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Brits urged to get HIV tests as heterosexual diagnoses higher for first time in a decade

February 11 | Posted by mrossol | Coronavirus, Health, Vaccine

Now why would we be starting to see concerns about HIV? Especially in heterosexuals? mrossol

BRITS have been urged to come forward for HIV tests after heterosexual diagnoses of the illness have overtaken those in gay men. It’s the first time the cases have shifted in... Read more

What happens if you don’t follow the official narrative

February 8 | Posted by mrossol | Censorship, Coronavirus, Health, Losing Freedom, Mandates, The Left

I, for one, would trust Dr Nass before about any hospital within 500 miles of here. This is a blatant example of “the system” trying to muzzle those not following the official narrative. mrossol

The Epoch Times, By Alice Giordano,  February 8, 2022
Dr. Meryl Nass was hailed a hero by veterans for helping them expose the... Read more

The bias of experience

February 3 | Posted by mrossol | Critical Thinking, Health, Science

“Experience is misleading for health care policy.” (email)  By Vijay Prasad, 2/3/22

I work as a hematologist oncologist, and attend 3 months on service a year. In this capacity, I have cared for many COVID19 patients. But I am preferentially summoned to weigh in when thrombosis is present. In other-words, my personal experience is often in... Read more

FDA Document on Moderna Vaccine Approval Removed From Agency’s Website

February 3 | Posted by mrossol | Big Govt, Coronavirus, Health

The Epoch Times 2/3/22  By Zachary Stieber

A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) document explaining why the agency approved Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine was removed from the agency’s website overnight. The Summary Basis for Regulatory Action gave more details on how regulators reached the approval decision, and included references to an unpublished analysis that found the rates of post-vaccination heart inflammation were higher... Read more