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World Health Assembly to vote on IHR amendments in unprecedented WHO power grab


Next week, May 22-28, the World Health Assembly, governing body of the World Health Organization (WHO), will meet to vote on amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR).  The amendments can be seen here.  The IHR and the new amendments if passed, are legally binding on the United States and on all United Nations member states as a matter of international law.

According to Peter Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin in their report on this issue, “These amendments will empower WHO’s Director-General to declare health emergencies or crises in any nation and to do so unilaterally and against the opposition of the target nation. The Director-General will be able to declare these health crises based merely on his personal opinion or consideration that there is a potential or possible threat to other nations.” The amendments eliminate the requirement to consult with the affected member state.

In addition, the WHO will be empowered to collaborate with other nations to deal with a declared health crisis even against the wishes of the affected nation.

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) position statement on these amendments puts it this way, “The WHO would have the power to decide what constitutes a ‘pandemic’ and to decide quarantine measures on a global scale. WHO would control the development and safety of new treatments and would decide vaccine mandates for each country! . . . the proposed amendments empower the corrupt Director-General to unilaterally declare a health emergency in any nation even against the opinion of that nation for any illness that is widespread.”

Incredibly, the Biden administration proposed the amendments.  According to AFLDS’ position paper, “This amendment . . . will serve to give away our country’s healthcare system, national sovereignty, and personal freedoms to the WHO on a silver platter.  America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) strongly opposes the creation and implementation of any treaty or international instrument that governs world pandemic preparedness and response.”

Succinctly put, the upshot of these amendments is to surrender sovereignty to the WHO regarding very broadly defined public health crises subject to the whim of the WHO Director-General.  The current Director-General is not even a physician and is wholly unqualified.  Even if he were qualified there is no scenario in which this ends well.

According to Peter Hoekstra former Chairman and Ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee and more recently US ambassador to the Netherlands during the Trump administration, “. . . this ‘next pandemic’ is neither far off nor a hypothetical ‘conspiracy theory’. According to multiple credible reports from the U.S. Department of State, to the executive director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Peter Jennings, China has been preparing for bio-warfare using pathogens for more than six years.” It is no surprise that one of the amendments requires transferring genetic sequence data to the WHO.

In fact, the Trump administration pulled out of the WHO primarily because of its “mistakes” at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, including its deferential approach towards China.  According to Hoekstra, “Tedros, the first non-physician director-general of WHO, is an extremely controversial Marxist activist and politician from Ethiopia installed by the Chinese Communist Party.”

Placing our health policies in the hands of this man in particular who is beholden to the Chinese Communists is terrifying indeed.

We must do everything in our power to stop these amendments from being ratified.


Coffee & Covid: SMUG YAPPERS

Good morning C&C Army! I have a great roundup for you today including: Mad Maxine tests positive; Operation Multiplier updates; a new op; odd congressional covid stats; Elon gently pushes back; thoughts on student loan forgiveness; New York’s high court strikes Dem maps; Fauci says its over but its not over; great news from OK; and a grand jury forms in Loudon County.


🪖 OPERATION MULTIPLIER Update: I had a delightful call yesterday morning with Leslie Manookian, the founder of the Health Freedom Defense Fund. She was incredibly grateful for our multiplier, moved to tears at one point during the call. Like our previous ally Joe Harding, HFDF’s office has been BURIED in hate mail, their email system is under cyberattack, and criminals are flooding them disgusting porn.

All this hate, just for freeing Americans from an unlawful mask order, using the legal, lawful process of taking it to court, which took most of a year to accomplish. Who ARE these nutjobs?

Anyway, Leslie doesn’t have final numbers for us yet but she’s working on it. She did write a delightful thank-you letter to us though. Here’s a snippet:

“I and the entire Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) team would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Jeff Childers of Coffee and Covid (C&C) and all his wonderfully generous followers! … Operation Multiplier [] has yielded an incredible result. … Thank you to each and every one of you that answered the call[!] … We are fighting a leviathan and we simply cannot do this without the support of all of you. … We also have several other major lawsuits in the works so now more than ever we are grateful for your support and encouragement as we continue our work to defend our health freedoms.”

Our encouraging Operation landed JUST when they needed the support most. I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: none of us could have done this alone, no matter how grateful we felt about their mask lawsuit. But working together we moved a mountain. Imagine if we could encourage 100 more HFDF’s to stand up.

