclear threats, while they are developing the most dangerous military-biological types of weapons of mass destruction.”

Here’s my take. It is inexcusable that American officials refuse to deny or otherwise come clean about the biolabs and the U.S. involvement in bioweapons research in Ukraine. Let me explain.

For the last 50 years, the threat of nuclear war has been successfully checked by the policy of “MAD” — mutually assured destruction. Nobody wants to start a nuclear war, because everyone loses.

But genetic editing offers the prospect of a new generation of targeted, untraceable weapons of mass destruction. International law bans this kind of research. If other governments somehow get the idea that the U.S. is ignoring international law precluding bioweapons development — hiding it behind the pathetic excuse of “pandemic preparedness,” say — then they will start doing the same thing.

They can’t afford to fall behind.

Because it is so hard to prove where a bio attack came from — just look at Wuhan — the current generation of bioweapons are inherently destabilizing. There’s no “MAD” for bioweapons, if you can’t prove who unleashed a pandemic, to know who to hit back. Bioweapons present the awful possibility of an unlimited arms race with no upper limit. Ever-escalating, tit-for-tat bioattacks can now be directly targeted at certain genetic or geographic populations.

See, e.g., monkeypox. Remember that one? The virus that never before had a mechanism for sexual transmission, which broke out simultaneously in a bunch of countries. Guess where it has hit hardest?

America’s ‘strategy’ — if you can call it that — of refusing to engage in the biolab discussion at all, and of trying to change the subject to nuclear threats, is an unforgivably reckless policy choice, in that it creates an information vacuum for Russia and other world actors to fill, and encourages people to interpret the U.S.’s silence as an admission.

Biden claimed his administration would be the most transparent in history. Time to put up or shut up.

👽 UFO News! The United States National Intelligence Manager for Aviation (NIM-A), which reports to the U.S. Director of National Intelligence, rolled out its new logo last week.

It has a UFO on it. See for yourself:

I don’t blame you for being skeptical. Here’s a link to the agency’s home page.

Don’t ask me. I did some searching for an explanation but couldn’t come up with anything that made sense except that military patches sometimes include fantastical elements. But, unless Chinese hackers took over the NIM-A website, this is the official agency LOGO. Not just a patch.

Does it mean that we have UFO’s in our arsenal? Are UFOs keeping a close eye on our high-tech sky fleet? Is it a joke of some kind?


I report, you decide.

Have a magnificent Monday, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for more.


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C&C. Vanderbilt. No-Bluff Putin.

Source: Coffee & Covid ☙ Wednesday, September 21, 2022 ☙ BUILD BACK WORSE


🔥 After Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire broke a terrific story yesterday about his investigation into Vanderbilt University’s appalling but apparently highly profitable medical experiments on children, Governor Bill Lee announced that the state of Tennessee will investigate the hospital.

“The ‘pediatric transgender clinic’ at Vanderbilt University Medical Center raises serious moral, ethical and legal concerns,” Governor Lee said in a statement to The Daily Wire. “We should not allow permanent, life-altering decisions that hurt children or policies that suppress religious liberties, all for the purpose of financial gain. We have to protect Tennessee children, and this warrants a thorough investigation.”

In his exposé, Matt Walsh included two video clips from whistleblowers. In the first clip, you can see and hear Nurse McKaren (“health law expert” Ellen Clayton) scolding Vanderbilt doctors who might consider raising “conscientious objections” to the hospital’s glorious new plan to revolutionize childhood through surgery.

You can do it, Karen warned, but there WILL be consequences. “If you don’t want to do this kind of work, don’t work at Vanderbilt,” she ominously comminated.

You might be wondering, how could this happen? Administrators like McKaren learned how to bully doctors during the covid pandemic. You just threaten them economically and professionally. You can make them do practically anything. You can make them refuse to give dying patients safe, cheap, effective, Nobel-prize winning medication, for one example I picked completely at random.

And now, Vanderbilt is using the same techniques to force unwilling doctors to carve up children.

