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A Serious Country

June 7 | Posted by mrossol | 1st Amendment, American Thought, Critical Theory, History, Western Civilization

Wilfred McClay Photo: Heritage Foundation
From remarks delivered by 2022 Bradley Prize winner Wilfred M.... Read more

Coffee & Covid:IN DROVES

April 27 | Posted by mrossol | Childers, Coronavirus, Critical Theory, Vaccine

April 27, 2022 Friday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed HB 7 into law, the first bill in the country banning deranged “corporate wokeness” and racist Critical Race Theory from being used or taught in the workplace and public classrooms. In a press briefing on the new law, DeSantis said: “We are not going to use your tax dollars to teach kids to... Read more

Norman Podhoretz on the Spiritual War for America

December 11 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Critical Theory, Patriotism, Republican(s), The Left, The Right, Trump

Sounds like I need to read some of Mr Podhoretz’s books! mrossol The Wall Street Journal, By Barton Swaim, Dec. 10, 2021

Norman Podhoretz Illustration: Barbara Kelley
There... Read more

Why the New York Times rewrites history

November 16 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Critical Theory, Liberal Press, Racism

UnHerd, 11/16/2021  by Ashley Rindsberg

In the world of infotainment, every media brand needs its star. And nowhere is that more true than with one of today’s most influential outlets, the New York Times. In the space of just five years, the Times has succeeded in propelling its stellar asset, Nikole Hannah-Jones, to the rarified heights of celebrity... Read more

National School Boards Association Apologizes Over Letter Comparing Parents to Domestic Terrorists

October 24 | Posted by mrossol | 1st Amendment, Critical Theory, Education, Losing Freedom

If I were on a school board, I would urge disassociation with NSBA. They issued an apology, but the mentality or beliefs that caused them to write what they did in the first place is likely still very much a part of that organization. Proof is in how they will respond to parents’ input. mrossol

By Lorenz... Read more

The Patriot Act Wasn’t Meant to Target Parents – WSJ

October 14 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Biden, Critical Theory, Deep State, Democrat Party, Patriotism

It was the fear of this kind of administrative action which was one of the reasons I voted the way I did in the 2020 election. I was voting against the Democrat ideals which are on display everywhere these days. mrossol WSJ By F. James Sensenbrenner  October 12,2021 As principal author of the Patriot Act and chairman of the House Judiciary... Read more

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