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Source: Coffee & Covid ☙ Tuesday, August 2, 2022 ☙ GETTING KINETIC


🔥 The Washington Post ran a moving and incredibly encouraging story yesterday headlined, “Conservatives Skeptical of Coronavirus Vaccines Battle to Lead a Hospital.”

The WaPo didn’t mean it to be encouraging, that was an accident. Remarkably, the article actually praises SOME Republicans, by carefully peeling away “conservatives,” who are described as “activists,” “skeptics,” and “distrustful of vaccines,” from a handful of “moderate Republicans,” who are pedigreed, credentialed and who ALWAYS boost covid vaccines and mandates, like good little doggies.

The article begins with Sarasota conservative Victor Rohe, who got a bad case of covid last September, and decided to rent his own oxygen unit and treat himself instead of taking his chances with remdesivir and the ventilator in Sarasota Hospital, which was the only treatment it offered.

Now he’s doing just fine, and he’s running for the hospital board.

WaPo says there are four cooperating candidates running for the board. They’re challenging long-established incumbents, and “at least three of whom are skeptical of coronavirus vaccine mandates, [all] rallying behind the theme of ‘medical freedom.’”

Sounds good to me, but the WaPo hints darkly that this is a disastrous development.

I have personal experience with Sarasota Hospital. Among others, including top-level hospital staff, last year I spoke with Dr. Stephan Guffanti, a retired ER doctor. He was hospitalized for covid at Sarasota. Guffanti told me that his roommate, an elderly black man, was in distress and was being ignored by staff, until his situation became life threatening. So, Guffanti became his roommate’s patient advocate and began insisting on improved care for him and pointing out the Hospital’s negligence.

Before he knew what had happened to him, Guffanti found himself physically restrained — tied down — in a bed in a room by himself. His roommate died. Guffanti, through what he believes was a miracle, somehow got himself discharged AMA. After Guffanti started loudly and publicly complaining and spoke to media about what had happened, Sarasota Hospital spokeslady Kim Savage accused him of lying for “politically motivated” reasons. Fortunately, he’d videotaped much of his experience and folks helped him put it online. Boom.

It wasn’t Guffanti who was lying.

After unsuccessfully trying to find a legal way to address the problems, Guffanti took personal responsibility for the problem — analogously to how Victor Rohe took personal responsibility for getting his own oxygen and treating his covid at home.

According to the WaPo article, about a month ago Dr. Guffanti recruited a slate of candidates to run for the Hospital board, whose members hold staggered 4-year terms. The WaPo notes the nine current members — four are up for election this year — are all establishment Republicans, described by the WaPo as “relatively moderate GOP candidates” with “extensive backgrounds in medicine or business.”

Mostly business.

For example, Darryl W. Henry, cemented into the hospital board in 2008, worked in DC for the Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon and later for a defense contractor. Another incumbent, Joseph J. DeVirgilio,Jr., is a former utility executive from Upstate New York. These gentlemen, along with the rest of the board, should be ashamed of themselves. They should do a lot of soul searching about their roles in the bloody disaster that unfolded in the Sarasota hospital system during the pandemic.

On the other hand, the challengers lack connections with the defense industry or with New York public utilities. They are mostly DOCTORS AND NURSES, which clearly disgusts the highbrow WaPo. What do doctors and nurses know about running a hospital? “It is time demanding and it requires deep intellectual thought and requires you gaining knowledge of the entire medical process, and entire medical financial process,” the article quotes pompous board member Darryl Henry.

Oh no! Running a hospital requires “deep intellectual thought,” like the former defense contractor has. Doctors and nurses can’t think deeply and intellectually. It’s a good thing we have former defense contractors to save us.

The challengers are all running on a “patients first” platform of medical autonomy and the rights of patients to direct their own care, instead of blindly handing their bodies over to faceless bureaucrat non-doctors like elitists Henry and DeVirgilio. For some reason, the challenging candidates seem to think people and their doctors should make choices about care, instead of hospital boards dictating that the only treatment patients will get, like it or not, regardless of their individual conditions, comorbidities, or drug interactions, is remdesivir and the ventilator.

I don’t need to tell you about the well-known problems with THAT unfortunate treatment protocol, do I?

