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Supreme Court Dismisses ‘Sanctuary City’ Cases at Request of Biden’s DOJ

The Dems believe it is right to let localities protect illegal aliens (are the still such entities?) but reject the same deference to states and localities when it comes to regulating elections and voting processes. mrossol

3/6/2021 The Epoch Times


Exclusive: Former ICE Chief Says Immigration Law Becoming Meaningless

The administration is doing some very unwise things, but opening the boarders of a sovereign nation ranks as one of the worst. mrossol.


February 24, 2021 Updated: February 24, 2021

The former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says the new administration’s steps to narrow the criteria for immigration enforcement are “just ridiculous.”

“It’s almost like it’s not illegal to be illegally in the United States anymore,” Tom Homan told The Epoch Times on Feb. 18.

Homan retired during the Trump administration, after directing the agency responsible for interior immigration enforcement and deportations as well as investigations into human trafficking and cross-border crime.

He’s concerned the Biden administration is rendering immigration law meaningless.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Feb. 18 announced new enforcement priorities that will focus on three groups of illegal immigrants: national security threats such as known or suspected terrorists; those who crossed the border illegally after Nov. 1, 2020; and public safety threats who are convicted of aggravated felonies.

Any ICE agent who encounters an illegal immigrant who falls outside of the three categories must get pre-approval from their field office before taking any action.

“They say it’s public safety, but it’s only the worst of the worst,” Homan said. “When it comes to assault, when it comes to robbery and burglary, and all these other crimes that they’ve taken off the table, they’ve pretty much sent a message to the rest of the world [that] it’s OK to enter the country illegally—as long as you don’t commit a few of the most serious crimes, you’re free to stay, because ICE isn’t looking for you.”

He argues that crimes such as driving under the influence should be considered a public safety issue.

“I was a police officer. I know what it’s like to run up on a scene of a deadly DUI—it’s terrible. And they’ve obviously never talked to an angel mom or angel dad whose child was killed by someone here illegally that was driving drunk,” Homan said.

A DHS official said the new guidelines for ICE are to help the agency focus its limited resources on “cases that the public cares about.”

The official said ICE arrests aren’t expected to drop under the new guidelines. “It’s just a question to us of reallocating resources to the cases that really, truly matter,” the official said.

But Homan said ICE was already prioritizing public safety threats.

Ninety-two percent of the almost 186,000 individuals that ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations removed in fiscal 2020 had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges, according to ICE’s end-of-year report.

ICE also conducted more than 103,000 interior arrests—just under 30 percent fewer than in fiscal 2019, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Approximately 90 percent of those arrested had a criminal conviction or charge, according to the report. Those arrested included aliens with criminal charges or convictions for 1,837 homicide offenses, 37,247 assault offenses, and 10,302 sexual assault or sex offenses.

“Every crime committed by an illegal alien is a preventable crime,” Homan said. “If we had true border security, true immigration enforcement—if we actually enforced immigration laws in this country and secured our border—thousands of crimes every day could be prevented because they’re not here.”

Part of ICE’s job is to track down and remove the 672,000 fugitives who have been ordered removed by a federal immigration judge but are still in the United States.

But the new DHS directive says ICE agents must first get clearance from supervisors if they encounter illegal immigrants who aren’t convicted criminals during operations.

The decision to then arrest the individual, or not, needs to take into account whether the person might be suffering from a serious physical or mental illness, a DHS official said.

“We want them [ICE] to think about ties to the community, whether the individual has family here in the United States, U.S. citizen family members, and other considerations,” the official said.

Homan said DHS is telling ICE agents to ignore removal orders from immigration judges.

“At what point can the executive branch tell the judicial branch that their legal orders are meaningless?” he said.

“It’s ridiculous for a law enforcement officer to have to call a supervisor for permission to enforce the law. The law is black and white. Name a state trooper that needs to get approval to write a speeding ticket.”

