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💉 Monkeypox roundup:

Turns out the pox can be pretty painful. NBC Dallas-Fort Worth ran a story Friday headlined, “Dallas Man With Monkeypox Describes Painful Symptoms.” The article reports that Dallas resident Luke Shanahan is recovering from a monkeypox infection. Luke said his symptoms were “100 times worse” than covid: “The pain and tenderness was constant,” he explained. “It’s like if someone took a ball of needles and kept on stabbing you with it.”

Not just one needle. A ball of needles. That’s like, ten boosters.

At one point, Luke felt convinced he was going to die. And he isn’t sure how he got infected, he says. “I was going to the bars,” he said. “I was out in public. I was going to pool parties.”

But, was he wearing his MASK?

Fortunately, after getting the smallpox vaccine, Luke is now recovering. He said he celebrated by putting an “extra” square of chocolate in his morning coffee. Delightful!

💉 Gateway Pundit’s monkeypox story yesterday was headlined, “New York City is Now the Epicenter of the Monkeypox Outbreak Which Accounts For 30% of All US Cases.” According to the NYD Department of Health, cases nearly doubled there last week.

The Health Department’s statement said, “There are now [489] cases of monkeypox in the city, which is more than 30% of the recorded cases of monkeypox per the CDC. New York City is the epicenter of the monkeypox outbreak in the U.S.” Manhattan’s borough president Mark Levine tweeted that 95% of the cases are in men, for some unexplained reason:

💉 The Hill reported last week that so many New Yorkers wanted the pox vaccine they actually shut down the Department of Health’s online appointment scheduler: “Monkeypox Vaccine Appointment Website Crashes in New York City.”

Twitter avatar for @ViralNewsNYCViral News NY @ViralNewsNYC

100s line up at a pop-up Monkey Pox Vaccination site in Brooklyn NY #monkeypox #Brooklyn #vaccine


💉 A Breitbart article yesterday was headlined, “Gottlieb: Window for Containing Monkeypox ‘Probably Has Closed’.” CBS’ Face the Nation interviewed the former FDA commissioner yesterday about the pox. Gottlieb said it is now too late to contain the pox, and it will probably just become endemic:

I think the window for getting control of this and containing it probably has closed, and if it hasn’t closed, it’s certainly starting to close. 11,000 cases across the world right now. 1,800 cases, as you said, in the US. We’re probably detecting just a fraction of the actual cases because we have a very, we had for a long time a very narrow case definition on who got tested. And by and large, we’re looking in the community of men who have sex with men and STD clinics. … while it’s not going to explode, because it’s harder for this virus to spread, it’s probably going to be persistent, you’ll-you’ll have this as a sort of a fact of life, maybe spreading as a sexually transmitted disease, but also breaking out of those settings.

Finally, foolish Dr. Fauci is back, making the monkeypox rounds, now advising EVERYONE to vaccinate for Monkeypox, of course, because $cience:

So the bottom line is, the pox is painful, it is spreading fast in the gay community, for now at least, but it is — so far — not fatal.

Weird! It reminds me of this Biblical reference: “So the first angel went and poured out his bowl on the earth, and harmful and painful sores came upon the people who bore the mark of the beast and worshiped its image.” Rev. 16:2.

Just saying!

📈 A narrative pivot quietly popped last week, and worldwide corporate media outlets finally began to wrestle with the obvious excess deaths problem, all around the same time, for some reason.

The Week ran an article earlier this month headlined, “Non-Covid Excess Deaths: Why Are They Rising?” The article reported that the latest British government figures show excess deaths up +17% — but only +2% are covid-related. The UK Telegraph’s health editor said the numbers call for “an urgent investigation into what is behind the excess mortality.”

She also pointed out things are getting worse, not better. “[O]verall deaths [are] rising even though Covid deaths have been falling.” A UK Spectator data analyst observed that, strangely, AT-HOME deaths make up the largest cohort: the number of at-home deaths is +31.5% above the five-year average, compared with +12.1% above average in hospitals and +10.3% in care homes.

In other words, it’s mostly healthy people who are dying. Dying suddenly, before they can get to the hospital. For some reason.

Overall, “some 13,000 people more than average” have died at home so far this year in England and Wales, reported Spectator data analyst Michael Simmons. That’s a lot of people. Again, it’s mostly healthy folks: “In hospitals though it’s 7,200 below average and there have been 3,649 fewer in care homes too.”

British experts are baffled. Of course. They speculated that maybe the excess deaths could be related to high prices, or a lack of access to healthcare services, or possibly chronic stress and sedentary lifestyles from lockdowns. One doctor quoted for the story explained, “the reasons behind these horrific numbers are complicated and none of us fully understand them, so that is exactly why there should be an urgent and comprehensive government inquiry.”

It’s a nice sentiment, but I’m guessing there WON’T be an urgent and comprehensive government inquiry, for some reason. And, maybe the reason is because it’s NOT actually complicated. Maybe there’s a simple explanation that nobody wants to talk about.

