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Justin Trudeau is a World-Class Hypocritical Jackasd

December 3 | Posted by mrossol | Canada, Deep State, Ruling Class, The Left, Western Civilization

If you don’t believe people like Trudeau are technically stupid and uneducated, your only other choice is that they are deliberately two-faced, deliberately espousing one view and ruling based on completely different rules, assumptions or paradigm. mrossol Source: Justin Trudeau is a World-Class Hypocritical Jackasd

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C&C. Canada. mRNA. Snowden. Breast-milk. Raid.

September 27 | Posted by mrossol | Canada, Childers, Coronavirus, Health, Mandates, Vaccine

Source: C&C NEWS ☙ Tuesday, September 27, 2022 ☙ RAMMING 🗞*WORLD NEWS AND COMMENTARY* 🗞 💉 It’s the end of an era. Canada’s last remaining covid restrictions are falling. As of this Friday, rules about mandatory vaccines, testing, and quarantines for international travelers will be dropped, and travel will be back to pre-pandemic normal.

Toronto Sun @TheTorontoSun
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C&C. Safe, Effective on Mice. Data Disappearing.

August 30 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Biden, Big Govt, Canada, Childers, Critical Thinking, Democrat Party, Health, Science, Stupidity, Vaccine

Anyone brave enough to explain why the administration and corporate media and the deep state are not all working together to make the US the craziest, most illogical, anti-science country? mrossol Source: Coffee & Courage ☙ Tuesday, August 30, 2022 ☙ MOUSE DATA 🗞 *THE C&C ARMY POST* 🗞 🪖 OPERATION MULTIPLIER REPORT: I never expected it would take this long to get... Read more

C&C. Hunter biolabs. jab forever. kill the goose.

July 7 | Posted by mrossol | Biden, Canada, Childers, Food, Russia, Vaccine

Source: Coffee & Covid ☙ Wednesday, July 6, 2022 ☙ NEVER EVER *COVID NEWS AND COMMENTARY* Uh-oh! The cat is rapidly clawing its way out of the biolabs censorship sack. Yesterday, top government media mouthpiece Bloomberg ran an article headlined, “US Ambassador Urges China to Stop Spreading Russian ‘Lies’.” The article not only finally reported that Russia is accusing the U.S. of... Read more