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EXCLUSIVE: 70,000 Trucker Owner/Operators to Be Forced Out of Business in California: Supply Chain Breakdown

July 15 | Posted by mrossol | Democrat Party, Labor, Work world

Source: EXCLUSIVE: 70,000 Trucker Owner/Operators to Be Forced Out of Business in California: Supply Chain Breakdown – American Faith

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UAW vs Workers

November 5 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Democrat Party, Labor

I’m all for the working class, but this? ========= WSJ 11/3/2018 A Justice Department probe of backscratching by United Auto Workers’ leaders and Detroit auto executives is turning up embarrassing truths and has resulted in seven convictions for corruption and conspiracy. The revelations underscore the importance of GOP labor reforms in Michigan that Democrats and unions want to reverse. The FBI’s three-year investigation has... Read more

Another Government Pension Scandal

December 27 | Posted by mrossol | Big Govt, Democrat Party, Labor

Where is the outrage? ======= WSJ 12/23/2016 No, we’re not writing about the scandal (all too legal) that state and local pension funds have run up more than $1 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Today’s news concerns a single government pension official and the way he allegedly abused taxpayers and the workers who depended on him to guard their retirement savings. On Wednesday U.S. Attorney... Read more

Hillary ‘mail gate’?

January 14 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Clinton, Labor, Liberal Press, The Left

There would be nothing but this on the first three pages of 90% of America’s newspapers if ‘she’ was Republican. Don’t doubt that for 3 seconds. ======= WSJ 1/14/2016 Hillary Clinton has taken to attacking Bernie Sanders in the wake of polls showing the Vermont socialist is beating her in Iowa and New Hampshire. The fascinating question is how much Bernie’s comeback is... Read more

Obama’s Lawless Labor Board

August 14 | Posted by mrossol | Big Govt, Democrat Party, Labor, Obama

I’m sure there is a good reason here, folks. ====== WSJ Aug. 11, 2015 7:47 p.m. ET One of President Obama’s legacies will be his abuse of executive authority, and his hits keep coming. On Friday a federal appeals court struck down a ruling of the National Labor Relations Board because, incredibly, its acting general counsel was in the job illegally. The scofflaw was... Read more

Labor’s Dirty Tricks

April 22 | Posted by mrossol | Labor, Law, Party Politics, The Left

Real fair, yes? ====== April 21, 2015 7:43 p.m. ET Lawyers for the Labor Department on Wednesday will appear in federal court in Florida to answer to Judge M. Casey Rodgers, who sounds increasingly skeptical about the department’s honesty. The case is part of an attempt to regulate to death a legal guest-worker program. It’s called H-2B, and many businesses rely on these visas... Read more

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