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House Republicans Warn Ex-FBI Agent to Not Destroy Documents Related to Hunter Biden Investigation

Source: House Republicans Warn Ex-FBI Agent to Not Destroy Documents Related to Hunter Biden Investigation

By Frank Fang
September 25, 2022 Updated: September 26, 2022

Timothy Thibault, a former top FBI official who left the bureau last month, has been warned to not alter or destroy documents and communications in his possession, particularly those connected to his work on the Hunter Biden investigation.

The warning came from three Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee who sent a Sept. 23 letter to Thibault, asking the former FBI agent to “preserve all existing and future records and materials” in his possession.

“Whistleblowers have come to Congress alleging that you were part of a scheme to undermine and discredit allegations of criminal wrongdoing by members of the Biden family. Accordingly, we believe that you possess information relating to our investigation and we request your assistance with our inquiry,” the letter reads.

The letter was signed by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the committee’s ranking Republican member; Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.); and Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.).

Before leaving the FBI, Thibault was an assistant special agent in charge at the bureau’s Washington Field Office.

Thibault came under close scrutiny in late July after FBI whistleblowers told Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) that the former FBI official “ordered closed” information that the bureau had obtained about Hunter Biden’s “criminal financial and related activity” in 2020.

Epoch Times Photo
Hunter Biden walks to Marine One on the Ellipse outside the White House on May 22, 2021. (Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images)

Grassley has also noted (pdf) how Thibault had displayed a political bias against former President Donald Trump, citing his Twitter activities. For example, Thibault once shared a Twitter post that called Trump “a psychologically broken, embittered, and deeply unhappy man.”

However, Thibault’s lawyers with Morrison & Foerster told The Epoch Times in a statement in August that he didn’t show any political partisanship in his work and “did not supervise the investigation of Hunter Biden.”

“You should construe this preservation notice as an instruction to take all reasonable steps to prevent the destruction or alteration, whether intentionally or negligently, of all documents, communications, and other information, including electronic information and metadata, that are or may be responsive to this congressional inquiry,” the three lawmakers told Thibault in their letter.

House Republicans have said that they’ll launch an investigation into Hunter Biden if they regain a majority in the chamber in November. As a result, the letter suggests that Thibault would likely be a target of that investigation.

‘Domestic Violent Extremism’

Other documents and communications that Thibault needs to preserve are related to an allegation that he “pressured line agents to reclassify cases as ‘domestic violent extremism’ even though there was minimal, circumstantial evidence to support a reclassification,” the letter reads, citing a July report from Breitbart.

In a letter (pdf) to FBI Director Christopher Wray in July, Jordan said one of the FBI officials pressuring agents to reclassify cases was a “field office Counterterrorism Assistant Special Agent in Charge.” Jordan later told Breitbart that the unnamed agent in his letter was Thibault.

“Given the narrative pushed by the Biden Administration that domestic violent extremism is the ‘greatest threat’ facing our country, the revelation that the FBI may be artificially padding domestic terrorism data is scandalous,” Jordan’s letter to Wray reads.

It turns out that the FBI was inflating the number of these cases to make it seem as though the United States has a bigger “domestic violent extremism” than it actually does, Jordan said last week, basing the claim on another whistleblower. The new whistleblower also revealed that the FBI was redirecting resources away from child sexual abuse cases to Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol breach cases.

In their letter, the three Republican lawmakers are also requesting that Thibault take part in a transcribed interview. The former FBI official needs to schedule the interview by Oct. 7, according to the letter.

“We are investigating several allegations concerning the politicization of the Department [of Justice] and the FBI,” the letter reads, noting that Thibault’s testimony “is necessary to advance our oversight.”

Frank Fang is a Taiwan-based journalist. He covers US, China, and Taiwan news. He holds a master’s degree in materials science from Tsinghua University in Taiwan.