Multipliers work because we ALL chip in, just a small amount that individually we won’t even notice, regardless of our economic circumstances. And now, because of how impactful our HFDF multiplier was, you can feel great all day today! We did a marvelous, amazing thing. And, I’ll update you once she gets the figures together.

If you somehow missed the Operation Multiplier post and want to get in on the win, you can still contribute any amount ending in a ‘2’ here:

(FYI, I know about RON JOHNSON. He’s on the list. Stand by for orders.)

🪖 New Operation: We have a brand new operation for all C&C Army soldiers. We have an opportunity created by the Twitter-Musk controversy, which appears to have caused the social media companies to turn the censorship dials way down for the moment, giving us a chance to message without being throttled as much. The new assignment is OPERATION BALLOON. I’m asking every C&C follower to take two or three minutes to blast out the link (or the Facebook page) to as many folks in your list as possible, taking advantage of this incredible chance to expand the army.

I reckon that between Facebook and Substack we currently have about 100,000 readers. Imagine what our multipliers could do if we can get to 1,000,000 readers. Let’s blow it out. To help, I’ll commit to doing my very best snarky optimistic work. We can do this!

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On to the roundup.


🔥 Masked, shielded, and quadruple-vaxxed democrat congresswoman “Mad Maxine” Waters tested positive for covid yesterday.

Don’t worry, she said the words though! In a press release about her positive test, the silly lawmaker recited that “I am grateful to be fully vaccinated and to have received two booster shots. Thankfully, I am feeling fine and recommend everyone to get vaccinated if you have not done so already.”

📈 A fascinating bit of numbers coincidence: In April and May 2022, 94% of covid cases in Congress were among Democrats:

— March: 1 R, 17 D

— April: 1 R, 16 D

Odd, no? I could make a variety of guesses. Dems might be more likely to take the test. Maybe it’s some kind of political strategy. Maybe Omicron likes dems better. Or, maybe they are more likely to have been boosted than Republicans; some data suggests boosting may increase the risk of a covid infection.

🐦 Twitter has continued to evolve this week, even though Musk has not yet completed his purchase. Conservative accounts appear freed from some kind of gulag, with follower numbers increasing faster than probably any time before the 2020 elections. Lefty pushback is ramping up, with dour articles in the New York Times and other heavyweights predicting the acquisition will turn the U.S. into Nazi Germany overnight, or something.

Then yesterday the Biden Administration announced it would take steps to combat misinformation on social media by forming a new department called the “Ministry of Truth,” sorry, I mean the “Disinformation Governance Board.” It’s going to govern misinformation or something.

This is where it really gets interesting and shows why Elon Musk is perhaps the most successful entrepreneur in history. He tweeted “For Twitter to deserve public trust, it must be politically neutral, which effectively means upsetting the far right and the far left equally.”

Boom. One million lefty heads exploded in terrified awe.

What Musk’s saying is fine, if he has to censor people, he’s going to censor BOTH SIDES. Leftists were like, what? Can he DO that? But of course, that’s ONLY FAIR. And the leftists minds were blown, just like that. They see it now, for a brief moment, why it’s a bad idea to let unknown, untransparent, recently-graduated fact-checkers decide what gets online and what doesn’t.

I don’t know if it’s checkmate but it should sure slow down all the blah blah blah.

For the record, I’m not advocating for Elon Musk to be in charge of anything he doesn’t own. I’m just as skeptical of the whole brain interface stuff as anybody else. But you have to admit he’s moving the needle in lots of interesting ways. Plus he makes a great car.

🔥 There’s been a lot of talk about Biden forgiving student loans somehow, to score points with young people for the midterms. It’s a political stunt, but there’s ALREADY a very simple existing potential solution for folks mired in un-payable student debt: bankruptcy.

The only current challenge is that bankruptcy courts came up with a hardship standard called the Brunner ‘certainty of hopelessness standard’ that makes it incredibly difficult to discharge student loans in bankruptcy. I have litigated this issue. In one case where we tried to convince a bankruptcy court to provide a discharge for an un-payable student loan, I wrote this in my conclusion:

It is not any exaggeration to observe that nondischargeable student loans are literally destroying lives. Destroying them, in thousands and tens of thousands. Entire generations of productivity are being lost, wasted. There is not a single shred of evidence that the made-up ‘certainty of hopelessness’ standard has done anything but backfire, badly. There is no legitimate moral defense for this crippling, inhumane system. It is terrifying to imagine the harvest if the Courts do not repair what they have broken. [The borrower] begs this Court to help turn the tide only by applying basic rules of linguistic interpretation to Brunner and discarding layers of ‘retributive dicta.’ It has to start somewhere. Let it start here.