On Feb. 22, attorney general nominee Merrick Garland testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee and was asked whether he believed illegal entry into the United States should remain a crime. The immigration court system sits within the Department of Justice.

“I just haven’t thought about that question,” Garland said. “I think the president has made clear that we are a country with borders and with a concern about national security. I don’t know if a proposal to decriminalize but still make it unlawful to re-enter. I just don’t know the answer to that question. I haven’t thought about it.”

President Joe Biden has undone several border security measures that the Trump administration had put into effect, including temporarily suspending deportations of illegal aliens, reversing President Donald Trump’s ban on travel from terror-prone countries, halting border wall construction, and issuing a sweeping immigration package to Congress that includes amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.

Homan asserts that the Biden approach is “never going to solve the immigration crisis, and so the border will continue to be out of control.”

He expects an imminent humanitarian crisis at the border.

“During the last surge [in 2019], Border Patrol said 50 to 60 percent of their manpower is no longer on the border because they’re changing diapers, making hospital runs, taking care of families, [with] half or more [agents] no longer on the line,” he said.

“President Biden was vice president during the first surge in FY14 and ’15. How did we stop it? We stopped it by building detention facilities and detaining people until they saw a judge. So he forgot all the lessons learned and now he’s trying to stop detention.”

ICE detention facility capacity has been decreased from 52,000 to 15,000 illegal aliens.


Biden Agenda ‘Would Fundamentally Erase Very Essence Of America’s Nationhood’

I cannot believe that even 30% of Americans want this change to immigration. We need to push back and push back hard. mrossol

The Daily Wire. 2/20/2021

Transcript of Interview:

MARIA BARTIROMO, SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES ANCHOR: A new border crisis is afoot, with congressional Democrats unveiling an ambitious immigration reform bill on Friday that would extend amnesty and citizenship to nearly 20 million illegal immigrants, a population five times the size of Los Angeles.

This legislation comes hot on the heels of President Biden’s sweeping executive orders to erase President Trump’s border legacy.

Stephen Miller was a senior adviser to President Trump and the architect of the administration’s immigration plan. He joins us this morning.

Stephen, it’s great to have you today. Thanks so much for being here.


BARTIROMO: Let me just point out that you have studied immigration issues for more than a decade.

I remember years ago you were a congressional staffer in the House. Then you moved over to the Senate. You were studying and working on immigration issues in the Senate before joining President Donald Trump.

So, give us your expert opinion and assessment of President Biden’s new immigration bill.

MILLER: Thank you.

And the reason why I have studied immigration so closely is because it’s so fundamental to what it is to be a nation, the right of the people living in a country to decide who enters that country, on what conditions, for how long, and how to establish national boundaries and borders. That’s fundamental to what it means to be a country.

The legislation put forward by President Biden and congressional Democrats would fundamentally erase the very essence of America’s nationhood.

For the first time, I believe in human history, this legislation proposes sending applications to previously deported illegal immigrants and giving them the chance to reenter the country on a rapid path to citizenship. This is unheard of.

These are the people that ICE officers, at great time and expense, found, large numbers of them with criminal records, returned to their home countries at taxpayer expense. And now we’re going to have the secretary of state and homeland security mailing applications for readmission and amnesty to previously deported illegal immigrants?

This is madness. Now, this is on top of the fact that the current administration has already dismantled border security, canceling President Trump’s historic agreements with Mexico and with the Northern Triangle countries, restoring catch and release, and, additionally, gutting interior enforcement, issuing a memo preventing ICE from removing the vast majority of criminal illegal immigrants that it encounters.

And the last thing I will say about that memo is that they have engaged in a fraudulent representation to the court in the Texas litigation, because they are claiming this is a resources issue.

I know for a fact that ICE has the resources to remove these public safety threats. This is a policy choice disguised falsely to the court and to the country as a resource issue. That is a lie. And it’s a lie that threatens public safety.


