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C&C. Proud of President Biden. So Lucky to have MSM.

Discount to your heart’s content. I think Mr. Childers is right on the money. The President, the Democrat Party, the MSM and most “swamp Republicans” are responsible for every ounce of good will, friendship and integrity that America loses each day. At best its crickets from these people: “Send me money!!” I’ll take the likes of Jim Jordan, and Gov. Desantis any day.

Source: Coffee & Covid ☙ Friday, August 26, 2022 ☙ MYSTERY BABYLON


🔥 It’s affidavit day! Yesterday, side-swapper and former Epstein lawyer Bruce Reinhart, Magistrate over the Biden Raid case, ordered the FBI to disclose its heavily-redacted search warrant affidavit by sometime today, conveniently heading into the weekend news cycle. The redacted affidavit was already prepared and the Magistrate has already reviewed it. So the order looks to me like puffing; he’s ordering them to redact and disclose an already-redacted affidavit.

Anyway, here’s what the Magistrate’s order said about the redactions:

Based on my independent review of the Affidavit, I further find that the government has met its burden of showing that the proposed redactions are narrowly tailored to serve the Government’s legitimate interest in the integrity of the ongoing investigation and are the least onerous alternative to sealing the entire Affidavit.

Narrowly-tailored! Remember that phrase for when we see the document. It’s heartwarming that the FBI got all their redactions EXACTLY RIGHT on the very first try. Great job! It’s a crime-fighting miracle. Absent from this latest order was any of the high-flying language from the last order about the unprecedented nature of the investigation, the public’s interest, and so on. This order was all business.

So we’ll see whether whatever is actually disclosed today moves the needle at all. I have no predictions, none; we’re in all-new territory, and Kamala spilled her blackberry wine cooler all over the map again.

💉 CNN picked up the Fetterman stroke-speech story yesterday — after C&C covered it — and the clip below includes some helpful examples of Fetterman’s obvious post-stroke cognitive struggles:

You win some, you lose some. At least he won’t have any serious side effects from COVID.

🔥 The UK Telegraph ran a story yesterday that will gratify many of you headlined, “Rishi Sunak Is Just the Start. The Great Lockdown Scandal Is About to Unravel.” The sub-head explains, “The pseudo-scientific sheen is finally being stripped off the decision to shut down Britain.”

Rishi Sunak was Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer during the pandemic, and recently ran to replace Boris Johnson. His campaign stalling, he is now talking to journalists about the climate of fear and total control inside the British government during the early pandemic when lockdowns were originally being cooked up.

Sunak says that virtually all decision-making was handed over to a small group of cherry-picked lockdown scientists, and everyone was expected to go along or face political destruction. In other words, the lockdown instructions were coming from the top. The article describes it like this:

Questioning lockdown, even in ministerial meetings, was seen as an attack on the Prime Minister’s authority. To ask even basic questions – about how many extra cancer deaths there might be, for example – was to risk being portrayed as one the crackpots, the “Cov-idiots”, people who wanted to “let the virus rip”. Hysteria had taken hold in the heart of Whitehall.

The paywalled article is a very interesting read for folks who hope that accountability will someday catch up with current events. Here are my favorite two paragraphs:

The disclosures should start a great unravelling of the lockdown myth, its pseudo-scientific sheen stripped away and the shocking political malfeasance left to stand exposed. Were Sage minutes manipulated, with dissent airbrushed out? If Sage “scenarios” were cooked up on fundamentally wrong assumptions we need to know, because that will mean lockdowns were imposed or extended upon a false premise. A premise that could have been exposed as false, had there been basic transparency or proper scrutiny.
This isn’t just about a virus. An autocratic streak took hold of the Government and overpowered a weak Prime Minister – and did so because our democratic safeguards failed. It should have been impossible for policies of such huge consequence to be passed without the most rigorous scrutiny. So many lives were at risk that every single lockdown assumption should have been pulled apart to see if it was correct. It should have been impossible for government to suspend such scrutiny for more than a few weeks.

This is a good start, and it’s encouraging to see it in corporate media. But a huge question remains: Who was directing this from the top? WHO or WHAT was able to coerce nearly every government on Earth into going along with the lockdown program, no matter the cost, all within a few days of each other?