Candidate Victor Rohe told WaPo, “The biggest problem, and it’s not just here, it’s all around the country, is the interruption of the doctor-patient relationship,” adding that one of the reasons he decided to self-treat his own coronavirus infection was hearing about Guffanti’s experience at the hospital. “If you went to a hospital. Would you want your medical decisions made by a bureaucrat? Or by your doctor? … The culture of the hospital has changed.”

Well put.

Folks, THIS is how we do it. I bet most of us never even knew that some hospital systems have elected boards, or that it made a smidgen of difference to anybody who was on those boards. But we just found out — the hard way — that it DOES matter, it makes a BIG difference, a life or death difference.

Many of our friends and relatives paid for our education with their lives.

It wasn’t always this way. But we forgot about service to the community, and were too distracted, too busy serving ourselves, and too focused on chasing our own opportunities and serving our own families and social groups. Parasites infected the social systems while we were looking the other way.

Now, we are going to have to claw back every little beautification board and neighborhood planning committee in our local communities. Let’s follow the great example set by this Sarasota group. So pick something and get to work. Retired C&Cers, this is your call to action.

Since the WaPo refused to link any of the candidates’ websites, I’m doing it: [ – Health Freedom SRQ]( If someone can let my office know where to donate, I’d like to give an amount ending in a ‘$2’ to each candidate, and I’ll be happy to include the links in tomorrow’s post as unofficial multipliers.

🔥 Well, it looks like Nancy Pelosi pulled off a $100M insider stock deal in Nvidia Corporation while she was shepherding a massive semiconductor deal through Congress. Perfectly legal, of course. Coincidentally, Nvidia has its largest manufacturing plant in Taiwan, so it would be hard on her portfolio if China invaded or anything. Also coincidentally, according to numerous corporate media sources late yesterday, like CNN, as well as Taiwanese media, Pelosi WILL land on the controversial island sometime this evening.

So many people are tracking flight SPAR19 — Pelosi’s flight — that it shut down FlightAware’s website for a while overnight. Independent reports suggest over half a million people are watching her stupid plane inch around the globe in real time. As of this morning, she’d just left Malaysia, apparently flying East around the South China Sea to approach Taiwan from the South. If she’s going.

Needless to say, there’s a massive military buildup happening in the region.

For example, China has apparently now staged amphibious tanks across from Taiwan, its Shandong and Liaoning carrier groups have left port, and it is holding constant drills in the region. Taiwan is on “high alert,” has canceled all military leave, and mass mobilization is underway.

The U.S. has deployed FOUR carrier groups to the region: USS Ronald Reagan, USS America, USS Tripoli, and the USS Abraham Lincoln. (Technically, the Tripoli is a flight-decked amphibious assault ship, and the Abe Lincoln is somewhere off Hawaii).

The USS Ronald Reagan appears positioned to provide a fighter escort for Pelosi after her plane turns north to approach Taiwan.

Meanwhile, China has test-fired its hypersonic “carrier killer” missile:

Nothing could go wrong with this plan! Hopefully they’ve thought it all through. One question is, how much did this all cost? I hope it’s worth it. Another question is, with this much live hardware in one tiny area right off China’s coast, what are the chances of war starting on ACCIDENT?

And … for the love of humanity … what about the carbon footprint!?!?!? This operation alone will probably raise the sea level six inches.

The only thing I could find suggesting I should endorse this reckless show of force and maniac brinksmanship is that the socialists oppose Pelosi’s trip:

That kind of put me in a tough spot. I sort of reflexively support anything the world socialists oppose. Hmm. Well, there’s nothing we can do about it anyway, except watch this literally unbelievable drama play out.

Haha, if I’d told you covid would make THIS happen, even C&Cers would’ve thought I was an unhinged conspiracy theorist.

🔥 I recently ran across a March 11th Substack post by former New York Times journalist Alex Berenson, who has reliably challenged the covid narrative since day one (and still does). In the post, titled “Don’t Be a Useful Idiot,” Berenson attempts to debunk what he characterizes as the “Russian conspiracy theory” that U.S.-supported biolabs in Ukraine contributed somehow to starting the war.

He’s wrong.