And I know that the ICE, Border Patrol men and women are now being told that they have to get authority to make any moves. They need authority from above before detaining anyone.

I spoke with Mark Morgan, the head — the former head of Customs and Border Patrol, and he told me that we are averaging 3,500 apprehensions every day. So, you’re talking — and then another 500 turned back. So, you’re talking about 4,000 people coming to our border areas every day.

Let’s take a look at this map, because we have a map showing all of — the most porous areas pretty much. And as we zero in on this map, we see Texas, as well as California and the Rio Grande area. This is the area, Rio Grande, that is — the Rio Grande River — that is most vulnerable.

I actually took the show to El Paso and witnessed people coming across then.

I wanted to mention this, because this is one of those pocketbook issues where it impacts people’s families and their lives. You can talk about it as a headline immigration bill, but when you zero in on what this means, with 4,000 illegals coming in every day, you really get a sense of how this impacts the American families.

Walk us through it. Tell us what’s most important for our viewers to understand.

MILLER: Yes, well, I will give you a — give you a simple example.

So, right now, under the current administration, they are failing to abide by the CDC guidance, and they are processing for entry and release 100 percent of illegal immigrants under the age of 18. In other words, any illegal aliens 17 or younger who is smuggled to the border or trafficked to the border is being processed for admission through Health and Human Services and then resettlement in the country.

So, ask yourself, who is going to pay for the education? What does it mean — when classrooms, God willing, reopen, what does it mean for classroom size? What does it mean for health care?

Then you add on top of that the families that are being released. Who’s paying for the medical bills? Who’s paying for the health care costs?

You pay with your local property taxes in many cases, and your sales tax, and many other forms of local tax on your rent, on everything that you do in your life. And one way or another, you’re paying for those local services.

So, when people show up illegally, having never lived here a day in their lives, that’s coming out of your pocketbook. And it’s a public safety issue. As I mentioned, ICE is now disallowed from removing the vast majority of illegal immigrants with criminal records.

So, whether you’re in Louisiana, or whether you’re in Arkansas, whether you’re in Montana, whether in New York state, illegal immigrants are being re-released into the community who have already committed crimes, and we know there’s a high recidivism rate.


MILLER: That’s going to cost lives. That’s a public safety calamity in real time happening now. This is not theoretical.


MILLER: And then you add an amnesty bill on top of that.

If you give low-skilled illegal immigrants a path to citizenship, that will mean a net fiscal transfer of trillions of dollars long term to pay for Social Security, to pay for medical care, to pay for Medicaid, to pay for state and local services.

That’s an extraordinary expense to give that to 20 million illegal immigrants.


There’s a good piece in The L.A. Times that I want to point out, because, under President Biden’s direction, border officials on Friday began processing the first of an estimated 26,000 people who have pending cases in the United States.

They reversed the asylum system. As you say, those people who were waiting in Mexico, now they will be in the United States. It radically alters the asylum system.

And it was actually one of your administration, President Trump’s administration’s most popular and successful parts of the immigration plan.

MILLER: President Trump secured the Southern border.

Through his deals with Mexico, through his deals with El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and others, we were able to ensure that, if you were apprehended illegally, you were safely and humanely returned home. This was a game-changer.

President Biden hasn’t only failed in his duty to protect American citizens. He has — went out of his way to privilege illegal immigrants over American citizens. So, when your kids can’t go to school, when your spouse or you have been laid off because of COVID-related shutdowns, 200 countries in the world can send their illegal immigrants to our border without masks, without vaccines, without health care, without any rules at all.

How is that fair? How is that just? How is that moral? How is that right? It’s not.

BARTIROMO: Well, it’s horrible to think that our schools are closed, but the border is wide open.

This is the reason that Texas, the state of Texas, is suing. And we had the A.G., the attorney general of Texas, Ken Paxton, on this program last week. Listen to what he had to say. Got to get your reaction.


