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The Putin Endgame

March 2 | Posted by mrossol | Jenkins, Russia, Ukraine

WSJ, 3/2/2022, By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. Modern signals monitoring means U.S. spooks can hardly store all the information they collect. So when Sen. Marco Rubio tweeted this week about intelligence he can’t describe that shed doubt on Vladimir Putin’s mental state, he may not have been referring to the work of CIA profilers but what Mr. Putin’s colleagues are... Read more

How to Have More Police Shootings

April 25 | Posted by mrossol | Democrat Party, Jenkins, Policing

WSJ  4/24/2021 By Holman Jenkins By now enough facts have been reported in enough places that it has dawned, if grudgingly, on many Americans that the cavalcade of CEOs who denounced Georgia’s election law didn’t know in the slightest what they were talking about. The law’s mix of provisions, in sum, were more permissive than in many blue states ruled by liberals... Read more

Counting the dead- covid

March 14 | Posted by mrossol | Coronavirus, Democrat Party, Economics, Jenkins

Not for you if you dislike honest, factual reporting. mrossol 3/13/2021  WSJ  by Homan W Jenkins

New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Jersey erred gravely by directing nursing homes to receive recovering Covid patients, but the bigger mistake was sending caregivers home rather than quarantining them between shifts. The workers—not the infected patients from hospitals—were the real (unwitting)... Read more

The Slow Birth of Covid Realism

December 30 | Posted by mrossol | Censorship, Coronavirus, Jenkins, Politically correct, Western Civilization

If the censorship doesn’t get totally out of control, it will be a fascinating tale of just what caused this event, this virus, to literally turn the political forces on their heads.  mrossol WSJ 12/29/2020 Italy, last seen trying to prosecute government scientists for failing to forecast an earthquake, is now pioneering the use of criminal prosecutors to examine the country’s Covid-19... Read more

Why not real data on COVID?

November 1 | Posted by mrossol | Coronavirus, Jenkins, Liberal Press, Stupidity, The Left

I still don’t understand how many supposably intelligent human beings in the US (and elsewhere) cannot seem to understand this.  mrossol WSJ 10/30/2020. By Holman W Jenkins, Jr. There is no conspiracy of silence in India. Confirmed Covid cases are reported as they are in the West, but reporters enthusiastically stress seroprevalence surveys that show the real infection rate to be a... Read more

How about covid explained using all the data?

October 7 | Posted by mrossol | Coronavirus, Jenkins

WSJ 10/6/2020.   By Holman W J When the vice-presidential candidates meet in Wednesday night’s debate, Subject One will be the coronavirus. President Trump tested positive and was hospitalized. Vice President Mike Pence has, since Feb. 26, chaired an administration task force. Here’s my wish. Let this be an opportunity for the country to remove its blinders.

Some 7.4 million Americans have... Read more

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