DOCTORS: WHERE IS THE LINE?? Something weird has happened to their ancient, respected profession, and just recently, too. Doctors used to be understandably arrogant, holding the power of life and death in their hands, having earned their stripes through years of hard work and nearly unbearably long hours. They’d earned respect from everyone, and didn’t take orders from anybody.

But now they sit quietly and take orders from Karen, and they’d better like it. Or else she might have to talk to the manager.

In my mind’s eye, I see that clip playing out completely differently. I see Karen making her threat, “if you raise a conscientious objection, there’ll be consequences!” But then, an attractive, silver-haired doctor in his early 60s, still fit and feisty, jumps up in the back of the room. “Madam,” he says quietly but forcefully, “that was the last threat you ever make to this hospital’s medical team. It’s not WE that will face consequences. YOU will be out of here inside 24 hours.” And then all the doctors walk out of the room.

Doctors! Be like the doctors in my imagination. You’ve earned respect, show it. Don’t be like the cowardly real-life Vanderbilt doctors in that video clip who just sat there and took a heaping helping of abuse, served up by an unattractive cross-dresser (or maybe not, it’s hard to tell).*

But it’s the next clip that I think really offends people. Maybe because it completely demolishes the narrative that trans doctors are just altruistic pioneers, selflessly devoting their lives to courageously advocating for the medical torture of young children, you know, to make them feel better via the power of the scalpel.

The doctor in the clip starts off noting that Obama’s Affordable Care Act requires medical providers to offer trans services. Her audience understands her perfectly; what she means is, there’s someone who will PAY for all these services, without asking questions: insurance companies. Insurance companies are now on the hook for whatever ridiculous nonsense the bureaucrats come up with, and ultimately YOU are paying for it.

Continuing, she tallies up the financial opportunities trans surgeries offer the hospital, citing estimates “just for top surgery” at $40,000 and up, and fingering phalloplasties as “huge moneymakers.” She explains, “They’re labor intensive, they require a lot of followup, they require a lot of O.R. time, and they make money! They make money for the hospital.”

Phalloplasty is the surgery we looked at the other day, which could more accurately be called a forearm-ectomy.

But, demonstrating the power of video over a bland transcript, the clip leaves you with a troubling, and in some ways terrifying, sense of medicine gone wrong. In this clip, it’s not just her words. It’s her sordid and unseemly enthusiasm, her bubbly excitement over the prospect of collecting all that cash, carving up kids.

In a deeply alarming way, the clip might challenge your fundamental paradigm about how you thought hospitals worked. But you shouldn’t be surprised. We already learned this, didn’t we, during covid? Even today, hospitals make hundreds of thousands in incentives and insurance overrides for each covid diagnosis, so long as it ends up with intubation.

In other words, Covid is a huge moneymaker! Just like trans surgeries.

For its part, Vanderbilt University Hospital is already scrubbing the evidence off its website. But Walsh said he saved everything and has the receipts, so it won’t help. What Vanderbilt NEEDS to do is not to get rid of the evidence. It needs a heart change. It needs to challenge itself, and figure out where it went off the tracks so badly. It needs a new purpose or vision or mission statement or something.

My honest advice to Vanderbilt is to stop trying to hide what it was doing and come clean. Doctors, healing begins with repentance.

In the meantime, Vanderbilt needs to take its bloodstained, money-grubbing hands off our children. Or else, as Nurse McKaren says, there will be consequences.

* Whenever I use the term “unattractive cross-dresser,” I get a little understandable pushback in the comments. Let me be clear. As a Christian, I love these unfortunate people, obviously suffering from an out-of-control but completely treatable mental illness. I don’t fault them; I fault the people around them, the so-called ‘affirmers,’ who are suffering from a willful, strong delusion that playing along with the cross-dresser’s mental illness is somehow helping anybody.

I won’t play along.

The term “unattractive cross-dresser” is accurate and true. It’s loving honesty, like gently telling your wife that, yes, honey, that dress IS a teeny-tiny bit unflattering (I’m not saying, “fat!”). Or like telling your friend that he has a face booger under his nose. Or like telling Nancy Pelosi, “dear, I think it’s time to hang it up; you just sound crazy up there.”