Normalizing vaccine induced myocarditis is not good medicine nor public health

BY Vinay Prasad, Sept. 19, 2022

Source: Normalizing vaccine induced myocarditis is not good medicine nor public health

Recently, I came across this shocking ad playing in New York outlets. It is a television ad for myocarditis in a child. She does well after developing it. Watch it.

Twitter avatar for @anish_kokaAnish Koka, MD @anish_koka

First child myocarditis ad I’ve ever seen


My first question is: Why is this a young girl? It should be a man between the ages of 16-26, the highest risk demographic.

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My second question is: Why are we normalizing myocarditis? I have never seen a TV ad for this condition before, and now there’s one. Why are we trying to normalize something that we can easily reduce?

Here’s what could have done, and still can do:

Ban Moderna in people under 40

Space the two doses apart

Test lower doses in the high risk demographic group

Reconsider boosters in the high risk demographic group

Allow exemptions for natural immunity

Run better studies on the new bivalent booster, particularly for young men.

No mandates

And yet, the CDC has only tried one of these: Allowing us to space the doses further apart, but this took them a year longer than it needed to. The companies have tons of cash to test variations in dose and schedule to try to optimize the safety in young men. But the administration has put no pressure on them to do so. This administration appears to be working as their marketing arm.

Even the most ardent proponent of vaccination must admit that there’s no point in giving it unsafely. If you can achieve the same goal, with less myocarditis, why wouldn’t you do that?

Along the way many scientists have said demonstrably false things such as that the risk of myocarditis from infection is always greater than from vaccine. This is demonstrably untrue for any 20-year-old man who received one dose of Moderna, who is about to receive D2 on day 28. Either way, dose two or not, he will have a breakthrough of COVID-19. One way brings the much higher rate of dose two myocarditis to add to his ledger.

The goal of vaccination is to vaccinate safely. It’s not to downplay serious safety concerns, as Rochelle Walensky has done. It is also not to create television ads to normalize something that is mutable, fixable, and preventable.

There is something between black and white, and that’s called sensible policy. We are not living in that world. This ad was unfortunate.

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C&C. Its Total Madness. Timing. Electric Heaters.

Source: Coffee & Covid ☙ Wednesday, September 14, 2022 ☙ MADNESS!


💉 Even though the 11th Circuit partially vacated the injunction on the federal contractor mandate last month, effectively limiting its scope to just the plaintiff states, the Biden Administration’s GSA issued new guidance yesterday stripping the mandate from federal purchasing requirements. The government now says it will take no action to enforce the mandate “absent further written notice from the agency.”

Ding, dong. Another jab mandate is dead.

🔥 One of the dreariest but most rewarding parts of a litigating lawyer’s job is reviewing bank statements. There’s a lot I could say about it, but for this morning, that often mind-numbing task is not just about WHAT people did with their money but it’s also about the TIMING. You can learn so much about people by looking at what they do with their money and especially, WHEN.

For example, say you have a guy who is a defendant in a lawsuit that went to trial on January 1st. He wound up losing big and owing a lot of money. That guy’s December bank statement is going to be EXTREMELY interesting, as would the entire last half of the year before trial while he was fretting about what would happen. You’re looking for large transfers to relatives or foreign jurisdictions that suggest he was trying to get ready to be judgment proof.

Once, I looked into a guy who only used his Venmo account when he traveled, and it was always to give $200 or $300 dollars to individuals, usually female names, suggesting he was always lonely when he was away from the comforts of home. By the way, you can always tell when someone was traveling, because the charges on their statements are from out-of-state or out-of-country gas stations, hotels, restaurants, and shops.

On the other hand, cash transactions are not so helpful. Sure, you can point to cash withdrawals and say “aha! Look, judge, he took out $10,000 cash out of the account every time he went to Vegas!” But it doesn’t PROVE anything. The witness will just say, “I needed it for something else; I can’t remember. I definitely didn’t gamble with it, are you insane?” Sure, it makes them look bad, and the judge might help you out, but it can’t prove where the money WENT. You still need the casino receipts.

