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Top 10 Takeaways from Durham Report

May 17 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Clinton, FBI, Transparency[non]

Source: Top 10 takeaways from Durham report | Just The News Special Counsel John Durham on Monday released a 300-plus page report critical of the FBI, Justice Department and the entire U.S. intelligence community for its pursuit of an investigation into alleged collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and the Russian government without evidence to substantiate the underlying allegations. Here are some... Read more

Durham Report Shows FBI Repeatedly Hamstrung Clinton Investigations

May 17 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Clinton, Deep State, Democrat Party, FBI, Intelligence Services, Law, Ruling Class, US Constitution

Source: IN-DEPTH: Durham Report Shows FBI Repeatedly Hamstrung Clinton Investigations

By Petr Svab
May 16, 2023
FBI officials intervened again and again ahead of the 2016 election to limit agents’ ability to investigate potential criminal activity related to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or her presidential campaign, according to a recent report by special counsel John... Read more

C&C. Dems Suing the Victims. Durham Implicates FBI. Self-Defense in FL.

May 16 | Posted by mrossol | 2nd Amendment, Childers, Clinton, Democrat Party, FBI, The Left

Source: HOT WIRED ☙ Tuesday, May 16, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🗞💬 *WORLD NEWS AND COMMENTARY* 💬🗞 🔥 Do you, like me, ever meditate over whether democrat politicians actually understand where crime comes from? WBAL-TV Baltimore ran an odd story late last week headlined, “‘Vehicular Crime Wave’: Baltimore Suing Kia and Hyundai Over Lack of Anti-Theft Tech.” As far as I can tell,... Read more

Mar-a-Lago Raid: Kash Patel Talks Search Warrants, Law Enforcement, Magistrate Judge Reinhart

August 14 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Clinton, Deep State, Democrat Party, Law, US Constitution

What Kash Patel describes should make any American’s blood boil. It really has little to do with Donald Trump; it is about the two tier system of justice, and the blatant destruction of due process by the federal law enforcement agencies and Department of Justice. (This might be behind a pay-wall. Let me know and I will... Read more

Hillary Clinton Did It

May 23 | Posted by mrossol | Clinton, Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton, Ruling Class, Special Counsel, The Left

The Russia-Trump collusion narrative of 2016 and beyond was a dirty trick for the ages, and now we know it came from the top—candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. That was the testimony Friday by 2016 Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook in federal court, and while this news is... Read more

Sullivan at centre of Durham probe, as Clinton allies spied on Trump

February 14 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Big Tech, Clinton, Deep State, Democrat Party, FBI, Hillary Clinton, Law, Liberal Press, The Left

What Durham is exposing may very well have more dramatic impacts on the United States and American citizens than 9/11. Multiples of what Nixon did… Pray for back-bone in American citizens to reclaim what is so close to being lost. Our constitutional government and American way of life. mrossol

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