Obviously, we can only speculate. For my Revelation watchers, these verses seem like a hint:

“Then the angel carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness. There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns. The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries. The name written on her forehead was a mystery:




Revelation 17:3-5.

I don’t know. I’m a lawyer, not a theologian. But to me, it seems like a pretty good description of the mysterious whoever or whatever orchestrated the global pandemic response.¹

🔥 Joe Biden has now gone 40 out of 56 days without taking a single question from the media, and he has not sat for an on-camera interview since February 10th.

🚀 Remember when Biden jetted over to Israel and Saudi Arabia, fist-bumping everybody, all notwithstanding having sworn during the campaign to make the Saudis into a “pariah nation” for assassinating a woke international journalist and probably spy of some kind? But it was all okay, no problem bwana, because Joe’s high-minded trip was well-intentioned, for the express purpose of brokering Middle East peace, and it was definitely NOT to beg the Saudis for oil. (How dare you.)

Well, it turns out Joe’s interest in Middle East peace comes and goes. You have to catch him on a good day.

The Times of Israel ran an embarrassing story Wednesday with the oblique headline, “US Said to Rebuff Request for Lapid-Biden Call, Gantz-Austin Meet Amid Iran Push.”

Haha, I don’t wonder the Times of Israel soft-pedaled the headline. What really happened was, Israel’s Prime Minister Yair Lapid urgently called Biden to talk to about the Iranian nuclear situation, saying it was an emergency. Then — get this — he was icily told “Biden is on vacation, dummy. He’ll call you back when he’s in the office.”

I am not making that up or exaggerating in any way, I swear. Here’s how the Times of Israel described what happened, in its own words:

> [T]he White House recently rejected an Israeli request for an emergency phone call between Prime Minister Yair Lapid and US President Joe Biden… the president’s office claimed Biden was unavailable for a conversation with the premier because he was on vacation. However, the sources emphasized that the talk would be arranged eventually.

“CLAIMED Biden was unavailable,” haha. Good one.

Now remember, Israel is the U.S.’s MOST important Middle-East ally. Allegedly. And Israel is armed to the wisdom teeth with nukes. And it has sworn to start a preemptive nuclear war if necessary to prevent Iran from getting its own nuclear weapons. And Joe was JUST THERE a month ago to “broker peace” in the region. So that’s a lot of reasons to take the call right there.

Now add the fact that Joe is on his FOURTH WEEK of being out of action, two weeks of double-covid quarantine, followed by two weeks of vacation to recover from his harrowing brush with death. I mean, at HIS AGE, Joe practically has to brush the Wings of Death out of his mouth every time he takes a nibble from his Rocky Road triple scoop. They’re basically sharing a bathroom at this point.

The U.S. is about to close a deal with Iran, which has demanded even more money, the legitimization of its terrorist front group, higher allowed levels of nuclear enrichment, less oversight, the instructor’s manual to some class called “How to Build a Nuclear Bomb,” free passes for Disney cruises, and six truckloads of all-green M&Ms with Khamenei’s face printed on the sides. For its part, the U.S. has demanded that the Iranians sign the deal, any deal, it doesn’t matter, just sign the damned thing.

You wouldn’t know anything about this appalling spectacle by reading U.S. corporate media, it’s embargoed. I had to use Israeli sources and translate the whole thing from Hebrew:

Haha, just kidding. The Times of Israel has an English language version. But I’m NOT kidding that U.S. media is pretending like the story doesn’t exist, like a bunch of teenagers carefully stepping over a puppy accident to grab a power-bar from the kitchen and muttering, “what? I didn’t see it.”

The Hebrew state is conflicted about what to do about the pending Iran deal. The Jerusalem Post illustrated the difficulty in an article Wednesday headlined, “Lapid Close to Criticizing Biden on Iran as Netanyahu Looms Large.” The sub-head asked the pressing question, “Should Israel ‘play nice’ with the White House or be aggressive when it comes down to Iran nuclear talks?”