Many people think this is part of reason governments are suddenly pushing for digital currencies; because it’s so easy to know everything worth knowing about someone by their account records.

But I digress. The point is about the TIMING. When you’re trying to figure out what another person is up to, the WHY of something they’re doing, you should consider whatever they did in the context of what ELSE is happening around the same time.

Right now, we have to consider everything Joe Biden does in the context of the mid-term elections.

🔥 Biden issued a massive new executive order yesterday that sweeps through every agency in the U.S. government, with the awkward title, “Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy.”

It’s the E.O. on A.B.B.I.S.S.S.A.B!

The order sets the driving policy of the Biden Administration to massively increase investment in bioengineering and manufacturing, because “[t]he COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the vital role of biotechnology and biomanufacturing in developing and producing life-saving diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines that protect Americans and the world.”

Stop laughing! He’s serious, pay attention.

Biden’s latest mega-order claims that the government has a CRITICAL NEED; a need to re-program people like robots. I’m not making that up. Here’s exactly what the E.O. says:

We need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers[.]

Haha! “Predictably program biology.” In case you missed the memo in second grade, YOU are biology, partner. Biden wants you to be predictable. Like a computer program. No pesky software bugs. No garbage in, garbage out. No MAGA extremism.

Haha, this is so over the top I’m starting to think they’re deliberately trolling us. I’m also sensing that the robot program must be struggling, since Biden seems to think it’ll be easier to re-program US than our metallic assistants.

Anyway, within the next two months, the order requires the Secretaries of HHS, Energy, Agriculture, and Commerce, plus the Director of the National Science Foundation, to come up with recommended programs to incorporate biotechnology and biomanufacturing into nearly every aspect of American government, “in order to further societal goals.”

Sounds legit, right?

After the agency heads turn in their proposals, the E.O. gives the OMB and other agencies about 3 months to “develop a plan (implementation plan) to implement the recommendations in the reports. “ They have to “solicit input” from “experts” on ethics, environmental sustainability and environmental justice, whatever that is, and however it is different from regular “justice.”

Soliciting input is not the same as following input.

Then, within two years, the agencies will have to report on how well they’ve implemented the bioengineering plans.

The two words of greatest interest are so broadly defined in the E.O. that they aren’t particularly helpful:

(b) The term “biotechnology” means technology that applies to or is enabled by life sciences innovation or product development.
(c) The term “biomanufacturing” means the use of biological systems to develop products, tools, and processes at commercial scale.

Now. I know what you’re thinking. You want to talk about the awful dystopian implications of predictably reprogramming everybody’s cells, but that’s bait.

Think about the timing. Right before mid-terms.

The real story is, the gold rush is on! Aside from anything else this order might actually accomplish, it will positively be a HUGE cash grab. Nearly every federal agency is going to be wanting to buy new products with the “bioengineered!” label on them. Every federal agency is going to be soliciting grants for products and services that help achieve the new bio-plans. Every federal agency will be handing out lucrative low-accountability bio-contracts to its special friends, like candy at Halloween. Some for you, some for you, and some for YOU!

It might be even bigger than the Covid Gold Rush.

So here we are, less than 60 days out from the midterms, and Biden is offering a brand-new gold rush, a massive across-the-board federal purchasing program that depends on a cooperative Congress to fund it. It’s an offer to corporate America — forget about the supply chain! Forget about mandates! Forget about CRT!

Because, if the right people get elected, we’ll shower you all with crisp, newly printed cash. And remember, you’ll only get the money if you play ball. They’ll remember who their friends were — and weren’t — during the elections.

And as a side benefit, the E.O. is bioengineered to spin up MAGA extremists and the medical freedom lobby, who are expected to decry and condemn the E.O., which will turn MAGA into a threat to anybody who stands to make oodles of money from all the proposed new programs.

Don’t take that bait! I’m not saying you should relax into this, just wait till the day after the elections, and then be smart about it.