I believe people around these cross-dressers should be having a frank dialogue with them: What you are doing isn’t working. You need help.

More broadly, I intend for the words “unattractive cross-dresser” to rhetorically challenge the paradigm. I refuse to use the new words. I won’t do it. I’m calling this age-old phenomenon what it has accurately been called for my entire lifetime — up until about ten minutes ago. I will not use their new words.

People always gasp when I say ‘cross-dresser,’ which used to be the POLITE term; but that’s not the rule now, apparently. I have questions: WHO is making these new rules? Where are they written down? And who put these people in charge of our vocabulary?

🔥 Whew, there’s a LOT happening in the Trump raid case. Judge Dearie, the newly-appointed special master, is cracking the whip and apparently is trying to get to the bottom line. First, he accelerated the timeline, chopping over a month off the original proposed deadline and suggesting that the whole review could be finished in a couple weeks, by early October — well before midterms, coincidentally — which drew immediate, albeit gentle, objections from the Trump team.

Trumps’ team seems to be trying its best not to get sideways with Judge Dearie, but a confrontation is brewing. Based on a letter that made the rounds yesterday afternoon, Dearie apparently wants the Trump team to provide a sworn affidavit that clearly states whatever Trump says he did — or didn’t do — to declassify documents.

As I’ve explained before, THAT issue is the key, fundamental issue in the case. Dearie sees it too, and he’s trying to cut through all the decorative nonsense and strip the case down to the drywall, or whatever the modern equivalent of brass tacks is.

But disclosure doesn’t seem to be the Trump Team’s strategy just now. Team Trump told Dearie they don’t WANT to say what Trump did to disclose documents, since there could be a criminal indictment, and Trump’s declassification steps would then become a key defense. They explained that, if they have to say what Trump did NOW, then “the Special Master process will have forced the Plaintiff to fully and specifically disclose a defense to the merits of any subsequent indictment without such a requirement being evident in the District Court’s order.”

In other words, “Judge Cannon didn’t say we had to do that.”

Over in the 11th Circuit, where the DOJ is appealing the appointment of a special master in the first place, Team Trump filed a well-drafted 40-page response brief to the DOJ’s appeal at noon yesterday. There were two arguments. The main argument was that “the government has not proven the documents are classified.” Hence, argues Trump’s lawyers, a special master is needed to tell us whether the documents were even actually classified in the first place.

(Now, it seems like Judge Dearie might need to know whether Trump actually declassified the documents in order to determine whether the documents are classified or not, but that’s not today’s issue, I guess.)

Trump’s second argument merely contradicts the government’s position. Trump says “yes he does” own the documents, even if they are marked classified, and even if they were originally created by the government. Both issues were well argued by Trump’s lawyers.

Both cases — special master Dearie and the 11th Circuit appeal — are moving at the legal equivalent of warp speed. I expect further developments soon, maybe today, certainly this week.

Stand by for updates.

🚀 The Telegraph UK ran a story today on its news blog with the headline, “’I’m Not Bluffing on Nuclear Weapons’, Says Putin, as 300,000 Reservists Called Up to Army.”

Putin gave a speech this morning, which was originally scheduled for yesterday but then re-scheduled, leaving war-watchers all atwitter for 24 hours. In today’s speech, Putin announced significant escalations to the “special military operation,” a specific legal term distinguishing the Ukraine conflict from a “real” war, and strictly limiting Putin’s powers.

First, Putin announced that Russia is mobilizing 300,000 reservist troops, which is probably closer to a draft, for the war in Ukraine. That’s a lot of troops. The figure reminded me of the 300,000 troops that NATO said it was mobilizing back in June. A curious coincidence.

It’s the first such mobilization in Russia since World War II, and western corporate media are identifying it, of course, as a sign that the war in Ukraine is going badly for Russia. In a seven-minute televised address to the nation aired this morning, Putin warned the West that he isn’t bluffing over using ANY means at his disposal to protect Russia’s territory, in what pundits interpret to be a veiled reference to Russia’s nuclear weapons capability.

