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Google Provided Geofence Location Data to FBI for Jan 6 Investigations

November 30 | Posted by mrossol | 1st Amendment, Big Govt, FBI, Policing, US Constitution

You can live without having your smart device glued to your hand 24/7. mrossol Source: Google Provided Geofence Location Data to FBI for Jan 6 Investigations – American Faith

5,723 individuals were connected to the US... Read more

Nicaragua’s inconvenient Covid victory

November 23 | Posted by mrossol | Big Govt, Coronavirus, Lockdowns, Mandates, Socialism

I’m guessing there is some bias in this story, but will assume it correctly describes what happened ‘on the ground’. For anyone interested in “the truth” or if we want to learn from experienced, one should be willing to study the Nicaraguan experience (experiment?) and learn from it. Not surprised that those who castigated Nicaragua and Ortega [I... Read more

Technocracy and Totalitarianism

November 22 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Big Govt, Critical Thinking, Fascism, Losing Freedom, Social Engineering, Totalitarianism

Source: Technocracy and Totalitarianism

November 21, 2022 by Aaron Kheriaty
What follows is an essay adapted from my new book “The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State,” originally published in The American Mind. The Italian philosopher Augusto Del Noce, who came of age in the 1930s and observed with horror the emergence of Mussolini’s Fascist regime... Read more

C&C. UN Declaration Problem. Flat Out Murder. FTX and WSJ.

November 22 | Posted by mrossol | American Thought, Biden, Big Govt, Childers, Democrat Party, Liberal Press, Party Politics, US Constitution

Source: C&C NEWS ☙ Tuesday, November 22, 2022 ☙ ORNAMENTAL RIGHTS 🗞 *THE C&C ARMY POST* 🗞 🪖 NOTE: C&C will be taking a brief holiday hiatus on Thursday (Thanksgiving in the U.S.) and Friday of this week, so get ready. 🪖 Stew Peters’ new documentary “Sudden Death” became available online yesterday, and several readers asked me to post the link. It’s a... Read more