Now we know why Joe Biden has been on vacation for the entire summer. They were resting him up for all this stuff he’s doing now, from his Great Big Hate Speech to his stump speeches and executive orders. It’s all about the midterms.

🔥 Trump’s lawyers and the DOJ have now traded feisty briefs on whether the judge should stay her order requiring a special master until the DOJ’s appeal runs its course. Which of course will be well after the FBI finishes doing whatever it is planning to do. But a spectacular opportunity is shaping up for President Trump, and if he planned it this way, he’s a genius.

There’s a lot of great stuff in the briefs. President Trump’s brief persuasively argued that the president has sole authority to declassify whatever he wants; it even cited a very helpful Obama executive order reinforcing that authority. But I’m detecting a momentum, a momentum pushing toward a single legal issue, and that issue was neatly summarized by the DOJ in its reply brief, filed yesterday, which made this perfectly legitimate point:

[Former President Trump’s] attempts to change the subject by holding out the possibility that he could have declassified some of the seized records and-or that he could have designated them as “personal” records fare no better. As already noted, Plaintiff [Trump] has now filed multiple lengthy submissions with the Court that stop short of asserting that he in fact took any of these actions with respect to any of the seized records, including those at issue in the stay motion.

The DOJ is right. If President Trump wants to argue that the classified records he was keeping at Mar-a-Lago were declassified, he needs to say so, and say it clearly. At present, Trump is playing coy, one of his usual strategies, and is trolling the government by saying that he’s NOT saying he did declassify or didn’t declassify, but as far as the government knows, he DID.

That kind of fence-sitting won’t hold up forever. In fact, it’s probably not going to hold up for very much longer at all, now that the DOJ has explicitly called him out. The judge can see this issue looming on the judicial horizon just like I can. It’s the key to the entire case. I wouldn’t be surprised if the judge sets a special trial just to determine whether the records are or are not declassified.

So so this could quickly and finally produce a miraculous victory for Trump, not just in the case but against the entire Deep State, a definitive victory once again snatched right out of the jagged jaws of defeat. We know that, shortly before he left office, Trump had proposed to declassify a bunch of records relating to Russiagate and other FBI corruption. He sent those records to the FBI so they could offer redactions of anything that would harm U.S. interests. But the FBI slow-walked their response until Trump was out of office.


It is not unreasonable to assume the records snatched by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago were the very same ones Trump proposed to declassify: the evidence of FBI corruption (and maybe a lot more) in the Russiagate papers, at least.

So Trump has been trapped in a weird middle ground. Were the records declassified even though the FBI never completed its redactions? Was Trump’s act of requesting the redactions merely a courtesy, and not a requirement for redaction? These are unsettled questions. Trump can’t — shouldn’t — release those documents until a court says they’re declassified, or they COULD lock him up.

But to get a judge to issue a “declaration” of a party’s rights — like the rights of a former president to publish declassified records — there must a REAL and PRESENT dispute over those rights, not just a hypothetical dispute. This may not make sense to non-lawyers, but judges may not give pure ‘advisory opinions.’

In other words, the only way Trump could have gotten this issue in front of a judge, the issue of whether the records ARE IN FACT declassified, was to pick a fight with someone over it. I have no idea whether the Trump team planned it this way, but it could not have possibly played out any better than it has. If Trump had been the one to instigate a dispute, it would have almost certainly been heard in D.C., where all the agencies are located, and where the deck is completely stacked against the 45th president.

To get the issue into an unbiased jurisdiction, Trump had to get someone ELSE to start the fight, in a place where he could fight on neutral ground. Where better than Florida?

Because the FBI raided Trump in Florida, starting a case there, and because the DOJ has now called the issue out, the decision over the records’ classified status will be heard in Florida, the inevitable appeal will travel to the 11th Circuit, and then it will go to the U.S. Supreme Court.