The article reports that Prime Minister Lapid is not super copacetic with the proposed M&M deal with Iran, but neither does he want to get sideways with Biden. He delicately told reporters, “In our eyes, [the Iran deal] does not meet the standards set by President Biden himself: preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear state.”


🚀 I need to brief you in on the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Plant situation, because it’s big and murky and mostly embargoed. I’ll start with a Hill article yesterday headlined, “Biden, Zelensky Discuss Concerns Over Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Plant.”

Haha, Israel, vacationing Biden doesn’t have time to talk about YOUR nuclear problems with Iran, but he does have all the time in the world to chat with the dancing comedian about HIS little nuclear power plant issue.


A White House call summary explained, “The two leaders also called for Russia to return full control of the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant to Ukraine and for International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) access to the plant.”

Like THAT is going to happen.

So what is it? Zaporizhzhya is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. Russia has safely and quietly controlled the plant since early in the war. But lately the Ukrainians have been lobbing mortars at the plant, for weeks now, which is making a lot of people very nervous about a potential ‘accident’ that could be literally one million times worse than Three Mile Island multiplied by Chernobyl.

Currently, Ukraine enjoys the protection of a fully-powered-up criticism shield, which destroys all Western media that touches it. So, OF COURSE the Zaporizhzhya threat is ALL Russia’s fault — not the bat-guano insane Ukrainians firing explosive rounds at a NUCLEAR POWER PLANT. Are you confused? It’s Russia’s fault because Putin started the war in the first place. See how easy that was?

Ironically, the Ukrainians have justified the shelling by accusing the Russians of storing ammunition and military supplies inside the reactor grounds. I say ‘ironically’ because Ukraine has itself been credibly accused of placing ammo and supplies in civilian locations like schools, shopping malls, apartment buildings, and churches.

But I don’t know if they’re truly comparable. It seems like a nuclear reactor is a strategic, non-civilian site, and if you captured it, you’d probably want some military hardware there, because capturing a target is only half the equation. You also have to KEEP the target. You don’t want nuclear power plants falling into the wrong hands.

But I’m just a lawyer, not a woke, unattractive cross-dressing general. So what do I know about military strategy?

🔥 Yesterday, citing obvious safety concerns, the Russians disconnected the Zaporizhzhya plant from the European power grid for the first time in history. Since it is almost impossible to find any credible reporting about the situation in Western corporate media, I am forced to rely on local independent reports on Twitter, which suggest the power outage continues this morning:

The ability to turn the power on and off is an ace card for the Russians. From the beginning of the war, I wondered about why the Russians were not taking out all Ukraine’s power. It would be child’s play. But it has become clear over time that the Russians are being extremely careful to avoid damaging civilians and civilian infrastructure as much as possible.

Leaving the power off for too long will create a humanitarian disaster, which the Russians seem to be trying to avoid. But strategically turning it on and off at critical moments, like maybe whenever U.S. congresspeople come for photo ops and to deliver or pick stuff up, could be a very useful weapon in the overall war effort.

This may just be another one of those myriad of stories that mysteriously fades away again after the outrage machine billows smoke and pivots loudly toward a different target. But I thought you should hear about it.

🔥 In the bottom story of the day, the crack squad of highly motivated personnel down at the Texas Child Protective Services’ office are getting, um, creative about ways to help orphaned kids. Fox 26 Houston ran a story last week headlined, “CPS Employee Caught on Camera Telling 14-Year-Old Girl to Become a Prostitute.”

It seems like that’s exactly what happened. CPS has already fired the worker and is trying to move all the involved kids around, leaving some parents complaining they are being punished for blowing the whistle. CPS has not denied any of the allegations. What happened was, a 14-year-old runaway living in a state-supplied motel, waiting for a foster placement, went in to the Houston CPS office to complain about being hungry. Because she’d received sketchy advice before, the teen used her cell phone to record the CPS worker’s advice.

In the video, the CPS worker can clearly be heard telling the girl she could make up to $1,500 a day as a prostitute, so that she can get some food. It’s a pretty wild story, but at least Child Pimping Services, I mean PROTECTIVE Services, did the right thing and buried the story beneath a thousand banker’s boxes of red tape.

