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💉 It’s the end of an era. Canada’s last remaining covid restrictions are falling. As of this Friday, rules about mandatory vaccines, testing, and quarantines for international travelers will be dropped, and travel will be back to pre-pandemic normal.

I remember — almost exactly one year ago — meeting a large group of Canadian border-crossers at the Covid Summit in Ocala. It was a sobering moment. They described how they’d left all their property and in a harrowing night-time tale of underground railroads, planes, trains, and automobiles, they managed to slip across the U.S.’s northern border and made their way immediately to the Free State of Florida.

It was a jarring reminder of how we Floridians were taking things for granted, and encouraged me to broaden the fight and start trying to help, however we could, our blue state friends and northern neighbors.

I wonder sometimes, when these stories appear, if the folks I met in Ocala are ready to head home, or if they are now here to stay.

💉 A blockbuster new JAMA Pediatrics study found mRNA particles in breast milk — you know, exactly what they swore on a Bible would never, ever happen.

The good thing though is that at least no expecting mothers lost their jobs over the jabs or anything.

Oh, wait. Nevermind.

Anyway, don’t worry, the CDC still says the shots are totally safe for pregnant women:

Dr. Naomi Wolf says the Pfizer documents show that four women’s breast milk turned blue-green, which doesn’t sound too good, and one breastfeeding infant in the Pfizer clinical trials DIED.

Twitter avatar for @liz_churchill1_Liz Churchill ™ 🇨🇦 @liz_churchill1_

“Breast milk…turned blue-green” -Dr. Naomi Wolf


But it’s okay! You can trust everything ELSE they told us about the safety and efficacy of the shots because … science! Shut up!

💉 The Epoch Times ran a quiet but profoundly important story yesterday headlined, “Doctor Turns Against Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines, Calls for Global Pause.”

This is the missing link we’ve been waiting for: Medical professionals who previously supported the jabs now admitting they were wrong and doing the right thing, which takes almost as much courage as opposing the shots in the first place.

Think about this: none of the doctors who initially opposed the shots have changed their minds.

The story explains that Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a telegenic British cardiologist who sits on the board of the Journal of Insulin Resistance, just published a peer-reviewed article in that journal critical of the mRNA shots, in which he called for a worldwide halt of the jabs. His paper is titled, “Curing the pandemic of misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines through real evidence-based medicine.”

The Epoch Times drily added, “Pfizer and Moderna did not return requests for comment.” Haha, I bet they didn’t.

Dr. Malhotra was all-in. He took the jabs himself in January 2021, and the handsome, well-spoken doctor even went on British TV to push the shots. He was 100% convinced the mRNA shots were safe and effective.

It took his father dying.

About six months after getting the Pfizer vaccine, Dr. Malhotra’s fit and healthy father died at home of a sudden and unexpected heart attack. Dr. Malhotra asked for an autopsy, which showed two of his father’s major arteries severely blocked.

So, the doctor began researching post-vaccination injuries, including a study published in the journal Circulation, which showed a higher risk of hear attackd after the mRNA jabs, and a study of Nordic counties showing an elevated risk of myocarditis.

Dr. Malhotra now believes his father’s death was caused by the vaccine.

It is truly tragic that takes the deaths of people who doctors love to get us to this point. But note that it wasn’t just his father’s death, it was also the two studies he mentioned. Like the JAMA Pediatrics study I reported above about mRNA in breast milk, a critical mass of scientific consensus is building over the jab’s risks.

The word is getting out. Legitimate consensus is building. And the building consensus is getting strong enough, and loud enough, to convince at least one doctor to publicly change his position. There will be more.

Believe me, we’re getting there.

🔥 The Washington Post ran a story yesterday headlined, “Putin Grants Citizenship To Edward Snowden, Who Exposed U.S. Surveillance.” Snowden has been living in Russia since 2013, applied for Russian citizenship back in 2020, but his permanent citizenship status was just approved yesterday, by a decree signed by president Putin.

Curious timing, isn’t it?

The WaPo slyly says Snowden just “considers himself a whistleblower,” but later the article admitted that Snowden “disclosed the existence of the NSA’s collection of millions of Americans’ phone records, a program later found by a federal appeals court to be unlawful and since shuttered.”

Unlawful. Shuttered.

WaPo also quoted Jameel Jaffer, executive director of Columbia University’s Knight First Amendment Institute, who tweeted yesterday, “{Snowden] did an immense public service by exposing mass surveillance programs that multiple courts later found to be unconstitutional.”


Government actors quoted for the story were not quite so charitable. Sue Gordon, a former principal deputy director of national intelligence, said Snowden’s new Russian citizenship “takes away any illusion that what he was doing [through his disclosures] was to help America.”

Jim Clapper, former director of national intelligence, criticized Snowden, but admitted that the NSA’s bulk collection of Americans’ phone records was something “we probably should have been more transparent” about. Ya think?

“Probably should have been more transparent.” These people kill me. If you love transparency so much, how about not waiting till you get caught, and go ahead and apply that love of transparency to whatever you’re up to right now? How about to the Ukraine bio-labs?

Regardless of how you feel about Snowden, the real story is how his new Russian citizenship is the fruit of Biden’s sanctions program.

🔥 The takes on Snowden’s citizenship vary, of course, largely depending on whether the pundit is part of the political party controlling the intelligence agencies or not.