KEN PAXTON (R), TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERAL: These were laws put in place by elected representatives basically requiring that, if you come here illegally and you’re caught, that you would be deported.

And he basically said, no, we’re not going to do that anymore. The border is open. You can stay. And we’re not going to deport you.

And you can see what’s happening. We’re having people come in from other countries through Central America. They believe that he has opened the border for them. And I think most Americans believe that he’s opened the border. That’s not just a change in policy. That’s a change in law.

And if he wants to do that, seems to me that he could go back to Congress and get pretty much what he wants.


BARTIROMO: Stephen Miller, your reaction?

MILLER: The attorney general of Texas is 100 percent right.

This is a fundamental constitutional issue. Does the president of the United States have the authority to suspend law at will? Because, if he does, it’s not just immigration. Then President Biden can rewrite every federal law to his liking. He does not need Congress at that point in time.

He would assume the powers, not of a president, but of a king. That’s why it’s so important that this legislation — that this — that this executive action — I’m sorry — be stopped in court, because this can only be done legislatively.

And I would submit to you a bill sent to Congress to release criminal aliens en masse would never, ever have a chance of becoming law, which is why this was done by executive action.

BARTIROMO: Yes, unbelievable.

Real quick. Stephen, have you spoken with President Trump? There are reports that he is perhaps thinking about running again in 2024, perhaps with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. There, we also know that the president will make his first public appearance this upcoming week at CPAC.

What are your thoughts on President Trump right now?


Well, I have had the opportunity to speak to the president. And he’s very excited to make his upcoming address to CPAC, where you will hear him lay out his positive vision for the future of this country, a vision where we stand up to China, as the president was doing before he left office, and reclaim our manufacturing, a vision where our schools are open and our border is closed to illegal immigration, a vision where the big tech monopoly is dismantled and free speech and free expression and free thought can reign, because that’s what this country is about.

He’s going to present an optimistic vision for a country where communities are safe, where criminals are behind bars, and where everybody can earn a decent, high-paying wage and produce products here in the United States, where they should be made, not in China, not overseas.

BARTIROMO: Well, I’m really glad you mentioned the cancel culture situation, because that continues to deepen and is a serious problem. I would think, on either side of the aisle, you don’t want people just canceling out groups.

Stephen Miller, we will continue that conversation when we see you next time.

MILLER: Thank you so much.

BARTIROMO: Thanks so much.

MILLER: Thank you.

BARTIROMO: Stephen Miller joining us.

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Immigration and integration

There is no questions that life in any western nation is better than anywhere else in the world. We need to start talking about what went right in the west, and stop talking only about what went wrong… Ayaan Hirsi Ali

LockDown TV. 2/8/2021 

It is hard to think of a more sensitive topic than the connection between sexual violence against women and the surge in immigration from Muslim countries into Europe since 2015. But then, it is hard to think of a more credible person to address it than Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who herself began life in Somalia and ended up claiming asylum in the Netherlands to escape a forced marriage.

In this fascinating interview, Ayaan discusses how the pandemic will effect the West’s view of immigration:

There’s a sense that when it comes to immigration, we were told, well, we can’t do this, because it’s going to violate our civil rights. We are liberal societies. And as liberal societies, there are things we can’t do you know, deportations, closing borders, this, that and the other. And now with COVID, what are we doing? We’re closing borders, we’re constraining our civil liberties. We’re having lockdown after lockdown. And so I think even after COVID has passed (us if it’s ever passed us), I think voters are going to think wait a second, you subjected us to all of these things. So you can’t make those arguments afterwards. 