Who cares how many times it’s happened before, whether there are other caseworkers involved, or whether there even might be an organized sex trafficking ring operating out of that office?

Don’t be nitpicky.

🔥 Finally, to warm your hearts, Governor DeSantis — who has been on a ROLL for two years now — took a hostile election question from reporters yesterday, jammed it into a political hand grenade, and tossed it right back at them:


I hope ya’ll have a fantastic Friday, and I’ll meet you back here tomorrow for the weekend roundup.


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Revelation Chapter 17 continues by describing the beast’s heads and horns as representing the kings of the earth. So, the beast represents world government, the horns and heads represent the leaders of earth governments, and the Prostitute is sitting on the beast, controlling it. Get it?

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Iran Has Biden’s Nuclear Number

Biden’s team has even less backbone than Obama’s, which was spineless. After all the Trump accomplished in terms of promoting the US agenda (and Trump’s team wasn’t perfect, I know). mrossol

WSJ  11/29/2021  by the Editorial Board

The Iran nuclear talks resume on Monday in Austria, and pessimism seems to be the order of the day. Iran refuses to make concessions, while the U.S. is signaling that its patience may be limited. But don’t underestimate the Biden Administration’s desire for a deal—any deal.


For months the U.S. has been all but begging Iran to return to the table, though the U.S. won’t literally even be at the table in Vienna. Iran refuses to talk to the U.S. directly, so American negotiators must work through European intermediaries. The U.S. seems undeterred by this intentional humiliation.

Since Iran walked away from talks earlier this year, Tehran has elevated an even more hardline president and accelerated its enrichment of nuclear fuel. Iran has also continued to restrict international inspectors’ access to its nuclear sites. Rafael Mariano Grossi, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, reported last week that talks about verification have “proved inconclusive”—diplomatic-speak for they failed.

Uranium particles found at three locations that Iran hasn’t declared to the agency are cause for alarm. Mr. Grossi said this “is a clear indication that nuclear material and/or equipment contaminated by nuclear material has been present at these locations.” The U.S. and its European allies have declined to censure Iran for refusing to cooperate.


They’re hoping the talks will yield concessions, perhaps with the inducement of more U.S. sanctions relief. Iranian diplomats are demanding that any deal will remain in force beyond President Biden’s tenure. And they won’t commit to anything beyond a return to the 2015 deal struck by President Obama. That deal allowed Iran sufficient leeway to advance on the path to a weapon with limited inspections, which is why Donald Trump withdrew in 2018.

The latest reports are that the U.S. has floated the idea of an interim accord that would give more time to negotiate a larger deal. The interim accord would offer sanctions relief to Iran in return for some restraint on Iranian enrichment on nuclear fuel. This sounds like what Mark Dubowitz of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies calls a “less for more” deal—that is, less restraint on Iran than in the 2015 deal in return for more sanctions relief.

The signs are that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and new President Ebrahim Raisi have no intention of slowing their march to the brink of a bomb. They may offer token concessions for sanctions relief, but they will continue to hide their nuclear development from inspectors. China is now openly buying Iranian oil in defiance of U.S. sanctions, and the U.S. doesn’t seem to care.

Tehran is also escalating support for terror attacks in the region. U.S. officials say Iran was responsible for a drone attack on a U.S. base in Syria last month, and Iraqi officials believe an Iran-backed militia was behind the attempt to kill Iraq’s prime minister this month.

All of which suggests that all of Team Biden’s entreaties have merely made Iran more determined to demand a deal that is even weaker than Mr. Obama’s. Such an agreement will reassure no one beyond the spreaders of revolution in Tehran.

Appeared in the November 29, 2021, print edition.


Make Iran Great Again!

Only one post for tonight. This one should be enough…

WSJ 1/4/2018

Iran erupted last Thursday. By Friday, the protests against the government, which began in Mashhad near the Afghan border, had spread to dozens of cities. So when we traveled on Saturday to a movie theater on Manhattan’s Lower East Side to see “Darkest Hour,” Gary Oldman’s portrayal of Winston Churchill, imagine the jarring dislocation when the theater’s previews included a trailer for an admiring documentary of Barack Obama’s foreign-policy making, “The Final Year.”