First, Berenson credulously accepts the corporate media narrative that the brave Ukrainians fought back harder and longer than the Russians expected, so TAKE THAT! Putin. The truth is Russia would have fully occupied Ukraine months ago except that Russia isn’t fighting Ukraine, it’s fighting Ukraine plus NATO plus the United States. And still, Russia continues to gain ground anyway. I’m not knocking Ukraine or promoting Putin. I’m just saying. Those are the facts.

Berenson’s overly simplistic description of the conflict make suspect the rest of his “simple explanation,” which is that in 1991 after the fall of the Soviet Union, the United States hired a bunch of the communist bioweapons scientists to keep them from going to work for rogue states and terrorists. That part is true; the stated aims for the program were to put the Soviet scientists to work in CIVILIAN jobs. Hammering weapons into plowshares; you know. For the good of humanity and so forth.

Maybe that’s how it started. But now it’s thirty years later. Most of those scientists should be long retired on generous pensions. But for some reason there are more labs now than there were at the beginning. And our government is providing ZERO transparency about them when — if the work really was civilian — a normal government would address the allegations by opening the books. Plus, the government initially lied about whether there were ANY biolabs in Ukraine, before being forced to admit there are OVER FORTY. Why should we believe them now?

Here’s how Berenson sums up his flawed argument:

“Now the Russians need a new excuse for their war and its crimes. It doesn’t have to be a good excuse, it just has to be something they and the Chinese can say that is a little less absurd than /Zelensky drinks the blood of Russian children morning noon and night (/they may yet get there). Thus the talk of biolabs and bioweapons, which forces the media to explain that Ukrainian labs weren’t actually doing… whatever it is the Russians are hinting they were doing.”

To his credit, Berenson admits, as he must after his last two years of reporting, that our government was caught more or less red-handed in its involvement with gain of function research in Wuhan. And he also allows that the media has been lying nonstop for two years about covid so it’s hard to believe their denials about biolabs in Ukraine. But he dismisses all that out of hand. We can trust them NOW.

I disagree. Just because we hired Soviet bio-scientists thirty years ago to keep them off the market does NOT provide a satisfactory explanation of what the Democrats have been up to in Ukraine since helping install the Zelensky regime in 2014, especially in the face of unanswered Russian claims. If we can spend billions to help octogenarian Nancy Pelosi jet over to check out her semiconductor investments in Taiwan, it seems like we could throw a little cash at debunking the Russian claims.

I love Alex, but he’s wrong about ivermectin, he’s wrong about Dr. Malone, and he’s wrong about this one, too.

🔥 The State of Illinois has jumped on the cash wagon, joining New York City and San Fransisco in declaring a state of emergency for monkeypox yesterday. As of yesterday, there were 530 cases in the state, of which most, 330, were in Chicago.

Rotund Governor Pritzer explained, “MPV is a rare, but potentially serious disease that requires the full mobilization of all available public health resources to prevent the spread.” Haha, it’s RARE, and it might be painful and inconvenient, so ALL public health resources in Illinois must be mobilized.

Twitter avatar for @GovPritzkerGovernor JB Pritzker @GovPritzker

One CBS article reporting the story is headlined, “Gov. Pritzker Declares Monkeypox Virus Outbreak in Illinois a Public Health Emergency.” The article included some very useful information.

Cherry-picked local expert Dr. Karen Krueger (no relation to Freddy that we know of) explained that she hopes the declaration of emergency will help with FUNDING. Oh, and also vaccine access. In other words, sweet, sweet federal cash.

Dr. Krueger, an Illinois physician, admitted, “Thus far, I haven’t really seen community transmission… It’s really been people who have had a very close contact with somebody else.”

Oh. Makes sense to declare a statewide emergency then.

The article cites the CDC that monkeypox is transmitted through “close, personal and often skin-to-skin contact,” and is “spreading primarily among men with same-sex partners.” Okay then.

The article also says cases of monkeypox often resolve after a few weeks without treatment. “The majority of people are able to manage their symptoms at home and kind of just ride through the course,” Krueger admitted.

So, what’s the problem? We’re mobilizing entire governments to prevent people from getting an illness that usually just resolves at home? What do they need all that money for?

The last sentence of the article says the moronic reporter actually asked Dr. Krueger if we need widespread lockdowns to slow the spread. I am not making that up. Fortunately, Dr. Krueger said she doesn’t see that happening.


Have a terrific Tuesday, C&C! I’ll be back tomorrow with another hot steaming news roundup for you.