In that 2020 case, the court unfortunately ruled by avoiding the hardship issue, denying the request to discharge the borrower’s student loans, and saying that the borrower must first complete five years of attempted repayment under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, and only then could he come back and ask for a hardship discharge.

We don’t need a new statute or act or an executive order to solve the student loan problem. All we need is for the courts to announce they’re relaxing the hardship standard. That’s it. It would solve all the most difficult student loan problems instantly. If Biden issues some kind of blanket forgiveness, it will punish the people who saved and sacrificed and skimped and worked hard to pay off their loans.

Even more important, relaxing the bankruptcy standard would help all students going forward, because lenders would have to rein in the wild-west market for student credit, because they’d know that students with bad loans could get bankruptcy discharges if they get underwater. Loans should be tailored to the degree earned. There’s no reason for a kid getting a marketing degree to borrow $100K. They’ll never earn enough to pay it back.

🔥 Fox News ran a surprising article yesterday headlined, “New York’s Highest Court Strikes Down Dems’ ‘Partisan’ Redistricting In ‘Big Time’ Defeat.” The decision affirmed a lower court that had found the same thing, that the dem’s proposed redistricting map was unconstitutional because the district boundaries had been unconstitutionally gerrymandered and the Legislature hadn’t followed proper procedure in passing the maps.

The GOP’s lawsuit against the new district lines was supported by computer simulations from an alert elections analyst who’d discovered the maps were gerrymandered. Great work.

🪳 Welp, it’s official now, I guess. Or maybe not. According to NPR, yesterday the public health team’s top insect Anthony Fauci spoke from one bodily orifice saying the country is now OUT of the pandemic phase, but on the SAME DAY he also emitted the exact opposite opinion. I know you can’t believe it, since Fauci’s been an icon of consistency so far. Anyway, the little weasel said it’s OVER on PBS NewsHour yesterday:

“We are certainly right now in this country out of the pandemic phase,” Fauci said in an interview with PBS NewsHour. “Namely, we don’t have 900,000 new infections a day and tens and tens and tens of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths. We are at a low level right now. So if you’re saying, ‘Are we out of the pandemic phase in this country?’ — we are,” he said.

Fauci actually gassed on about how over the pandemic is for almost a full minute, in fact.

But then — on the SAME DAY — Fauci told an Associated Press reporter the EXACT OPPOSITE:

“We are in a different moment of the pandemic,” he said. After a brutal winter surge, Fauci added, “we’ve now decelerated and transitioned into more of a controlled phase. By no means does that mean the pandemic is over.”

So which is it? That right there is a mighty fine example of same-day narrative shifting. But what most amazes me is that a lot of people in this country will accept both Fauci’s statements, that “we are … out of the pandemic phase in this country” and also that “by no means does this mean the pandemic is over.” Somehow, some people can hold both thoughts in their minds simultaneously and be perfectly satisfied with that.

It seems like George Orwell had some ideas about this mystical double-brain power, but I can’t remember it right now.

🔥 The Oklahoma legislature just passed a bill to ban abortions immediately if Roe v. Wade is overturned. So you can add one more.

🔥 A special grand jury has been convened in Loudon County, Virginia, to consider criminal charges related to that school board’s mishandling and cover-ups of sexual assault cases in its schools. On January 15, newly-elected Governor Younkin issued an executive order authorizing the state’s Attorney General to investigate certain incidents at Stone Bridge and Broad Run High Schools.

As a reminder, the story originally broke because a father angrily and tearfully confronted the school board about covering for a boy who’d raped his daughter, a predator who the school had authorized to freely enter girl’s bathrooms whenever he wanted. The school board handled the understandably upset father by promptly having him arrested and thrown out of the meeting. How dare he.

The school board members who authorized the rapist and then covered up the assault, along with a SECOND rape, still sit smugly in office. They might be a little less smug now though, since Younkin entered another order approving a special election in November for the whole board, which would be super helpful if they are all in jail by then, since they can’t attend school board meetings from prison. Maybe Younkin’s thinking ahead?