During the two days between the announcement and delivery of the speech, corporate media confidently but wrongly predicted that Putin was going to announce Russia’s unilateral withdrawal from the war in a disgraceful defeat. They were mistaken or lying again. Now, just because I point out how dishonest corporate media was, I’m not supporting Russia. I’m just pointing out that our media continues to lie to us and assume we have a gnat-like attention span.

What all the western reports omit is the fact that Russia’s massive, historic mobilization is happening RIGHT AFTER Putin attended the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s meeting in Samarkand last week. There, he met with all the major Eastern bloc leaders, including China’s president Xi and India’s president Modi. The very next day he was back in the office — this Monday — the Russians announced Putin would make a “major” speech about the war (which was rescheduled to this morning).

So it’s eminently reasonable to conclude that Putin’s speech resulted from or was affected by his meetings with the leaders of Russia’s allies. Do you think, as I do, Putin might have been getting his support lined up for the upgraded Ukraine operation?

It’s not like there weren’t hints. Corporate media completely ignored widespread online reports in independent media that Serbian president and Putin ally Aleksander Vučić knew what was going to happen, because he predicted full-scale war was coming:

Specifically, Vučić said, “I suppose that from the phase of a special military operation we are approaching a major military conflict, in a month or two, into a big world conflict, which has not been since the Second World War.”

He was 100% right, and 100% ignored by corporate media, who claimed Putin would be announcing defeat and shutting down the war.

How about the Chinese? Their position seems kind of important. Two weeks ago, on Friday, September 9th — the week before the Samarkand meetings — Chinese officials expressed what looks a whole lot like full-throated support for Russia, fingering NATO as the conflict’s provocateur, and confirming the Russians have the moral and ethical right to defend themselves from NATO expansionism.

In the clip, Chairman of the National People’s Congress of China, Li Zhanshu, was shown meeting with representatives of Russia’s “Duma,” or congress. Among other things, Zhanshu said this:

In the Ukraine situation, the US and NATO forced themselves directly to Russia’s doorway, impacted Russia’s national security and that of people’s lives. In such a case, Russia took the action that should be taken.
We see that the United States and its NATO allies are expanding their presence near the Russian borders, seriously threatening national security and the lives of Russian citizens. We fully understand the necessity of all the measures taken by Russia aimed at protecting its key interests, we are providing our assistance.
China understands and supports Russia on issues that represent its vital interests, in particular on the situation in Ukraine.

But corporate media analysts view its allies as pressuring Russia to END the Ukraine conflict, quoting Turkish president Erdoğan as demanding Russia return “invaded territories,” especially Crimea, to the “rightful owners,” which means Turkey, since the Crimean peninsula was an Ottoman Empire protectorate until the Russians annexed the island all the way back in 1783.

So that’s kind of kooky and not super helpful. The New York Times reported that India’s president Modhi told Putin four days ago that “today’s era is not one for war,” and extrapolated from his statement that India plans to stay out of the war:

But at least one Indian social media influencer (700K followers) called the Times’ article out, saying Western journalists were mistranslating Modhi’s comments, originally delivered in Hindi. Meaning, she’s labeling the New York Times report as fake news.

So. Who knows. Do YOU think the New York Times would deliberately mistranslate a foreign leader to support its narrative?

What’s clear is Joe Biden’s escalation strategy is “working.” The war is escalating. If you’re going to say it’s all Putin’s fault, that Joe Biden had nothing whatsoever to do with heightening the ominous risk of global thermonuclear destruction, go sell your crazy somewhere else. We’re all stocked up here.

If you want to somehow argue Joe is the victim, or merely a defensive responder, you’re going to have to first discuss how military experts predicted in 2014 that Russia would react to NATO’s expansionism in Ukraine EXACTLY LIKE THIS.

Finally, if this is what Joe’s dumb slogan “Build Back Better” looks like, then I think I’m ready to trying building back WORSE, or whatever’s the reverse opposite of “Build Back Better,” which obviously is NOT working. It might be “making America great again,” but I’d settle for just “making America okay again.”

Have a wonderful Wednesday! I’ll be back tomorrow with more great C&C-style commentary.


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C&C. Putin Dead. Trump In Jail. Restrictions Dropped?!