I will skinny out onto a thin branch and predict Trump is likely to win in all three courts. If he’d started in D.C., he would’ve lost twice — at the D.C. federal court and then the D.C. appeals court — and then the Supreme Court would’ve had the odious and unwanted duty of overturning both lower courts. If it had played out this way, the corporate media would have trumpeted the Supreme Court decision as more evidence of out-of-control judicial activism, and the whole thing would have looked illegitimate.

All that noise would have distracted from the real story, which is the Deep State’s corruption, exposed by the declassified records.

Trump’s lawyers know a lot more than I do. I might be missing something. But the strategy now looks crystal clear to me. All Trump has to do now is say the magic words, “I DID declassify those records,” and the judge can set the matter for a showdown in Florida.

I know it sounds weird, but this could be the best thing that ever happened to Trump. Thanks, DOJ!

💉 Fox ran an uplifting story yesterday headlined, “Navy Quietly Rolled Back Punishments for SEALs Seeking Religious Exemptions to the COVID Vaccine.” The article explains that the Navy’s jab order, issued a year ago, was titled “Trident Order #12,” and medically disqualified any SEALs who asked for religious jab exemptions, precluding them from training, traveling for deployments, and other standard business.

In other words, making them unemployable.

Fox reported that the Navy just filed a brief in the case that attached a May 2022 order rescinding Trident Order #12. The new order plainly states, “This order rescinds reference A [Trident Order #12] on COVID-19 Vaccinations.”

Even the SEALs were surprised to see the order. It’s not clear whether the Navy might’ve replaced Trident Order #12 with a new jab order, but the lawyers in the case don’t think so.

So. Progress!

🚀 Reuters ran an article Sunday headlined, “Germans Switch to Costly Fan Heaters as Gas Shortage Fears Bite.” The headline tells you the whole story; Germans aren’t stupid. They’re buying up every electric heater they can get their hands on and German grid operators are freaking out. Electric heaters place HUGE demand on the grid. But it’s better than freezing.

So as you can see, the Russia Sanctions are really working out great. The GERMANS are starting to feel the pain. Russians, not so much. Maybe Germany will surrender soon?

And it’s a good thing Germany’s best and brightest are in charge. Guess what they’re up to now?

Last week, the Guardian UK ran a story headlined, “German Chancellor Rejects Calls to Reverse Nuclear Power Plant Closures.” Hahaha! That’s right, suckers! You Germans think you can warm yourselves with electricity, with your cute little heaters? Think again!

The Guardian reported that German chancellor Olaf Scholz rejected calls to extend the life of the country’s three nuclear power plants, insisting that Europe’s largest economy will have plenty of energy to get through the winter, don’t worry.

If you think that sounds crazy, you’re not alone. The Guardian said the opposition conservative alliance and at least one leading economist described the decision to close one reactor and place the country’s last two remaining reactors on standby status, in case of an emergency, instead of letting them produce electricity, as “madness.”


I wonder what “emergency” they’re waiting for.

It gets better. After taking criticism for his decision, Scholz blamed German conservatives for the country’s power problems. “You were incapable of bringing about the expansion of renewable energies. You led defensive battles against every single wind turbine,” Scholz whined.

Hahaha! Wind turbines! These guys kill me. It’s even funnier that corporate media takes that kind of kooky talk seriously.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! I’m flying this morning to meet with some state politicians about proposed parents’ rights legislation, so I have to cut it short. But don’t worry! C&C will be back tomorrow morning with another great roundup. See you then.


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C&C. Putin Dead. Trump In Jail. Restrictions Dropped?!

Source: Coffee & Covid ☙ Tuesday, September 13, 2022 ☙ SNAKE OIL


🔥 It was impossible to follow the developing Ukraine story yesterday, since most social media became utterly worthless, with any reliable information completely swamped by an anti-Putin propaganda-lanche. The scale was completely unprecedented, unlike anything I’ve seen before. A thousand thousand small accounts breathlessly reported that, because of the single military setback in Ukraine, Russian president Putin: was arrested, was under guard at his Dacha, was going to face trial for crimes against humanity, was deposed in a military coup, is facing impeachment in the Russian congress, has lost all support of the Russian people, will soon be executed; et cetera, ad infinitum.