Now, I know it’s not the grand jury you all REALLY want to see, but it’s a start!

My prediction: they’ll all resign soon, they’ll quit yapping like dogs — on advice of counsel — and, they WON’T sue over the special election in November like they have been threatening to do.


Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll be back tomorrow morning with more delicious Coffee & Covid!


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Confessions of a Coup Plotter, or The Death of Free Speech

By Frank Miele   April 25, 2022

Remember when we all thought we knew what a coup was? “A sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government,” as defined by Google’s Oxford dictionary. From the French coup d’etat, literally “blow of state.”

That’s what it was then, but now a coup is when legal means are used to counter a perceived attempt to seize power through subterfuge and electoral manipulation. Huh? That doesn’t make any sense.

No it doesn’t, but it’s the narrative being pushed by the far-left media and the inbred governing elites, who have essentially turned language into a weapon against those who would challenge their power. Thus, anyone who sought an investigation into the 2020 presidential election is now a danger to society, a threat to democracy, a domestic terrorist who ought to be thrown in prison.

It starts with Donald Trump, of course, who apparently engaged in what Rep. Jamie Raskin has identified peculiarly as a “self-coup.” And it continues with the protesters who foolishly fought with police on Jan. 6 because they thought that a real coup was taking place inside the Capitol and that they could do something about it. But in the past few weeks, we have been coached to accept the idea that anyone was part of the so-called “Trump coup” if they doubted the official election results. Never mind the First Amendment. Never mind the rule of law. If you took any steps, even though entirely legal, to contest the election, you are an enemy of the state.

Which brings me to my confession. I have to admit that both before and after the Nov. 3, 2020 election, I suspected that the Democrats would rig the election and said so publicly. I encouraged President Trump to fight the election results in the Electoral College, in the courts, in peaceful rallies, and in Congress. It seemed to me that no step short of violence should be omitted in the effort to prove that the election was stolen.

I was not alone. That’s probably what pisses off Democrats so much. There were millions of us, the good old Deplorables, who refused to give up and go away just because we were told by the media that we were crazy. After all, the media had told us we were crazy for thinking The Donald could win in 2016. They told us we were crazy for thinking Hillary Clinton was behind the Russia collusion hoax. They told us we were crazy for believing that a laptop filled with incriminating evidence against Hunter Biden and his father could be anything other than “Russian disinformation.”

They told us we were unhinged conspiracy theorists, but we persevered. We knew by now that the media lies – relentlessly. We knew they were in the tank for the Democratic Party. We knew that it was an uphill battle to get the truth out when the other side controlled Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and most of Fox News. But we knew we had a right to fight for what we believe in – not with arms, but armed with truth. This was still America after all.

So Sen. Josh Hawley worked to put together a coalition of Republican senators and representatives who would present evidence of fraud to the joint body of Congress which had to give its imprimatur to the Electoral College results. Earlier, attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis had gone into court after court looking for a venue where the evidence would be heard instead of turned away. And behind the scenes, people like Clarence Thomas’ wife Ginni were working to convince anyone who could help to keep fighting.

Under the new rules, Thomas is a coup plotter because she sent a text message urging Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows to help Trump “stand firm” against what she called “the greatest Heist of our History.” That communication was one of many collected by the House’s Jan. 6 select committee through subpoenas and intimidation and then leaked to the media, which dutifully reported them as if they were incriminating.

They are not. Despite the breathless reporting by the likes of Chuck Todd and Jonathan Karl, the messages are predictable and repetitive. They prove nothing other than what we knew already – that many of those who believed the 2020 election was stolen weren’t content to sit quietly on the sidelines. Like Ginni Thomas, we were trying to think of any strategy that would convince the courts, Congress, and the American people to look at the evidence. It was no secret that we were doing so, because we were shouting from the highest mountain tops. Yet the Jan. 6 committee keeps trotting out these text messages and emails as if they were shedding light on some dark, hidden conspiracy.

Democrats seem to be convinced that anyone who questioned the election results publicly is guilty of “seditious conspiracy.” People like me are called “insurrectionists” even if we weren’t anywhere near the Capitol on the day when protesters stormed the halls of Congress.

