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If Black Lives Really Mattered…

How many African Americans can name the Sheriff in question?

I do like Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. He speaks his mind and leaves no doubt as to what he means. In an interview during Christmas week on CNN with Poppy Harlow, Clarke gave a special message to those protesting police officers under the banner of “Black lives matter.” Clarke said if black lives matter those protesters would be outraged at abortion and protesting that.

The sheriff wanted protesters to take emotion off the table and have an “objective discussion” about the reality of black on black crime. He also indicated that when the recent deaths of black men due to white police officers were a “sliver of what is going on in America’s ghettos today.”

Clarke pointed out that statistics from 2012 and 2013 indicate that in his own county of Milwaukee eighty percent of murder victims were black. Of those blacks murdered, seventy percent of their killers were black. In other words, Clarke was pointing out that blacks are killing their own people, something we have known for some time.

He also said that there were lots of lies about police put out by those with agendas and said that the use of deadly force against black males is actually down seventy-five percent since 1999. In addition to those statistics, between 2011 and 2012, 386 whites were killed by police versus 140 blacks. “So I’m just saying let’s put the data out there, and let’s have an objective discussion, minus the emotion and the minus the rhetoric,” he said.

When asked about a tweet Clarke sent to New York Times reporter Mitch Smith in which he said, “If only these faux protestors were asked by media about all black on black killing or black babies aborted in US every year.”

“When I hear these things that ‘black lives matter,’ the only people who really believe that statement are American police officers who go into American ghettos every day to keep people from killing each other,” he said. “All right, so, yes I did say that and I meant it. Look, the abortions? If black lives, if they really mattered, that’s where the outrage would be. That’s where we’d see protests.”

In addition to that tweet, Clarke provide these tweets on December 23. Though he did not blame Barack Obama, Eric Holder or Mayor Bill de Blasio for the execution of NYPD police officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, he did blast the race baiting politicians for creating the pathway that led to their deaths.

There is no need to retrain police in America. We need to retrain politicians on how to end liberal gov policies that crippled Black America
— David A. Clarke, Jr. (@SheriffClarke) December 23, 2014

When I see tee shirts saying “I Can’t Breathe” I think of how liberal gov policy has its boot on the neck of the Black family.
— David A. Clarke, Jr. (@SheriffClarke) December 23, 2014

Here is a way out of the mess fueled by Pres Obama, AG Holder, Mayor de Blasio who benefited politically from this.
— David A. Clarke, Jr. (@SheriffClarke) December 23, 2014

This pathway was created by Obama, Holder, de Blasio to unjustified cop hatred by crazies. I’ll make them own this.
— David A. Clarke, Jr. (@SheriffClarke) December 24, 2014

This is the message that the POTUS should be delivering. Instead we get race politics.
— David A. Clarke, Jr. (@SheriffClarke) December 24, 2014

Many in America applaud Sheriff Clarke for speaking the truth. One of those is Jesse Lee Peterson, who praised Clarke’s statements. “He’s 100 percent correct,” Peterson said. “If black lives matter, why is it that they are not shutting down some of these clinics, if not all of them?”

Recently the sheriff said that race relations were worse under Barack Obama and turned Obama’s “You Didn’t Build That” nonsense on Obama, saying “He built that.” If black Americans understood how much those they have supported, like Barack Obama and his ilk, have sought their destruction by means of welfare and abortion, there would be hell to pay. Instead of turning on the police, these protesters would turn their rage on the politicians and the abortion clinics.


What De Blasio Won’t See

New York’s mayor doesn’t understand how police maintain order.

The scene around midtown Manhattan during the holidays is something of a madhouse—in a good way. Tens of thousands of tourists, including families, descend on Rockefeller Center to see the tree, Radio City to see the shows, and Fifth Avenue to see the department store windows, culminating in the New Year’s Eve balldrop in Times Square.

It’s hard to believe now, but there was a time when the scenes were different. There were tourists, but fewer and far fewer families. Times Square was the squalid home of sex shops and random robberies, not hotels and chain restaurants. Bryant Park on 42nd Street was a drug market, and criminals stalked the subways.

We recalled that era, as recent as the early 1990s, when we read Monday’s headline in the New York Post: “Police Give Arrests a Rest: Wary officers letting minor crooks slide.” The story reported that more of New York’s Finest are refusing to pursue routine violations, or even to take risks to pursue major violators, for fear that they won’t be supported if they run into trouble.

“My guys are writing almost no summonses, and probably only making arrests when they have to—like when a store catches a shoplifter,” one NYPD supervisor told the Post. For those who want to understand the rancorous divide between the police and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio , this is the heart of the matter. And it is ominous for social order in America’s largest city.

This gets to the debate over “broken windows” policing, in which cops don’t ignore small offenses like subway turnstile jumping or “squeegee men” who extort drivers for cash in return for washing their windshields at traffic lights with a dirty cloth. As New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and criminologist George Kelling recently explained on these pages, the point is that prosecuting small offenses rids the streets of those most likely to commit larger crimes. It also makes the streets more livable.

This is the kind of policing that Mr. de Blasio, his running mate Al Sharpton and their fellow progressives have been trying to stop. They scored their first victory in the legal case against the practice of “stop and frisk,” which a federal judge ruled unconstitutional last year.

Former mayor Mike Bloomberg appealed, and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals all but invited the challenge, but Mr. de Blasio made the case a central plank of his mayoral campaign. Upon taking office he dropped the appeal and accepted new judicial restrictions on police conduct.

In the wake of the murder of two cops sitting in their patrol cars this month, Mr. de Blasio and the progressives suddenly realize they have a police problem. At the funeral for patrolman Rafael Ramos on Saturday, thousands of police turned out and many turned their back as the mayor spoke. On NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, Mr. Bratton deplored that gesture but admitted that “morale in the department at this time is low. There is no getting around that.”

Mr. de Blasio tried to make some amends on Monday by speaking at a police cadet graduation and praising their “noble calling.” We’re glad he thinks so, but what the police and the public want is more than appeasing rhetoric. They want to know that the mayor understands the hard-won progress New York has made against public disorder, and how it was accomplished. He could start by letting Mr. Bratton instruct him on the direct connection between “broken windows” and all those happy holiday tourists.

via What De Blasio Won’t See – WSJ.