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The subsidies keep coming!

February 24 | Posted by mrossol | Debt, Democrat Party, Economics, ObamaCare, Party Politics

Don’t expect anything that looks intelligent for a few years yet… mrossol The WSJ. 2/24/2021  We’ve been telling readers about the progressive policy priorities hitching a ride on Congress’s “Covid relief” bill. That includes shoveling billions into the Affordable Care Act, with the goal of making government insurance a middle-class entitlement on the way to Medicare for All.

Provisions of the... Read more

Trump has no Ideas??

November 5 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, ObamaCare, Stupidity, The Right

Oh how I wish Republicans would learn how to sell what they have accomplished? They are absolute _ _ _ _ _ _ _ s. ======== WSJ 11/5/2018 Americans say health care is a leading concern in Tuesday’s election, and voters say they trust Democrats over Republicans by double-digit margins. Yet the Trump Administration has put together an impressive... Read more

Here Come the Increases

June 18 | Posted by mrossol | Economics, ObamaCare

You can’t pay out more than you take in. Costs drive behavior. ========= BY ANNA WILDE MATHEWS AND LOUISE RADNOFSKY A growing number of major insurers are seeking premium increases averaging 20% or more for next year on plans sold under the Affordable Care Act, according to rate proposals in more than 10 states that provide the broadest picture so far of the strains... Read more

The ObamaCare Republicans

March 29 | Posted by mrossol | ObamaCare, Party Politics, Republican(s), The Right

These folks have lost almost all credibility with me. ===== WSJ 3/25/2017 House Republicans pulled their healthcare bill shortly before a vote on Friday, and for once the media dirge is right about a GOP defeat. This is a major blow to the Trump Presidency, the GOP majority in Congress, and especially to the cause of reforming and limiting government. The damage is all... Read more