Source: Coffee & Covid ☙ Tuesday, September 13, 2022 ☙ SNAKE OIL


🔥 It was impossible to follow the developing Ukraine story yesterday, since most social media became utterly worthless, with any reliable information completely swamped by an anti-Putin propaganda-lanche. The scale was completely unprecedented, unlike anything I’ve seen before. A thousand thousand small accounts breathlessly reported that, because of the single military setback in Ukraine, Russian president Putin: was arrested, was under guard at his Dacha, was going to face trial for crimes against humanity, was deposed in a military coup, is facing impeachment in the Russian congress, has lost all support of the Russian people, will soon be executed; et cetera, ad infinitum.

Here are a couple representative examples, which don’t provide any sense of the actual scale of the thing, like offering a single salty drop to try to explain the Pacific Ocean:

We need a new word to describe this kind of seemingly coordinated, completely unhinged, global propaganda. I say ‘coordinated’ because it’s all obviously completely made up, and normal people just don’t make up this kind of stuff. Apart from a few outliers, normal folks may exaggerate, they may even speculate hyperbolically and repeat dumb things they’ve heard online, but I just do not believe THIS MANY folks originate calculated lies.

So at present, the actual news — whatever it is — is buried under a tsunami of fake news. There’s nothing new about anti-Russian war propaganda, of course. You can see it at work because the anti-Russian social media army is nearly always wrong. For example, they’ve previously reported that Putin was dying any number of times. He had cancer, was poisoned, was worried about BEING poisoned, refused to leave Moscow out of fear of assassination, and so forth.

It’s happened so often that I stopped reporting on the “confirmed” news about Putin being on his deathbed.

As far as corporate media goes, as I predicted, CNN ran a long-form story yesterday celebrating the brilliant Ukrainian offensive headlined, “Russia’s Collapse In Northeast Ukraine Ignites Fury From Putin Loyalists.” The article describes how the wily Ukrainians tricked the blockheaded Russians into thinking a forward push was going to happen further south, but then broke through Russian defenses that had been thinned out in the north. Now, CNN says, Russia is all but defeated: out of weapons, out of manpower, and completely demoralized.

Thank goodness! Maybe now we can stop Venmo-ing billions of American dollars to some of the most corrupt actors in the world. Republican lawmakers, take note. As CNN says, the Ukrainians now have the war situation well under control. They don’t need more money or weapons. Or, in other words, at this point, WE need the money and weapons more than they do.

🔥 Curiously, a similar propaganda effort targeted President Trump yesterday, albeit on a smaller scale. After corporate media reported that he’d been seen landing in Washington, DC, the fake social media army went to work claiming that President Trump: was indicted; was arrested on the tarmac outside his plan; had been met by FBI agents and local law enforcement; was obviously dressed in a hurry because he wanted to turn himself in before being arrested in front of news cameras; is now sitting in a DC jail; would soon be tried for crimes against humanity; and so on, and so forth.

Here’s a representative example:

Twitter avatar for @bluckingbernadette @blucking

This. Now. Trump is in DC on a tarmac w no entourage. Arrested?

Angry Staffer 🌻 @Angry_Staffer

A lot of folks have asked, but I don’t have a clue why Trump is in DC. My thoughts: 1. Health issue / going to Walter Reed 2. Turning himself in? 🤷‍♂️ It’s not often Trump does anything without fanfare, so this makes me think it’s a narrative he can’t control.

So, it’s weird — right? — that on the VERY SAME DAY, social media armies pushed rumors about both Trump and Putin that both leaders were separately being arrested to face trial for their myriad “crimes against humanity.”

One might fairly speculate whether this stuff all originates from a single polluted spring.

💉 Good news everybody! Biden held a live event yesterday, to unveil the glorious details of his new and improved 2022 Cancer Moon Shot, as opposed to his lame 2016 Cancer Moon Shot, which apparently has finally expired after a long, debilitating, bureaucratic illness. We don’t need stupid moon shots like the pathetic last one, which OBVIOUSLY hasn’t worked. The improved 2022 version has a new “secret sauce,” and it’s REALLY REALLY going to work, this time.