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On TikTok, It’s All Fun and Games Until China Wants Your Info

Source: On TikTok, It’s All Fun and Games Until China Wants Your Info – WSJ

New reports in the U.S. have raised serious questions about whether the Chinese government has access to American TikTok users’ personal data. Yet Apple and Google, which run the two largest app stores, seem unconcerned.

Leaked audio of TikTok’s internal meetings obtained by BuzzFeed contradicts the company’s sworn testimony to Congress last fall that U.S. user data is managed by a “world-renowned U.S.-based security team.” BuzzFeed reports that American staff couldn’t access the data on their own and had to ask Chinese colleagues where user information was going. The China-based engineers had access to nonpublic U.S. user data at least from September 2021 to January 2022, according to BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed reports that “in the recordings, the vast majority of situations where China-based staff accessed US user data were in service” of halting the flow of American data to China. But the fact that Chinese engineers had this access presents a national-security risk. If a tech company operates in mainland China, the Communist Party can easily gain access to its data. One way is through China’s Data Security Law, which allows the government to regulate private companies’ practices for storing and managing information in China if they collect “core data”—a broad term that means anything Beijing sees as a national or security concern.

TikTok said shortly before the BuzzFeed story broke that its “default storage location” for U.S. users’ data would be routed to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. But if Chinese engineers can still access that content, they could easily store it in mainland servers, even unintentionally. The BuzzFeed report details a member of TikTok’s Trust and Safety Department saying, in a fall 2021 meeting, that “everything is seen in China.” Worse, an unidentified director referred to a “Master Admin” based in Beijing who had “access to everything” on the app.

(TikTok responded to the BuzzFeed report: “We know we’re among the most scrutinized platforms from a security standpoint, and we aim to remove any doubt about the security of US user data. That’s why we hire experts in their fields, continually work to validate our security standards, and bring in reputable, independent third parties to test our defenses.” ByteDance, its parent company, didn’t provide additional comment.)

There is a lot the Chinese government might find valuable in the data TikTok collects about American users. According to the company’s privacy policy, it collects consumers’ real-time location, search history and biometric data (e.g., fingerprints or facial imprints). Such information is invaluable to create identity profiles, which hackers sell to the highest bidder in Chinese black markets to commit identity fraud, or the Chinese government could use information it forces tech companies to provide to access Americans’ federal employee records. Government-sponsored hackers could create accurate scans of stolen fingerprints to help crack a two-factor security system.

Worse, TikTok requires the use of your device’s microphone to collect voiceprints. Without access to TikTok’s source code, which only the company possesses, it’s hard to know what the app does with the permissions it’s given. But there is evidence that it records even when you aren’t using it. TikTok users report that Apple’s app-spying feature, which alerts devices’ owners when apps access your microphone or camera, pinged them about TikTok accessing their mics when the app was closed. If TikTok’s access is as expansive as that implies, the Chinese government could use a smartphone as a listening device.

BuzzFeed’s reporting prompted Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr to write Apple and Google asking them to remove the app from their stores as “an unacceptable national security risk.”

Mr. Carr is right. TikTok’s popularity among policy makers and journalists could give the Chinese Communist Party unfettered access to the data of influential Americans. This opens a terrifying gap in our nation’s security by giving China the ability to listen to government officials’ private conversations to blackmail them or, given that many of them use their personal devices to conduct official business, steal their credentials to access top-secret information. As of 2020, TikTok had access to clipboard content on Apple devices, which can provide some access to anyone using a password manager for secured accounts. If the user has even one of his government credentials briefly saved on his clipboard, then it can open a door into a federal agency.

TikTok said it would stop accessing users’ clipboard content on iOS devices, after Apple’s new privacy transparency feature in iOS 14 revealed that it was continuing the practice. But it’s unclear whether it has, and no firm date accompanied the promise.

U.S. tech companies have long had ample evidence that TikTok presents a serious threat. President Trump issued an order in 2020 to ban TikTok from U.S. markets, which President Biden rolled back last June.

