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Why Easter is music to my ears

April 5 | Posted by mrossol | Christianity, Creative, Interesting, Music

This article was originally published on 10 April 2020 For Christians, this week is the most important of the year. And this year’s Holy Week is, around the world, unlike any other. With churches shut, and services either cancelled or streamed online from all-but empty buildings, people will have to find their own space for contemplation. And that goes for non-believers,... Read more

Karl Rove on Bach

January 16 | Posted by mrossol | Interesting, Music, Personal

These variations are one of my favorite as well. And Gould’s 1981 recording is wonderfully different from his 1955 youthful rendition. ========= WSJ.  1/16/2016  Karl Rove, 65, is a former senior adviser and deputy White House chief of staff, and the author of “The Triumph of William McKinley: Why the 1896 Election Still Matters” (Simon & Schuster). He spoke with Marc Myers. ... Read more

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