Ironically, the secret of the 2022 Cancer Moon Shot is … a shot! Specifically, an mRNA shot. The shot doesn’t actually exist yet but — try to follow Joe’s logic here — because the mRNA shots work so well at stopping covid, they are going to stop cancer, too. See? If it works good against covid, it must be good against cancer. It’s probably good against everything, like some kind of miraculous elixir sold off of a gaily-painted stagecoach that can instantly transform into a stage while also allowing for a hasty midnight departure.

See? You probably thought I was making that up. But it is basically what Biden actually said. Second, if the shots work as well against cancer as they did against covid, we are in serious, serious trouble, people.

On the other hand, if we bury them all, maybe the mRNA shots will grow into a giant, leafy, magic bean tree.

Anyway, as usual with Democrat initiatives, results don’t matter, it’s the intent that counts. (And, how much cash you can funnel to your friends, of course.) Biden isn’t forecasting anything good happening anytime soon — in fact, he’s explicitly saying it will take TWENTY FIVE YEARS, not even to beat cancer, just to cut the ballooning numbers in half:

I wonder how they calculated that 50%? Anyway, the Washington Post ran a skeptical story on Biden’s speech headlined, “Biden Touts Cancer ‘Moonshot’ At JFK Library, Despite Setbacks.”

The article explains that the “renewed” Moonshot takes the form of ANOTHER new health agency, called ARPA-H. Apparently the CDC and the NIH aren’t enough. We need even more agencies with even more fabulously-paid directors who enjoy even more lifelong tenures and can hire even more of their good buddies and can hand out even more generous research grants to even more scientists who play ball and don’t ask questions.

And THAT should do it, this time. Because SCIENCE!!!

You shouldn’t joke around. As you know, Biden has personal experience with cancer. He’s an oil cancer survivor. He got the cancer when he was a kid growing up in Delaware and there was oil IN THE AIR, so thick that his parents had to run the windshield wipers to clear the glass so they could see where they were going. I’m not making that up. At least, that’s what Joe said. Anyway he recovered from his oil cancer, somehow, fortunately. That part of the story isn’t clear.

Maybe Joe’s oil cancer experience also explains his hostility to gas-powered cars?

💉 After spending two years uselessly chasing covid-zero, bragging about having total border control, and still getting their vaccinated butts kicked by a tiny virus, New Zealand has finally thrown in the towel and is finally ashcanning jab requirements for international travelers who — for some reason — want to visit the island nation.

💉 You know who else is throwing in the covid towel? Replacement governor Kathy Hochul of New York, who suddenly and unexpectedly ended the state’s hyper-extended covid state of emergency last week.

Twitter avatar for @nypostNew York Post @nypost

Hochul finally ends COVID-19 state of emergency as close election looms


The Post’s headline obviously connected Hochul’s decision to her flaccid re-election — first election? — poll numbers. But there might be another, stiffer explanation.

Last week, the Post ran another story headlined, “Hochul Gave Covid Test Contract To Campaign Donor That Charged Taxpayers Double.” In the story, the Post explained:

An end to the state of emergency comes just days after revelations of how Hochul reportedly helped a donor tied to $300,000 in campaign donations get $637 million in state business for rapid tests that were twice the cost of those provided by other vendors. The payments … add to a growing list of alleged pay-to-play schemes involving Hochul, who has denied wrongdoing.

Pay to play schemes? Say it isn’t so. New York’s emergency declaration gave Governor Hochul power to bypass normal procurement requirements for state purchases and award ‘no bid’ contracts whenever the mood struck. It’s shocking that there could have been any abuses. I mean, Hochul is completely above reproach and so forth. I know that you’re shocked. Shocked and appalled. How could this happen, and so forth.

“The order finally expiring today is a powerful illustration of why it’s dangerous to let governors overuse their emergency powers,” health policy expert Bill Hammond explained. “The Legislature should investigate what happened and reform the law to make sure it can’t happen again.”

Who could have ever seen this kind of thing coming?

💉 A brand-new peer-reviewed Harvard / John’s Hopkins study of vaccination risks versus vaccinated rewards for young people explicitly concluded that the jabs CAUSE more illness than they prevent. This is a game changer.

