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How will Muslim Nominee Protect Other Faiths?

November 22 | Posted by mrossol | 1st Amendment, Biden, Christianity, Islam, Radical Islam, Religious Persecution

Christianity Daily  11/21/2021 A Colorado-based group promoting religious freedom asked President Joe Biden’s Muslim nominee, Rashad Hussain, how will he and the administration protect other faiths and their rights. WND said JihadWatch, through its director Robert Spencer, highlighted the 7-page open letter sent by Save The Persecuted Christians Coalition to Hussain questionimg his capacity to be truthful to his role as an “Ambassador-At-Large for International Religious... Read more

American education needs a revolution

November 11 | Posted by mrossol | 1st Amendment, American Thought, Critical Thinking, Education, Radical Islam

UnHerd, by Ayaan Hirsi Ali,  11/11/2021

Perhaps I was naïve, but when Brandeis University offered me an honorary degree in 2014, I accepted it in good faith. Brandeis’s motto, after all, is “Truth, even unto its innermost parts”. Yet what followed proved the very opposite: that, at Brandeis, the innermost parts of truth don’t count. After a bit of... Read more

Why Afghan women are fighting back – UnHerd

September 11 | Posted by mrossol | Afghanistan, American Thought, Islam, Radical Islam

UnHerd by Ayaan Hirsi Ali  9/11/2021

I was a defiant little girl. One afternoon, I came home with my nails painted — a grave sin. My mother took one look and told me to get the filth off of my nails before she chopped off each finger. My mother could be fierce and she punished me frequently, but even... Read more

Afghanistan always defeats the West – UnHerd

August 29 | Posted by mrossol | Afghanistan, Biden, Radical Islam, Western Civilization

UnHerd, by William Dalrymple   Aug. 28,2021

Before the events of this month, the First Anglo-Afghan War was arguably the greatest military humiliation ever suffered by the West in the East. Britain’s entanglement with Afghanistan between 1839-42 was catastrophic, costly and entirely avoidable. Nothing until the fall of Singapore in 1942 was so disastrous for Britain. The most infamous incident... Read more

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Immigration and integration

February 13 | Posted by mrossol | Critical Theory, Immigration, Multiculturalism, Radical Islam, Western Civilization

There is no questions that life in any western nation is better than anywhere else in the world. We need to start talking about what went right in the west, and stop talking only about what went wrong… Ayaan Hirsi Ali LockDown TV. 2/8/2021  It is hard to think of a more sensitive topic than the connection between sexual violence... Read more

What Islamists and ‘Wokeists’ Have in Common

September 12 | Posted by mrossol | 1st Amendment, American Thought, Communism, Critical Theory, Losing Freedom, Radical Islam, The Left, Western Civilization

I’m afraid too many people do not want to see or hear this message; it will more than likely fracture their political paradigm, and that is painful. Hiding head in the sand is less painful . . . in the short run. mrossol WSJ 9/10/2020 by Ayaan Hirsi Ali There were many American heroes on 9/11, but the greatest were the passengers... Read more

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