The logic of the case is flawless. After all, the government told us in no uncertain terms that this election was “the most secure in American history,” and since the government has never lied to us before, we were expected to either heartily embrace the official story or at the very least shut the hell up. Dissent, we discovered, is not allowed in a democracy, dammit.

Unfortunately for me, I’ve always been a contrarian, so now there is a ton of evidence that I was part of the Trump “self-coup,” and I figure there’s nothing left for me to do except confess. It should be easy for some smart young government lawyer to convince a court to lock me up for years based on what I have written.

Heck, even before the election was over, I warned that no one should expect the results to be announced early “because of the rigged system of early voting and late counting cobbled together by Democrats and useful idiot RINOs that allows massive manipulation of the results to achieve a favored result.” I also warned that “Any state that allows late counting could see weird things like precincts voting 100% for Biden.”

Despite my fears, by midnight Eastern Time, I was ready to project that Donald Trump was the winner even though I conceded that he had likely lost Wisconsin and Arizona. I awarded him Pennsylvania, where he was ahead by 14 percentage points, and Michigan, where he had an 11-point lead. And I gave him Georgia, of course, not yet knowing about the votes that were stashed under tables or the corrupt bargain that Stacy Abrams had negotiated with the secretary of state.

The next morning I wrote a post where I assessed the dramatic swing that had occurred while most of America was sleeping. Seems that the vote counting had stopped in key states with Trump far ahead, but then miraculously switched direction when counting started again. All of a sudden it looked like Trump would lose. Still, I included this caveat: “The question of course is whether there is any fraud in the ballot counting. The whole thing will be headed to court, but Republicans don’t usually win in court.”

Truer words were never written. Except maybe these written later that same day:

“How can it be 24 hours later, and we still don’t know the final unofficial vote count from every state in the union? I know there are many different time zones, but are some of the states still in the 19th century? In what reality is it OK for Nevada to just stop counting its ballots with 75% done? … Don’t get me started on Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. There are lots of questions in all three states about the magical ability of Joe Biden to garner thousands of votes at the same time Trump gets none. We will see whether those votes hold up.”

Well, needless to say, they did hold up – in the official count – but that didn’t stop many of us from asking questions, raising hell, and demanding answers.

Two days after the election, I wrote a column for RealClearPolitics that called Nov. 3 “the Kafka Election” and began to list some of the irregularities being reported in five battleground states, and particularly in Detroit, Mich.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Atlanta, Ga.; Milwaukee, Wis.; and Las Vegas, Nev.

“The allegations,” I noted, “range from mysterious ballot drops that seem to show tens of thousands of votes for Joe Biden and zero votes for President Trump, inexplicable record turnouts in late-counting counties (all Democrat-dominated) that far surpass turnouts in counties in other states where the votes were counted on a timely basis; and of course the illegal banning of election observers in those very counties where the most outrageous anomalies are reported.”

As I also wrote at the time, “The judicial process allows a candidate to go to court to present evidence of fraud or violations of law in the casting or counting of ballots, but then what? … [I]f Republicans prove wrongdoing, what exactly is the solution? Remember, you can’t distinguish a legal vote from an illegal vote once they have been counted, so what can a judge do? What could the Supreme Court do?”

For the next two months, I posted repeatedly to my blog at about the legal fight to prove fraud in the election – and about the media’s stubborn refusal to look at the evidence. By the end of December, there was only one legal remedy left – stopping the certification of the electoral votes by Congress on Jan. 6, 2021. I therefore celebrated on Dec. 30 when Sen. Hawley announced he would object to the results in Pennsylvania and possibly in other states. That meant the case for election fraud would finally be put before the American people in a venue where the evidence could not be ignored or swept under the rug.

The following Monday, I ran a column at RealClearPolitics that lauded Hawley for answering “The Call of Conscience,” but adding a word of caution:

“Mind you, there is no reason to expect that the Jan. 6 session of Congress will result in certification of President Trump as the victor of the 2020 election. Despite the extensive evidence of fraud that has been amassed, this vote will be an exercise in raw political power, not an expression of blind justice. Probably the best that Trump supporters can hope for is a fair hearing before the American people regarding the reason why doubts exist as to the legitimacy of Biden’s apparent victory.”

