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Mobs of New York

December 11 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Henninger, The Left, US Constitution

Perhaps one of the most important articles I have read in a long time. It is worth broader discussion. ================= How did we get to the point in the United States where street protesters are treated as sainted figures, no matter what they do? How did it happen that important public leaders—the American president, the mayor of New York, college presidents—feel obliged... Read more

A Year of Living on the Brink

October 21 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Big Govt, Henninger

These are the smart people on the Left we’re talking about… ================ History will mark down 2014 as the year predicted 49 years ago by Martha and the Vandellas. In 1965 the group recorded a Motown classic, “Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide.” We’re there, at the brink. Liberia, ISIS, Ukraine, Hong Kong, a hospital fighting Ebola infections in Dallas, the year’s stock-market... Read more

Obama’s Troublesome Congress

July 6 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Henninger, Obama, US Constitution

Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?—King Henry II Why work with the Presidency when the man in office thinks he can simply change lawfully enacted legislation at a whim? ========== The President of the United States went to Minneapolis the other day, where he gave a speech complaining about Republicans in Congress who stand in the way of what... Read more