The preview screen filled with expressions of earnest intent from Mr. Obama, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Ben Rhodes and the Iran nuclear deal’s handmaiden, John Kerry. About 100 minutes later, we were watching Churchill shout at his war cabinet that you cannot do deals with dictators. That would have been about the time this weekend that protesters in Iran were shouting “Death to Khamenei!” It’s nice to see the Iranian people have a sense of humor.

Producing the past week’s protests against the Iranian regime was not the goal of the six-party Iran nuclear deal. Back then, the Khamenei-Rouhani regime was represented as America’s partner in a good cause. Now the governments of the U.S., U.K., France and Germany (Russia is a Khamenei ally, and China only supports crackdowns) have to decide whether their Iranian partner is the people in the streets or the government that is shooting them.

In the preview of “The Final Year,” the Obama team members convey confidence in the rightness of everything they did. But as we learned in November 2016, there was one big thing the Obama people never understood: how a real economy works. By real economy, I mean the private economy, not the economy of public spending.

A central element of the nuclear deal was that it would “help” the Iranian people by lifting sanctions and injecting $100 billion of unfrozen assets into Iran’s economy. This was much the same economic theory behind the Obama administration’s 2009 injection of $832 billion into the U.S. economy. Both flopped because both made the real economy essentially a bystander to state guidance.

The Obama $832 billion went up the government’s fireplace flue. The Iranian $100 billion went into ballistic missile production and for Iran’s proxies in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

The moment has arrived for invidious comparisons.

Donald Trump is president because the Obama-Clinton Democrats forgot about hardpressed voters in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. The Khamenei-Rouhani regime is under assault because working- class Iranians began this week’s revolt in cities beyond the capital.

Come to think of it, isn’t that disconnect between the people running governments and the people trying to make a living in the real economy the core reason behind the worldwide burst of populism?

It’s the reason France’s working-class voters and young, underemployed college graduates sent Emmanuel Macron and a heretofore nonexistent party into the French presidency. It’s the reason workingclass Brits lunged for Brexit. This new global reality—perform or get shoved aside—is the reason Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed bin Salman imposed reforms. The Iranians shouting, “Leave Syria, think of us!” are the West Virginia coal miners shouting, “Make America Great Again.” That’s not yahooism. It is anxiety directed at incumbent elites who tell the public that reduced levels of economic growth are the new normal. The world’s populations will not accept that.

Iran—like North Korea— has taken its best and brightest and stuck them inside a mountain to build atomic bombs, leaving the economy in the hands of Brussels-grade technocrats.

Besides calling for higher taxes in its recent budget, even as prices have spiked for basic foodstuff, Hassan Rouhani’s government has pursued import- substitution policies by imposing high tariffs on many imported goods. Needless to say, Iranians can’t get the clothing, appliances and electronics they want.

To combat a massive cellphone- smuggling operation, Iran recently slapped a 5% duty on them atop the 9% valueadded tax and required registration with Iran’s telecom user database. Now, millions of smuggled phones will make it harder for the ayatollahs to kill texting among protesters. The bazaar may prove stronger than the theocracy.

A theme now emerging in Western media is that if Europe’s leaders support President Trump’s “aggressive” posture toward Tehran, that will undermine both the sanctified Obama nuclear deal and support for “liberals” in the Rouhani government. This is where we came in, watching Winston Churchill convince a timid British establishment that an outward– moving dictatorship won’t stop at anyone’s border.

The moment has arrived to admit that Iran’s missiles, nuclear technology and armies won’t stay inside its borders until the people getting shot in the streets are recognized and supported by a too-timid world.


Help Iranians!!

Don’t be like Obama…
WSJ 1/2/2018

Iran has a peculiar habit of surprising Americans. It has done so again with the protests engulfing its major cities. The demonstrations began over economic grievances and quickly transformed into a rejection of theocracy.