Matt Gaetz says Biden should just go ahead and pardon Snowden:

Twitter avatar for @mattgaetzMatt Gaetz @mattgaetz

Joe Biden should PARDON @Snowden

Biden delegate, Princeton grad, and lefty social media influencer Lindy Li says Snowden is obviously a Russian secret agent, just like President Trump:

For his part, for some reason, Snowden doesn’t seem like much of a CIA fan. So the feeling is mutual.

🔥 Snowden just published a Substack article titled, “The CIA Is Not Your Friend.” In the article, Snowden made some pretty incredible claims about the CIA:

Within a year [of its founding], the young agency had already slipped the leash of its intended role of intelligence collection and analysis to establish a covert operations division. Within a decade, the CIA was directing the coverage of American news organizations, overthrowing democratically elected governments (at times merely to benefit a favored corporation), establishing propaganda outfits to manipulate public sentiment, launching a long-running series of mind-control experiments on unwitting human subjects (purportedly contributing to the creation of the Unabomber), and — gasp — interfering with foreign elections. From there, it was a short hop to wiretapping journalists and compiling files on Americans who opposed its wars.

What nonsense! How dare he! That’s slander! That’s totally defamatory! (None of it’s true, is it?)

There were a lot of ways the Snowden disclosures could’ve been prevented. Our intelligence agencies could have, for example, simply refrained from spying on Americans. Then there would have been nothing for Snowden to reveal.

Or, as another totally random example, they could stop doing stuff like helping political parties manufacture fake dossiers against sitting presidents and blaming everything on Russia.

I’m just saying. A smidgen of self-restraint. And a crumb of morality. That’s all we’re asking for.

🔥 The Epoch Times reported on some developments in the Biden Raid case. Although blocked by the 11th Circuit from viewing the classified materials, Judge Dearie has been issuing orders and trying to do his job the best he can.

Judge Dearie has agreed the DOJ should provides copies of everything to Trump’s legal team. He entered a confidentiality order, requiring Trump’s lawyers and professionals to keep private the copies of what was seized. The DOJ wanted the names of everyone who’d be viewing the material, which sounds sinister, but was probably more because they want to be able to enforce leaks.

Given the political stakes, Judge Dearie refused to make Trump’s team list the names of reviewers, which was the right call. Having served on the FISA court, Judge Dearie knows full well just how easy it is for the government to listen in on someone’s calls and read their emails.

Another order required the DOJ to swear in an affidavit that everything they told the court so far is complete and true. This obviously isn’t Judge Dearie’s first rodeo with the government. The order resulted in the DOJ “updating” its list to add 64 new documents that weren’t previously disclosed. It also removed a handful of items (a couple magazines and empty file folders).

Uh huh.

Finally, in a darkly hilarious development, Judge Dearie had to move back the deadline for the DOJ to scan all the documents for turnover, because out of six scanning vendors the DOJ and Trump’s team contacted, only ONE returned their phone calls. Of the other five, only one even bothered to say, “no thanks.”

The rest were like “oh no, nuh-uhn, nope.”

I guess the one remaining scanner can now name its price. They’d better budget in enough to cover all the media harassment they are going to get.

🔥 Is President Trump reading Coffee & Covid? Last week on Thursday (September 22), President Trump told Sean Hannity that as president he has broad declassification powers, and he said stuff that was right out of that morning’s C&C post.

Here’s what Trump said: “Different people say different things but as I understand it, if you’re the president of the United States, you can declassify just by saying it’s declassified, even by thinking about it.”

Trump explained, “because you’re sending it to Mar-a-Lago or wherever you’re sending it. There doesn’t have to be a process. There can be a process, but there doesn’t have to be.” Trump continued, “you’re the president … you make that decision.”

Now here’s what I posted on the morning of the same day, September 22:

My reading of the applicable law is that Trump needn’t do anything at all to declassify a document. In my view, all he has to do is DECIDE, and then act in conformity with that decision. So, I believe that if President Trump moves a classified document twelve inches, say moving it one foot out of the secured area into the common area, that’s all he has to do to declassify.

Taking the documents to Mar-a-Lago is an act in conformity with his decision to declassify. To me, it’s that easy.

Compare them. Our summaries are eerily similar. Or, maybe we were just on the same wavelength last Thursday. What do you guys think?

🔥 Giving you an idea where we’re at these days, when a group of Brazilian cross fitters ran past a sidewalk restaurant yesterday, it caused a panic:

With the way things have been for two years, can you blame them? They were like, that’s good enough for me, we’re out of here.

🔥 Yesterday, NASA completed a mission to ram a fabulously expensive spacecraft right into a football-stadium-sized asteroid named Dimorphos.

Is it just me, or does that asteroid look like a computer model of a lump of cement? Plus, right before impact, I could swear I saw part of Hilary’s email server in there. Weird.

🌪️ For those of you outside Florida, I’m sure you’ll be flooded with dramatic Hurricane Ian storm images all week, but here are a couple of early ones.

The new projections now show the storm making a right turn and driving right up the middle of Florida:

Coffee & Covid and its author are located right in northern part of the expected path. The good news for me is, by the time it gets to my part of the state, it will have degraded into a tropical storm. Still, we could expect power problems, flooding, trees down, and so forth.

As of last night, storm surge was already affecting Miami — on the other side of the state:

Twitter avatar for @coweddleCody Weddle @coweddle

Water is already overwhelming storm drains in Downtown Miami. #Ian


With two days left to go, there is still a lot that could happen. But folks in west Florida should be focusing on prep at this point.

For all you new Floridians, welcome to your first hurricane! With all the water, you might get to meet your first alligator, too.

Have a terrific Tuesday, and good luck with your Hurricane hoarding! I’ll be back tomorrow with more.


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