But even now, Apple and Google appear indifferent to TikTok’s practices. Both companies’ app stores have developer guidelines to prevent this sort of behavior. Section 5.1.2(ii) of Apple’s developer guidelines provides: “Data collected for one purpose may not be repurposed without further consent unless otherwise explicitly permitted by law.” TikTok users may agree to let the app collect their data, but they certainly aren’t asked to consent explicitly to their data going to the Chinese government. Apple claims to have rejected more than 343,000 apps from its App Store due to “privacy violations.” Yet TikTok seems to have gotten an exception—and is even listed as an “iPhone Essential” on the Apple app store’s home page.

TikTok is likely too financially valuable to be deplatformed. It has 100 million monthly users in the U.S., most of whom use the app rather than the website. Each of those accounts means activity on Apple and Google’s app stores, and both U.S. companies also get access to the app’s data. Apple and Google also have a large stake in maintaining good relations with Beijing. To be able to sell its devices and services in China, Apple agreed to a deal that mandates it remove most of its encryption technology and let officials manage the computers of its mainland data centers, among other things. Google also operates in China.

TikTok poses a serious danger to national security and Americans’ privacy. If companies won’t quell that threat, Congress needs to do it.

Mr. Thayer is president of the Digital Progress Institute and a Washington-based telecom and tech attorney.



Source:  Coffee & Covid ☙ Monday, July 11, 2022 ☙ STICKY BLOOD


🔥 Okay, now they’ve done it. Finally, after all these long months, they’ve gone too far. An incredibly offensive and defamatory article in the UK Express yesterday bore the headline, “Blood Clots: The Nation’s Favourite Drink Could Make Your Blood Sticky – Increasing Risk.”

Oh, no you don’t. This aggression will not stand.

In an Express “exclusive,” cherry-picked expert Professor Mark Whiteley warned caffeine can cause “sticky blood”, increasing the risk of a blood clot. “Dehydration affects the constituents of the blood, making blood thicker and more ‘sticky’,” the useless expert explained.

Quit smirking, tea drinkers, you didn’t dodge the bullet either. He also defamed tea. The Express reported Professor Whiteley noted tea – Britain’s favorite brew – also contains caffeine, “which actually causes you to lose water.” It wrings the H2O out of you, just like squeezing a moist dishrag.

And guess what else dehydrates you? The prof pointed out that ALCOHOL is also a terrific dehydrator.

This is SO dumb. You know what else makes you dehydrated? NOT DRINKING WATER FOR A FEW HOURS. Remember all those people getting blood clots after forgetting to hydrate at an endless JV volleyball tournament or something? Yeah, me neither.

Haha, the doctor also pointed out that dehydration — and sticky blood clots — can even come from an unexpected source — WATER: “over-drinking [water] can also cause problems,” Professor Whiteley warned.

Water causes blood clots! I’m not making that up!

🎾 Novak Djokovic just won Wimbledon for the 7th time. But he can’t enter America to play in the U.S. Open, because he didn’t get the jab. Which doesn’t prevent transmission, slow the spread, or flatten the curve. Because science!

I know it seems unfair to Djokovic, but on the other hand, is it really fair to let unjabbed athletes compete against the jabbed ones? Just asking.

✈️ A feisty Dutch Minister of Parliament named Christine Anderson made some uncensored public remarks this weekend, revealing that pilot shortages might not only be an American phenomena caused by a computer glitch:

“A lot of pilots that did not want to get vaccinated had been laid off, and the ones that did get vaccinated because they had families to feed and mortgage[s] to pay … may no longer be fit to fly. And that is a problem.”

Indeed. Back in November, Senator Ron Johnson held a committee hearing here in the U.S., where former vaccine-injured pilot Cody Flint testified:

“We are now seeing pilots experiencing blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, dizziness and confusion at rates never seen before. Pilots are losing their careers and having to call in sick or go on medical leave from medical issues developing almost immediately after vaccination.”

The unfortunate jab-taking pilot testified he’s had SIX spinal taps over eight months and has lost a year of his life to medical treatments and recovery. His doctors say only a vaccine injury or a massive head trauma could have caused all his health problems.


🔥 At least it’s finally making the news. The Dutch farmers have caused enough of a ruckus that corporate media has had to tentatively recognize them. The AP ran a barely-informative story this weekend headlined, “Anger Simmers for Dutch Farmers Who Oppose Pollution Cuts.”


