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Australia Begins ‘Unprecedented’ Pushback Against Beijing

July 15 | Posted by mrossol | Australia, China

I hope the Aussies don’t back down. mrossol The Australian government is boldly pushing back against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)—a newborn strategic position held by a government facing an increasingly hostile and antagonistic Beijing. Recent aggressions by the CCP that in the past often failed to be directly addressed—are now being met with counterblows by the Morrison government, and it’s... Read more

Worried About Big Brother?

November 5 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, China, Social Engineering, The Left

Oh, yes, we should be really, really worried! ====== WSJ 11/5/2018 By Andy Kessler Hardly a week goes by that I don’t run into people who, when I ask how they are doing, tell me they’re worried about authoritarianism. Living in California, my impulse is to ask if they’re worried about the state’s one-party rule. But before I can get that out, the... Read more

Google: No to USA; Yes to China.

August 5 | Posted by mrossol | China, Stupidity

A wonderful (?) example of politically correct non-think.  [And when only the money matters.] WSJ – 8/4/2018 Intent on abiding by its founding motto, “Don’t Be Evil,” Google announced in June that it would not participate in a U.S. military program seeking to apply artificial intelligence to drone technology. This week it has been reported that Google is attempting to reintroduce its... Read more

Cost of Doing Business in China

February 21 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, China

When will US companies begin standing for something more than their bottom line? ===== WSJ2/21/2018 Mercedes-Benz, the luxury unit of Daimler AG, recently learned the price of crossing Beijing. Earlier this month the German car maker was attacked by state media after posting an anodyne Dalai Lama quote on Instagram. The company quickly and abjectly apologized to the Chinese government. It then went... Read more