Unfortunately, that fair hearing never happened. As everyone now knows, the invasion of the Capitol by overzealous protesters shut down the whole process. The case for fraud was never properly made because by the time Congress reconvened in the middle of the night, the nation’s attention had shifted to the dangerous assault that had occurred in broad daylight. National Guard troops were called up to protect the Capitol, razor-wire fences were erected, and the Democrats began their steady drum beat of rhetoric that blamed Trump for a coup and an insurrection.

Let’s get one thing straight. The riot that happened on Jan. 6 did not aid Trump’s cause.. It hurt the president more than anyone, and quickly led to him being impeached for the second time. As I wrote while the riot was still taking place:

“We don’t know who these people are yet, but President Trump is going to get the blame for this idiotic insurrection. If they are patriots, who do they think they are helping? Certainly not Trump! [But] when Democrats say Trump was attempting a coup, they will now point to this violence as proof of their claims.”

That was smart of me. Too smart. And when I look back at what I wrote from Nov. 3, 2020 to Jan. 6, 2021, and beyond, I am surprised there hasn’t already been a knock on my door, followed by the shout: “Come out from behind the First Amendment. Put your column down, stop writing, hands in the air, and follow us! You’re under arrest for plotting a coup.”

Frank Miele, the retired editor of the Daily Inter Lake in Kalispell Mont., is a columnist for RealClearPolitics. His new book, “What Matters Most: God, Country, Family and Friends,” and his earlier books are available from his Amazon author page. Visit him at to read his daily commentary or follow him on Facebook @HeartlandDiaryUSA or on Twitter or Gettr @HeartlandDiary.


Reich (and Fauci) are Wildly Wrong

Reich (and Fauci) are Wildly Wrong

By Donald Boudreaux   April 24, 2022   Law   3 minute read SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL

Dear Correspondent,

Because when you sent to me the following tweet by Robert Reich you provided no commentary, I can’t tell if you approve or disapprove of its contents, which are in full:

Perhaps there’s something wrong with a system that allows a 35-year-old, unelected, Trump-nominated judge — whom the American Bar Association deemed unqualified — to strike down the travel mask mandate for the entire country?

Yet sensing that you find Reich’s tweet to be a brilliantly damning indictment of U.S. District Court Judge Kathyrn Kimball Mizelle’s ruling against the CDC’s mask mandate, I feel obliged to explain why I think Reich’s tweet is, to put it mildly, moronic.

First, there is no legally specified minimum age for serving on the federal bench. Joseph Story – no slouch as a jurist – was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court at the age of 32.

Second, like him or not, Donald Trump was president from 2017 to 2021, and among any president’s duties is to nominate federal-court judges.

Third, Judge Mizelle wasn’t put on the court by Trump unilaterally; she was approved by the Senate.

Fourth, all federal-court judges are unelected.

Fifth, also unelected are all public-health officials, including Anthony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky.

Sixth, while the ABA did indeed deem Judge Mizelle to be unqualified, it did so because she spent little time in the private practice of law. If this criterion suffices to render someone unfit for high government office, Anthony Fauci is even less qualified for his position than is Judge Mizelle for hers, given that Fauci spent no time in the private practice of medicine. Upon completion of his residency in 1968, he took a job with the National Institutes of Health. He has ever since been employed by the government.

Seventh, because the CDC is a federal-government agency, its diktats generally cover the entire country – a fact that should be doubly obvious in the case of diktats affecting interstate commercial air travel. Judge Mizelle could hardly have ruled against the mask mandate for only a subsection of the country.

Eighth, Reich skates alarmingly close to implicitly endorsing a totalitarian proposition that Fauci recently endorsed explicitly – namely, that government-employed public-health bureaucrats are above the law. About Judge Mizelle’s ruling, Fauci declared: “We are concerned about that – about courts getting involved in things that are unequivocally public health decisions. I mean, this is a CDC issue; it should not be a court issue.”

To propose that any government action be immune to judicial oversight – that is, immune to oversight by the formal guardians of the law – is to propose that the officials who perform that action are above the law. As Reason’sEric Boehm wrote in reaction to this authoritarian outburst by Fauci, “This is either a complete misunderstanding of the American system’s basic functions or an expression of disdain toward the rule of law.”

Donald J. Boudreaux
Professor of Economics


  • Donald Boudreaux Donald J. Boudreaux is a senior fellow with Brownstone Institute and with the F.A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University; a Mercatus Center Board Member; and a professor of economics and former economics-department chair at George Mason University.

I'm serious… usually. (Martin Rossol)