The AP tentatively labeled the national shutdown in the Netherlands as merely a “summer of discontent” for peeved farmers: “Dutch farmers are embroiled in a summer of discontent that shows no sign of abating.” The news service almost immediately tipped its hand though, when it said the Dutch experience could “foreshadow similar reforms — and protests — in other European nations whose farmers also pump out pollutants.”

Haha. Farmers, pumping out pollutants. Good one. But .. WHAT ABOUT FOOD, you idiots?

And exactly what is the pumped-out pollutant? The AP said, “Airborne nitrogen leads to smog and tiny particles that are damaging to people’s health.”

Airborne nitrogen. Hmm. What’s the atmosphere made of again?  [Hint: 21% nitrogen.] Dummies. You know where nitrogen for fertilizer comes from in the first place? It’s distilled out of THE AIR.

Quoting the Dutch government, the AP said it “sees three options for farmers: become (more) sustainable, relocate or stop.”

Stop? Stop farming? Then what happens after the farmers stop farming? Oh, wait … is Joe Biden running the Netherlands too?? That would explain a lot.

After the United States, the Netherlands is the world’s second-largest food exporter. Or, was. WAS the world’s second-largest food exporter. Not this year, is my guess.

💉 Here are a couple weird charts for you. First, let’s compare several countries’ covid rates:

Lookey there! India, Philippines, and Africa — the three lowest jabbed populations — also have the least cases. And the three most-jabbed countries — Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand — also have the most cases. Weird! But, who cares about cases anymore, am I right? Deaths, now that’s the important metric. Let’s check deaths:

And there they are down at the bottom, again: India, Philippines, and Africa. And New Zealand and Australia are back at the top (Don’t worry, Singapore got a late start, they’ll catch up).

Do you think there’s any chance the CDC will look into this? I’m betting not.

🔥 The Associated Press is baffled and confused about what’s making so many people distrust the government these days:

Have they considered ALL the possibilities? How about … the media? Might the media have anything to do with it? The AP doesn’t even speculate as to what might be causing trust to wane and conspiracy theories to rise. The article seems to blame the conspiracy theorists themselves, but that’s just more circular logic.

🔥 The UK Express ran an under-reported story last week headlined, “Iran, China and Russia Link Up for Military Operation to Challenge ‘Unipolar World’.”

The RICe alliance — Russia, Iran, and China — is significant enough news. Christians are triggered because they identify that axis with an Ezekiel 38 end-times prophecy. Regardless, the apocalyptic undertones underscore the dark significance of an incredibly dangerous military axis that is not a good combination for the West and has no business being on our southern doorstep.

That’s right, southern doorstep. The article’s sub-headline explains that the three RICe countries are joining “10 other nations in Venezuela to take part in joint military operations in a defiant message to the unipolar world order.” In VENEZUELA.

So much for Joe Biden’s oil outreach to that South American communist hellhole. In other words, Russia, China, and Iran are moving major military assets into Venezuela — just two hours south of the U.S. border. It’s for a “drill.” And Venezuela is another one of the biggest non-Arabian oil producers in the world. This alliance, VRIC, can’t be good for gas prices. But there’s a bigger problem.

Think about it. While we are busily relocating all our major military assets to the East — toward Ukraine — the eastern nations are hauling their major military assets to the West — toward us. Um, is this raising any red flags or anything? Are the generals paying attention? Or, are they distracted by planning the base’s next drag show?

Where’s the corporate media on this story? It seems like a terrific bit of fear porn. You could fairly compare this move to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Where’s Joe Biden? So far, it’s all crickets. We are forced to read about the South American “drill” in the UK Express, right next to a story headlined, “Kim Kardashian Displays Her Ample Assets While Frolicking In a Silver Bikini at Beach Bash.”

You literally cannot make this stuff up.

Keep smiling! I’ll be back tomorrow with more tasty C&C — caffeine-caused blood clots or not.


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Coffee & Covid. Tuesday, June 7, 2022:EPIC TV


On Friday the Epoch Times ran a story headlined, “Studies Link Incurable Prion Disease With COVID-19 Vaccine.”

According to Epoch, multiple studies have now linked a new, more aggressive type of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease to the jabs. You might have heard of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease by its common name, “mad cow disease.” It’s incurable and almost always fatal. There is no treatment for mad cow disease; the best they can do is give people painkillers and try to alleviate victims’ incredible suffering.

