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Putin Acts, Obama Assesses

April 18 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Crimea, Obama, Russia, Ukraine

Aren’t you glad we have such a reflective President? ====== The White House on Monday said there was “overwhelming evidence” that Russia is stirring the unrest in eastern Ukraine, but President Obama hasn’t yet decided if further sanctions are warranted. That’s how the Associated Press put its dispatch from Washington on the crisis in Ukraine, and the juxtaposition is a perfect summary... Read more

Putin Acts, the West Talks

March 18 | Posted by mrossol | Crimea, Obama, Russia, The Left

f ========== President Obama and European leaders are ratcheting up their rhetoric against Russia. Too bad Vladimir Putin is a man of action who hasn’t seen anything worth stopping his assault on Ukraine. In the two weeks since Russia invaded Crimea, the U.S. has put a handful of unnamed officials in Moscow on a visa-ban list. The Europeans suspended talks on trade and... Read more

Lessons in Democracy for Ukraine’s Neighbors

March 18 | Posted by mrossol | Crimea, Losing Freedom, Russia, The Left

Lessons which I’m sure they will learn. ======== The world justifiably feels for Ukraine and finds itself scrambling to come up with an appropriate response to the Russian incursion. Yet even as a whole host of new democracies race to forget their pasts, one could see this Ukraine mess coming. If you are running any of the new democracies with difficult histories—Poland,... Read more

Noonan: Warnings From the Ukraine Crisis

March 18 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Crimea, Losing Freedom, Noonan, Russia, The Left

A good read. ====== What has been happening in Ukraine is not a wake-up call precisely but a tugging at the attention, a demand to focus. There’s a sense that in some new way we are watching the 21st century take its shape and express its central realities. Exactly 100 years ago, in August 1914, the facts that would shape the 20th century... Read more

Welcome to the 19th Century

March 18 | Posted by mrossol | Crimea, Losing Freedom, Obama, Russia

Well, well, well. Hows the dialog working for you, Mr. President? ========= ‘You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext,” declared John Kerry on March 2 as Russia began its conquest of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula. Though he didn’t intend it, the U.S. Secretary of State was summing up the... Read more

Obama’s Unserious Sanctions

March 18 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Crimea, Obama

The Left will never call Obama out on this… ======= President Obama and the European Union announced their sanctions response to Vladimir Putin’s rolling conquest of Crimea on Monday, and the most accurate assessment came from financial markets. Moscow’s stock exchange, which has been battered for two weeks in fear of Western sanctions, rose 3.7%. Congratulations, Mr. President. You gave the Kremlin... Read more

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