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Egyptian Grievances Have Reached ‘Boiling Point,’

He hasn’t yet spoken to Mubarak???  I thought “talking, dialog, from ‘the great one’ “would solve all ills?


The White House on Friday urged the Egyptian government to “immediately” address the “legitimate grievances” of protesters surging through the streets, saying it’s not too late for President Hosni Mubarak to respond to the unrest with needed political reforms.

“Their grievances have reached a boiling point, and they have to be addressed,” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said.

Suggesting the administration is trying to keep an arm’s length from the turmoil engulfing one of its most important Middle East allies, Gibbs declared, “This will be solved by the Egyptian people.” He also said President Obama has not yet spoken with Mubarak, though the administration is closely monitoring developments.

But Gibbs described the situation as “fluid” and issued several stern warnings for the leadership in Cairo.

White House: Egyptian Grievances Have Reached ‘Boiling Point,’ Must Be Addressed –