They call it a “prion disease” because it either affects or creates a type of rogue protein called a prion. Prions occur naturally in the brain and are usually harmless, but when they become diseased or misfolded, they somehow trigger nearby prions to also become misshapen, leading to a cascade of deteriorating brain tissue and ultimately, death. Once a single prion becomes infected, it inexorably spreads to other prions. We have nothing that can stop this progression.

Three studies now have linked mad cow to the jabs: a U.S. study, a French study, and a peer-reviewed Turkish study. (Sorry, a peer-reviewed Turkiye-ish study.)

The Turkish and French studies both identified mad cow cases that suddenly and unexpectedly appeared after people got the safe and effective Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccines, suggesting links between getting spike-protein vaccines and being infected with mad cow. Since unstable mRNA can sometimes be erroneously transcribed within cells, the U.S. study speculated that a misfolded spike protein could create a misfolded “prion region” which injures healthy prions, leading to mad cow disease.

The French study found mad cow symptoms started within 11 days of being vaccinated; the Turkish study found symptoms appearing the next day after vaccination. Of the 26 patients involved in the French study, all of them — 100% — died. On average, death occurred five months after receiving the safe and effective jabs.

The pre-jab form of mad cow used to take years to kill folks. The researchers describe this vaccine-induced form of mad cow disease as “radically different” due to its progression, which is faster than anything they’ve ever seen before in a prion disease. Here are links to the three studies for you link junkies:

French study: [Towards the emergence of a new form of the neurodegenerative Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease: Twenty six cases of CJD declared a few days after a COVID-19 “vaccine” Jab ]

Turkish study: [Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease After the COVID-19 Vaccination | Jour. Intensive Care ]

U.S. study: [Prion-like Domains in Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2 Differ across Its Variants and Enable Changes in Affinity to ACE2 | Microorganisms 2022 ]

I also found at least one February 2021 study predicting that the jabs could cause prion damage: [COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease | Biology ]. In this study, the researchers evaluated Pfizer for potential to cause prion diseases. Their conclusion:

“Analysis of the Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19 identified two potential risk factors for inducing prion disease in humans . The RNA sequence in the vaccine contains sequences believed to induce TDP-43 and FUS to aggregate in their prion based conformation leading to the development of common neurodegerative diseases.”

Accelerated mad cow is a horrible way to die. I wouldn’t wish it on Vladimir Putin. But it also looks like the neurodegenerative effects of prions might cause subclinical injuries short of full-blown mad cow, injuries which might escape diagnosis because the victims are high-functioning.

Safe and effective!

Yesterday I reported that the Toronto Sun’s editorial miraculously called for Canada to end its covid restrictions, and stop discriminating against unjabbed people. Well, apparently that charitable feeling isn’t entirely unanimous in Canada, because yesterday CTV News struck back, with a news story headlined, “It’s ‘High Time’ That Authorities Revise Definition of ‘Fully Vaccinated’: Experts.”

Now, I want to stop briefly to point out the corporate media sleight-of-hand. Instead of writing an editorial like the Sun, CTV morphed their editorial into a straight news story just by quoting experts’ opinions. Sure, they cherry-picked the experts, but it’s not like THEY are saying it.

Anyway, CTV’s cherry-picked experts said that since the jabs don’t work, sorry, I mean because they wear off so fast, it’s a “mistake” to call people “fully vaccinated” unless they’ve also had their boosters. One of CTV’s expert explained, “’fully vaccinated’ no longer works, in my mind, as a definition of being up-to-date on the vaccine doses that you need to get … I think it is high time that we [change] that.”

I agree it’s high time we change SOMETHING.

This is a big deal in Canada, where citizens aren’t allowed to travel unless they are “fully vaccinated.” So if the definition does expand, it will affect a lot of folks, since the booster business in Canada is about as pitiful as everywhere else. It seems that, when the jabs are voluntary, they aren’t too popular. Even though they’re “free.”

Which I think is what the experts are getting at. They just want the boosters to be mandatory. They want to force people to take them, because we’re too stupid to do it ourselves. The expert complained, “Vaccine mandates worked in terms of actually getting people who are eligible to get a second dose. But when governments started to pull back those public health measures and vaccine mandate measures, I think people really lost that incentive.”

Is it too soon to say the use of experts may be dangerous to our health?