The slogans must have unsettled the mullahs: “Death to Khamenei!” “Death to Rouhani!” “We will die to get our Iran back!” Imperialism has not revived the regime’s legitimacy, as the protesting Persians pointedly reject expending their meager resources on Arab wars: “Death to Hezbollah!” “No to Gaza, not Lebanon! Our life only for Iran!” However the events on the streets unfold, their most immediate casualty will be the presidency of Hassan Rouhani and its false claim of pragmatic governance. In the aftermath of the Green Revolution of 2009, which rocked the foundations of the Islamic Republic, a sinister argument gradually pervaded Western salons and chancelleries. The convulsions of that summer, the claim went, were over no more than electoral irregularity. With the election of the so-called moderate Mr. Rouhani in 2013, the system rebalanced itself. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his allies supposedly learned some hard lessons on the need to yield to popular mandates. Iranians want gradual change, we have been told, and believe that the system’s own constitutional provisions and plebiscites can be used to nudge it toward moderation.

Then, last week, Iranians took to the streets.

Every decade of the Islamist regime’s rule has seen one of its political factions lose its legitimacy through national uprisings. In the 1980s, the Islamic Republic waged a determined civil war against liberals and secularists who sought to redeem the revolution’s pledge of a democratic order. The student riots of 1999 ended the reformist interlude and Mohammad Khatami’s presidency, which had promised that the expansion of civil society and elections would harmonize faith and freedom. The reformists lingered as discredited enablers of a repressive regime, but no one believed in their promises of change from within. The hard-liners offered their own national compact, one that privileged economic justice over political emancipation. But the tumultuous presidency of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad produced only corruption and bellicosity.

Then came Mr. Rouhani and his centrist disciples with their pledge to revive the economy, primarily through foreign investment. Mr. Rouhani needed a nuclear agreement to lift debilitating sanctions and stimulate commerce. The Obama administration was happy to deliver, and Iran received tens of billions of dollars in financial dividends, including $1.7 billion in paper currency.

Instead of channeling that wealth into productive uses, Ayatollah Khamenei, the clerical establishment and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps consumed much of it on foreign adventurism and corruption. Mr. Rouhani made a crucial mistake: overpromising and underdelivering on both economic and political reforms. His modest experiment in centrist rule has come crashing down, taking with it his injunction that all must trust the system. The regime is at an impasse. It has no more political actors— no establishment saviors—to offer its restless constituents.

As with the Soviet Union in its last days, the Islamic Republic can no longer appeal to its ideals; it relies only on its security services for survival. That is deadly for a theocracy, by definition an ideological construct. Ideological authoritarian states need a vision of the future by which their enforcers can condone their own violence. The theocracy’s vast patronage system will not cure this crisis of legitimacy. In many ways, Mr. Rouhani was the ruling clergy’s last gasp, a beguiling mullah who could enchant Westerners while offering Iranians some hope. That hope has vanished.

In the coming weeks, many in the commentariat will advise the Trump administration to remain silent and stay on the sidelines, as the Obama administration did in 2009. They will recommend that it is best to let the Iranian drama play itself out. If American officials weigh in, the argument goes, the regime would brand its detractors as agents of a foreign power.

Such stale prescriptions miss the point that Iranians are looking toward America to support their struggle. Democratic dissidents always do so. In that regard, Iranians are no different from non-Muslim dissidents from the former Soviet Union to communist China, who have struggled against tyranny and ardently welcomed American and European support. Barack Obama has been rightly castigated for his silence during the Green Revolution. President Trump is right not to follow his predecessor’s discredited path. The White House should continue issuing condemnations daily, including through Persian-language media outlets, and follow up with sanctions targeting corruption and human-rights abuses. Congress should rediscover its once bipartisan determination to hold the regime accountable for its crimes and push America’s European allies to overcome their mercantile greed and support Iranians striving to be free from theocracy.

The Islamic Republic is a relic of a century that yielded multiple ideological regimes claiming to have mastered the forces of history. By now most of them are history. Mr. Trump entered office with an understanding of the Islamic Republic’s profound threat to American security. The most consequential legacy of his presidency may be a Middle East free of its most powerful unsavory regime.

Mr. Dubowitz is chief executive of the Foundation for Defense of Democ-racies. Mr. Takeyh is a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.