Here are a couple representative examples, which don’t provide any sense of the actual scale of the thing, like offering a single salty drop to try to explain the Pacific Ocean:

We need a new word to describe this kind of seemingly coordinated, completely unhinged, global propaganda. I say ‘coordinated’ because it’s all obviously completely made up, and normal people just don’t make up this kind of stuff. Apart from a few outliers, normal folks may exaggerate, they may even speculate hyperbolically and repeat dumb things they’ve heard online, but I just do not believe THIS MANY folks originate calculated lies.

So at present, the actual news — whatever it is — is buried under a tsunami of fake news. There’s nothing new about anti-Russian war propaganda, of course. You can see it at work because the anti-Russian social media army is nearly always wrong. For example, they’ve previously reported that Putin was dying any number of times. He had cancer, was poisoned, was worried about BEING poisoned, refused to leave Moscow out of fear of assassination, and so forth.

It’s happened so often that I stopped reporting on the “confirmed” news about Putin being on his deathbed.

As far as corporate media goes, as I predicted, CNN ran a long-form story yesterday celebrating the brilliant Ukrainian offensive headlined, “Russia’s Collapse In Northeast Ukraine Ignites Fury From Putin Loyalists.” The article describes how the wily Ukrainians tricked the blockheaded Russians into thinking a forward push was going to happen further south, but then broke through Russian defenses that had been thinned out in the north. Now, CNN says, Russia is all but defeated: out of weapons, out of manpower, and completely demoralized.

Thank goodness! Maybe now we can stop Venmo-ing billions of American dollars to some of the most corrupt actors in the world. Republican lawmakers, take note. As CNN says, the Ukrainians now have the war situation well under control. They don’t need more money or weapons. Or, in other words, at this point, WE need the money and weapons more than they do.

🔥 Curiously, a similar propaganda effort targeted President Trump yesterday, albeit on a smaller scale. After corporate media reported that he’d been seen landing in Washington, DC, the fake social media army went to work claiming that President Trump: was indicted; was arrested on the tarmac outside his plan; had been met by FBI agents and local law enforcement; was obviously dressed in a hurry because he wanted to turn himself in before being arrested in front of news cameras; is now sitting in a DC jail; would soon be tried for crimes against humanity; and so on, and so forth.

Here’s a representative example:

Twitter avatar for @bluckingbernadette @blucking

This. Now. Trump is in DC on a tarmac w no entourage. Arrested?

Angry Staffer 🌻 @Angry_Staffer

A lot of folks have asked, but I don’t have a clue why Trump is in DC. My thoughts: 1. Health issue / going to Walter Reed 2. Turning himself in? 🤷‍♂️ It’s not often Trump does anything without fanfare, so this makes me think it’s a narrative he can’t control.

So, it’s weird — right? — that on the VERY SAME DAY, social media armies pushed rumors about both Trump and Putin that both leaders were separately being arrested to face trial for their myriad “crimes against humanity.”

One might fairly speculate whether this stuff all originates from a single polluted spring.

💉 Good news everybody! Biden held a live event yesterday, to unveil the glorious details of his new and improved 2022 Cancer Moon Shot, as opposed to his lame 2016 Cancer Moon Shot, which apparently has finally expired after a long, debilitating, bureaucratic illness. We don’t need stupid moon shots like the pathetic last one, which OBVIOUSLY hasn’t worked. The improved 2022 version has a new “secret sauce,” and it’s REALLY REALLY going to work, this time.

Ironically, the secret of the 2022 Cancer Moon Shot is … a shot! Specifically, an mRNA shot. The shot doesn’t actually exist yet but — try to follow Joe’s logic here — because the mRNA shots work so well at stopping covid, they are going to stop cancer, too. See? If it works good against covid, it must be good against cancer. It’s probably good against everything, like some kind of miraculous elixir sold off of a gaily-painted stagecoach that can instantly transform into a stage while also allowing for a hasty midnight departure.