On how the centre-Right and centre-Left’s unwillingness to discuss immigration has galvanised extremist movements:

I make it very clear in my book that the anti Islam sentiment in society is very strong and it’s getting stronger because these extreme right wing parties, populist parties are cropping up all over Europe and getting so many voters. But the reason that’s happening is because they’re the only ones willing to tackle these issues. And then you also have the Islamist movements. These are the ones luring young men and persuading them to become extremists. And when you take it to the very extreme, persuading them to become actual terrorists, and then you have the fashion trolls, and agencies who are trying to destabilise society. So if you want to empower these extreme fringes, the thing to do is to be silent, or place a taboo on these controversial issues. And I was motivated to say, well, we the establishment, we people in the centre, centre, left centre, right, we should be talking about these issues. 

On what she found in her research:

What is going on is that we are having a large surge of young men coming from Muslim majority countries where they’re not used to treating women as equals. And we have seen an increase in sexual violence and that sexual violence varies from very relatively mild verbal, from the cat calls, obscene invitations to touching and groping and harassing — all of it unwanted — to rapes and gang rapes. And in extreme situations, things that lead to homicide. And these incidents that were very, very rare in many of these European countries have now become, in some countries, in some neighbourhoods, commonplace to the point where you are going to find neighbourhoods in many European countries that have taken these immigrants, women free. 

On David Cameron’s response to the refugee crisis:

Cameron was the most responsive, I thought of the European leaders at the time. He was trying to say, we have to be compassionate and open and help others out; but at the time, he was also responsive in doing what he was elected to do, which is be the leader of the British people… And I’m not saying that, you know, I’m not judging Angela Merkel, as a bad woman was a bad person was a thoughtless person. I’m just saying what the different European leaders have failed to do is to work together. And ultimately, then you get such phenomena as Brexit. A nation state saying, we can’t work together, and if we can’t work together, then we’re going to work alone. 

On Black Lives Matter:

If Black Lives Matter really wanted to help black people in America, they would fight for education, like charter schools, but the kind of school systems that actually lift people out of poverty. That’s not what they’re fighting for. They would fight for the nuclear family — they’re actually stating that they’re against the nuclear family. What they’re saying is that they want a redistribution of resources, where you take away from the rich and give to the poor, but then that they are in charge of it, and all sorts of other crazy stuff. That in no way addresses the situation of poor black people. Or they talk about police violence against black people, but they don’t talk about black and black violence. And a lot of black mothers in black neighbourhoods, for instance, in Chicago, New York, they’re saying, we don’t want to give up the police, we don’t want to refund the police. It’s the police that are fighting for us. So you dig deep into what some of these organisations are saying it’s fairly, they have very selfish, very narrow interests. 

On #MeToo:

I think the #MeToo movement started out with something very strong, very powerful, very good, that I approve of as a woman. Which is the proposition that women should be safe in the workplace. And I still support that. And I hoped very much that it would become universal. But it stopped with what I would say is the preoccupation of middle class women. Once we had to then address misconduct by immigrant men, men of colour in large numbers, it sort of came to a screeching halt. And women of low income — for instance, the victims of the grooming gangs in the United Kingdom, or the women that I’m discussing, who are bearing the burden of the unintended consequences of immigration in working class neighbourhoods. #MeToo hasn’t said a word about them or done anything for them. And that’s unfortunate. 

On the cynicism of virtue signalling:

I think first of all, you dig down into what the person or group or company or political party that is virtue signalling is saying, and what is it that their true interest is. And there you will find a number of contradictions and then I think you have to confront them with what do you want, really? When you talk to Ben and Jerry’s: do you want to make a profit? Or do you want to stand with Black Lives Matter? They are making a profit. And what have they done for blacks and black people? Once you start asking these questions, once you write a book like this and you say so you’ve been virtue signalling about women’s rights all this time to feminists, you want to shatter the glass ceiling and sitting board members and become CEOs and so on. But here’s what’s happening to women on the streets, victims of grooming gangs, victims of this type of thing — what have you said and done about that? And then you get the glaring absence of morality and virtue. And I don’t know where that leaves them. 

Many thanks to Ayaan for such an stimulating discussion.[0]=18743&tl_period_type=3