The 50-page study, posted to SSRN yesterday, is titled “COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters for Young Adults: A Risk-Benefit Assessment and Five Ethical Arguments against Mandates at Universities.” Significantly the researchers concluded that, for each covid-related hospitalization theoretically prevented in young people, the jabs may cause 18 to 98 serious adverse events.

The researchers explained:

Using CDC and sponsor-reported adverse event data, we find that booster mandates may cause a net expected harm: per COVID-19 hospitalisation prevented in previously uninfected young adults, we anticipate 18 to 98 serious adverse events, including 1.7 to 3.0 booster-associated myocarditis cases in males, and 1,373 to 3,234 cases of grade ≥3 reactogenicity which interferes with daily activities. Given the high prevalence of post-infection immunity, this risk-benefit profile is even less favourable.

Extrapolating from this data-driven conclusion, the researchers made five arguments why university booster mandates are medically UNETHICAL:

1) [N]o formal risk-benefit assessment exists for this age group; 2) vaccine mandates may result in a net expected harm to individual young people; 3) mandates are not proportionate: expected harms are not outweighed by public health benefits given the modest and transient effectiveness of vaccines against transmission; 4) US mandates violate the reciprocity principle because rare serious vaccine-related harms will not be reliably compensated due to gaps in current vaccine injury schemes; and 5) mandates create wider social harms.

In other words, the jabs are not a good bet for young people. If you have a child in college, this study might be useful to forward to your kid’s jab-happy college administrators. Just saying.

The study is more evidence that the covid narrative has been abandoned.

🔥 The Detroit Free Press ran an op-ed yesterday, republished by Yahoo News, captioned, “Enough With The Backdoor Policymaking. It’s Time To End The Covid Public Health Emergency.”

The article calls for the end of the national covid state of emergency. The authors point out that Biden’s emergency powers have allowed him to create a “bolus of payments” that avoid the normal legislative process, including:

The administration can maintain expanded benefits for people enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid. All states and Washington, D.C., can offer expanded telehealth services without getting prior authorization from the federal government. Hospitals receive a 20% increase in the Medicare payment rate for every patient diagnosed with COVID.

The authors argue that, whether or not you think these policies are helpful, since covid is no longer an ACTUAL emergency (if it ever was), these issues are issues for LEGISLATORS, not the executive branch. Which is what C&C has been arguing since March 2020.

[I]f the administration wants to keep these benefits in place, it needs to follow the normal democratic and legislative processes to do so, instead of using the emergency to duck the need for congressional approval.

The experts who wrote the piece summarized why it is manifestly unhelpful to concretize these covid policies into a never-ending state of emergency:

Lifting the federal public health emergency will free up funds and hospital capacity, discourage policymakers from clinging to harmful pandemic policies and help guide the country back toward much-needed normalcy.


🔥 As Biden appointed an actual Satanist to coordinate the nation’s response to the Monkeypox festival epidemic, rates of infection are now, apparently, dropping.

Even though the infections began dropping BEFORE the newest joker was added Biden’s deck of bureaucratic wild cards, covid experts were straight off congratulating the demonic Monkeypox coordinator for ALREADY solving the epidemic:

Twitter avatar for @MonicaGandhi9Monica Gandhi MD, MPH @MonicaGandhi9

MONKEYPOX: Great to see decline in cases in this global outbreak (first reported May 12 to WHO) likely due to behavior changes, then natural immunity, now vaccination. Dr. Demetre Daskalakis @dr_demetre our monkeypox coordinator in US doing a GREAT job

Monkeypoxtally @Monkeypoxtally

Another step in the right direction: This is the 4th week in a row where monkeypox cases decline globally as we continue to see a clear downtrend in cases in the last month and a half. 5 weeks ago we recorded 6,887 cases vs 4,317 cases this week. Let’s keep up the awareness!

That was fast! Hot take: Maybe he made a deal with the devil?

Have a terrific Tuesday! I’ll be back right here tomorrow morning, brewing up some more delicious Coffee & Covid for you.


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