See? You probably thought I was making that up. But it is basically what Biden actually said. Second, if the shots work as well against cancer as they did against covid, we are in serious, serious trouble, people.

On the other hand, if we bury them all, maybe the mRNA shots will grow into a giant, leafy, magic bean tree.

Anyway, as usual with Democrat initiatives, results don’t matter, it’s the intent that counts. (And, how much cash you can funnel to your friends, of course.) Biden isn’t forecasting anything good happening anytime soon — in fact, he’s explicitly saying it will take TWENTY FIVE YEARS, not even to beat cancer, just to cut the ballooning numbers in half:

I wonder how they calculated that 50%? Anyway, the Washington Post ran a skeptical story on Biden’s speech headlined, “Biden Touts Cancer ‘Moonshot’ At JFK Library, Despite Setbacks.”

The article explains that the “renewed” Moonshot takes the form of ANOTHER new health agency, called ARPA-H. Apparently the CDC and the NIH aren’t enough. We need even more agencies with even more fabulously-paid directors who enjoy even more lifelong tenures and can hire even more of their good buddies and can hand out even more generous research grants to even more scientists who play ball and don’t ask questions.

And THAT should do it, this time. Because SCIENCE!!!

You shouldn’t joke around. As you know, Biden has personal experience with cancer. He’s an oil cancer survivor. He got the cancer when he was a kid growing up in Delaware and there was oil IN THE AIR, so thick that his parents had to run the windshield wipers to clear the glass so they could see where they were going. I’m not making that up. At least, that’s what Joe said. Anyway he recovered from his oil cancer, somehow, fortunately. That part of the story isn’t clear.

Maybe Joe’s oil cancer experience also explains his hostility to gas-powered cars?

💉 After spending two years uselessly chasing covid-zero, bragging about having total border control, and still getting their vaccinated butts kicked by a tiny virus, New Zealand has finally thrown in the towel and is finally ashcanning jab requirements for international travelers who — for some reason — want to visit the island nation.

💉 You know who else is throwing in the covid towel? Replacement governor Kathy Hochul of New York, who suddenly and unexpectedly ended the state’s hyper-extended covid state of emergency last week.

Twitter avatar for @nypostNew York Post @nypost

Hochul finally ends COVID-19 state of emergency as close election looms


The Post’s headline obviously connected Hochul’s decision to her flaccid re-election — first election? — poll numbers. But there might be another, stiffer explanation.

Last week, the Post ran another story headlined, “Hochul Gave Covid Test Contract To Campaign Donor That Charged Taxpayers Double.” In the story, the Post explained:

An end to the state of emergency comes just days after revelations of how Hochul reportedly helped a donor tied to $300,000 in campaign donations get $637 million in state business for rapid tests that were twice the cost of those provided by other vendors. The payments … add to a growing list of alleged pay-to-play schemes involving Hochul, who has denied wrongdoing.

Pay to play schemes? Say it isn’t so. New York’s emergency declaration gave Governor Hochul power to bypass normal procurement requirements for state purchases and award ‘no bid’ contracts whenever the mood struck. It’s shocking that there could have been any abuses. I mean, Hochul is completely above reproach and so forth. I know that you’re shocked. Shocked and appalled. How could this happen, and so forth.

“The order finally expiring today is a powerful illustration of why it’s dangerous to let governors overuse their emergency powers,” health policy expert Bill Hammond explained. “The Legislature should investigate what happened and reform the law to make sure it can’t happen again.”

Who could have ever seen this kind of thing coming?

💉 A brand-new peer-reviewed Harvard / John’s Hopkins study of vaccination risks versus vaccinated rewards for young people explicitly concluded that the jabs CAUSE more illness than they prevent. This is a game changer.