It’s going to be epic. The Democrat J6 Committee has hired James Goldston to help “produce” the Committee’s “public hearings” on the January 6th Capitol riot. Shady former ABC president Goldston, described as a “master storyteller” who ran Nightline and Good Morning America, was last in the news as the exec who ordered ABC reporters to stand down the Jeffrey Epstein story after two years of investigative work. Now he’s back.

The J6 Committee is ready to make its committee hearings into a TV super-spectacular event, having spent the last year and a half browbeating “witnesses,” subpoenaing citizens’ text messages and bank statements, taking depositions, and generally making a nuisance of itself.

So instead of a serious government inquiry, on Thursday evening starting at 8pm EST, we’ll be treated to Episode One of a gala, high-production-value, produced-for-television special event, a show of shows, a once-in-a-lifetime spectacular!

I’m just spitballing here, and spoiler alert, but my guess is it’s going to describe democrats as superheroes and “prove” President Trump was literally a million times worse than Benedict Arnold, may he rot in Hades. But I doubt it will make TV history.


The Jerusalem Post ran a story yesterday headlined, “Iran Crossing Nuke Uranium Enrichment Threshold ‘Cannot Be Avoided’ – IAEA.”

Reassuring nobody, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which is responsible for making sure rogue nations do not develop nuclear capability, just admitted it is inevitable that Iran will enrich enough uranium to make a bomb; but don’t worry, they said, because that’s not the same thing as having a fully assembled bomb, even though enriched uranium is the only hard-to-get ingredient.

Yesterday, IAEA Director-General Rafael Grossi tried to reassure everybody, saying, “Having a significant quantity [crossing the uranium enrichment threshold] does not mean having a bomb,” but then he admitted that “this idea of crossing the line, it’s going to happen. They are very close. It cannot be avoided.”

Well, I could think of at least one way it could be avoided, but it involves military drones and mayhem.

Along that line, Israel has quite rationally pledged to attack Iran, if that’s needed to stop it from developing a nuclear weapon. Yesterday, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned, “Israel prefers the diplomatic route to rule out any possibility of Iran developing a nuclear weapon. But [Israel] maintains the right to act against Iran to defend itself and stop its nuclear program if the international community fails to do so within a relevant amount of time.”

The hope of avoiding what seems to be inevitable armed conflict seems to be the notion that the UN might reimpose harsh sanctions against Iran until and unless it complies with IAEA rules and stops racing toward the bomb. But it’s going to be difficult to sanction Iran, given the Russia sanctions already in place; first of all, the world needs Iranian oil. Second, because Russia is mad about being sanctioned, it obviously won’t support sanctions against Iran. And China, which is friendly to both Russia and Iran, may not support sanctions against Iran either.

But don’t worry. Joe Biden is in the process of negotiating a new nuclear deal with Iran since Iran won’t follow the one Obama already negotiated. He’s failed at everything else, but he’s GOT THIS. He’s going to bribe them with your money.

It’s a solar spending spree to the rescue! Walmart-greeter-impersonator, Chinese business expert and former Vice President Joe Biden is ON TOP of the energy crisis. Yesterday he invoked the Defense Production Act, which provides him with emergency authority to override laws and order private companies to make whatever the government tells them to, because emergency, and don’t stop to ask questions.

The White House released a statement yesterday saying, “Today, President Biden is taking action to: Authorize use of the Defense Production Act (DPA) to accelerate domestic production of clean energy technologies, including solar panel parts; [and] put the full power of federal procurement to work spurring additional domestic solar manufacturing capacity by directing the development of master supply agreements, including ‘super preference’ status.”

“Super-preference status” means that they’ll be awarding giant no-bid contracts to whoever they want to, thank you very much. This time, Solyndra is going to get it right. You’ll see.

It’s genius! We’ll just FORCE companies to make better solar products! Why didn’t we think of this before. Joe Stalin used to use this technique all the time. It can’t fail. Throw a few executives into gulag, I mean jail, and see how fast the rest get cracking.

That’s great and everything, but exactly how this will possibly help reduce high gas prices wasn’t perfectly clear. Neither was it clear how solar research is an emergency, unless climate change is now the new replacement emergency. Just ask Al Gore.

Have a terrific Tuesday and I’ll be back here tomorrow with your C&C refill.

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