The 50-page study, posted to SSRN yesterday, is titled “COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters for Young Adults: A Risk-Benefit Assessment and Five Ethical Arguments against Mandates at Universities.” Significantly the researchers concluded that, for each covid-related hospitalization theoretically prevented in young people, the jabs may cause 18 to 98 serious adverse events.

The researchers explained:

Using CDC and sponsor-reported adverse event data, we find that booster mandates may cause a net expected harm: per COVID-19 hospitalisation prevented in previously uninfected young adults, we anticipate 18 to 98 serious adverse events, including 1.7 to 3.0 booster-associated myocarditis cases in males, and 1,373 to 3,234 cases of grade ≥3 reactogenicity which interferes with daily activities. Given the high prevalence of post-infection immunity, this risk-benefit profile is even less favourable.

Extrapolating from this data-driven conclusion, the researchers made five arguments why university booster mandates are medically UNETHICAL:

1) [N]o formal risk-benefit assessment exists for this age group; 2) vaccine mandates may result in a net expected harm to individual young people; 3) mandates are not proportionate: expected harms are not outweighed by public health benefits given the modest and transient effectiveness of vaccines against transmission; 4) US mandates violate the reciprocity principle because rare serious vaccine-related harms will not be reliably compensated due to gaps in current vaccine injury schemes; and 5) mandates create wider social harms.

In other words, the jabs are not a good bet for young people. If you have a child in college, this study might be useful to forward to your kid’s jab-happy college administrators. Just saying.

The study is more evidence that the covid narrative has been abandoned.

🔥 The Detroit Free Press ran an op-ed yesterday, republished by Yahoo News, captioned, “Enough With The Backdoor Policymaking. It’s Time To End The Covid Public Health Emergency.”

The article calls for the end of the national covid state of emergency. The authors point out that Biden’s emergency powers have allowed him to create a “bolus of payments” that avoid the normal legislative process, including:

The administration can maintain expanded benefits for people enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid. All states and Washington, D.C., can offer expanded telehealth services without getting prior authorization from the federal government. Hospitals receive a 20% increase in the Medicare payment rate for every patient diagnosed with COVID.

The authors argue that, whether or not you think these policies are helpful, since covid is no longer an ACTUAL emergency (if it ever was), these issues are issues for LEGISLATORS, not the executive branch. Which is what C&C has been arguing since March 2020.

[I]f the administration wants to keep these benefits in place, it needs to follow the normal democratic and legislative processes to do so, instead of using the emergency to duck the need for congressional approval.

The experts who wrote the piece summarized why it is manifestly unhelpful to concretize these covid policies into a never-ending state of emergency:

Lifting the federal public health emergency will free up funds and hospital capacity, discourage policymakers from clinging to harmful pandemic policies and help guide the country back toward much-needed normalcy.


🔥 As Biden appointed an actual Satanist to coordinate the nation’s response to the Monkeypox festival epidemic, rates of infection are now, apparently, dropping.

Even though the infections began dropping BEFORE the newest joker was added Biden’s deck of bureaucratic wild cards, covid experts were straight off congratulating the demonic Monkeypox coordinator for ALREADY solving the epidemic:

Twitter avatar for @MonicaGandhi9Monica Gandhi MD, MPH @MonicaGandhi9

MONKEYPOX: Great to see decline in cases in this global outbreak (first reported May 12 to WHO) likely due to behavior changes, then natural immunity, now vaccination. Dr. Demetre Daskalakis @dr_demetre our monkeypox coordinator in US doing a GREAT job

Monkeypoxtally @Monkeypoxtally

Another step in the right direction: This is the 4th week in a row where monkeypox cases decline globally as we continue to see a clear downtrend in cases in the last month and a half. 5 weeks ago we recorded 6,887 cases vs 4,317 cases this week. Let’s keep up the awareness!

That was fast! Hot take: Maybe he made a deal with the devil?

Have a terrific Tuesday! I’ll be back right here tomorrow morning, brewing up some more delicious Coffee & Covid for you.


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