My vote is for the investigation. Who’s with me?

🦘 In highly-jabbed Australia, around the exact same time earlier this month, ABC News Australia ran a story headlined, “Australians Living Longer but With More Chronic Disease, COVID ‘Excess Deaths’ Jump: National Health Report.”

The article begins with this sobering statement: “Life expectancy rates in Australia are continuing to rise but almost half of us are living with a chronic health condition.”

Half. Half of Australians are living with chronic health conditions? Can that be right?

The latest government mortality report found “that although Australia fared relatively well during the first two years of the pandemic, the country’s rate of ‘excess mortality’ — or deaths above the historical average — jumped substantially in 2022.”

Weird. The jabs were supposed to PROTECT against serious illness and death. Now half of Australians have chronic medical conditions and excess deaths are off the charts. Baffling!

And it seems to be getting worse, not better. The most recent periods are also the deadliest: “There was a marked change in January and February 2022, with 3,105 more deaths than expected in those two months alone.”

💉 Also, Cyprus, July 3rd:

💉 Also, New Zealand, July 3rd:

💉 Also, the Phillippines, June 27th:

💉 And, Scotland. Yesterday, the UK Times ran a story headlined, “Poorly Scotland Facing Deadliest Year on Record.” It reports that “suicides [are] up by at least a quarter [coupled with] a big rise in fatal heart conditions.”

Fatal heart conditions. Weird. Weird AND baffling.

💉 While it hasn’t broken into corporate media in the U.S. — not yet — some organizations are starting to notice the excess deaths problem here at home. The National Bureau of Economic Research published a report in late June titled, “Non-Covid Excess Deaths, 2020-21: Collateral Damage of Policy Choices?”

“From April 2020 through at least the end of 2021, Americans died from non-Covid causes at an average annual rate 97,000 in excess of previous trends. Hypertension and heart disease deaths combined were elevated 32,000.”

Again, we see that it’s healthier people who are more affected:

“Mortality from all causes during the pandemic was elevated +26 percent for working-age adults (18-64), as compared to +18 percent for the elderly.”

Public companies in the U.S. are required to publish quarterly and annual financial reports. They are doing their best to obscure the data, but the life insurance figures are continuing to look grim. For example, various non-corporate media sources reported that the U.S.’s fifth-largest life insurance provider, Lincoln National, reported +163% claims payouts for 2021:

2019: $500,888,808

2020: $547,940,260

2021: $1,445,350,949

Lincoln’s annual financial report cited “non-pandemic-related morbidity” and “unusual claims adjustments” to explain losses from its group life insurance business. Other public life insurance providers are also strangely down, “unexpectedly.” For example, an recent analyst’s report on life insurance giant Reinsurance Group of America (RGA) wonders about RGA’s mysterious revenue losses:

“Looking at its three-year median payout ratio of 29% (or a retention ratio of 71%) which is pretty normal, Reinsurance Group of America’s declining earnings is rather baffling as one would expect to see a fair bit of growth when a company is retaining a good portion of its profits. It looks like there might be some other reasons to explain the lack in that respect. For example, the business could be in decline.”

Baffling. I suppose there MIGHT be “some other reasons.” Who knows? It’s a mystery. Oh well!

🔥 We need to talk about the heat wave. First, check out this op-ed published in the New York Times late last week:

While you’re thinking about that, consider this headline from Indian news:

Weird. Low-jabbed Indians and Pakistanis aren’t dying from the stress of the high summer heat. Unlike high-jabbed Europeans.

🔥 Before you consider the corporate media’s narrative that “climate change” is overheating the planet and killing everybody by causing blood clots and strokes, take a look at these headlines.

Breaking news from 1921, from the New York Herald:

But the most under-reported news that corporate media isn’t telling you is that the Sun is casting huge tendrils of solar winds toward the Earth right now, to the point that even satellites are having to move out of the way just to survive. From the European Space Agency’s website last Thursday:

After reporting that its “Swarm” satellite narrowly dodged some space junk while relocating, the ESA said:

“Now a crucial step in the spacecraft’s ongoing journey to safer skies has to be quickly rescheduled, as violent solar activity related to the ramping up of the solar cycle warps Earth’s atmosphere and threatens to drag it down out of orbit…”

It suggested the Sun’s “violent” and unexpected solar activity could even be strong enough to “kill” satellites:

Wait, the Sun is killing satellites? Our Sun is entering a very active part of its ‘solar cycle’ right now. This activity is increasing the density of Earth’s upper atmosphere.”

Here’s a picture of the solar activity in question:

It’s SO weird that the world would be experiencing a violent and unexpected heat wave right now, huh? Plus, since the Sun is spinning, that solar ‘arm’ is moving even closer to Earth. It’s predicted they will cross paths sometime this evening around 8:00 EST. Nobody knows what will happen.

I keep telling you guys it seems like we’re living through the Book of the Revelation: “And the fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and it was granted to it to burn up people with fire. And people were burned up by the great heat, and they blasphemed the name of God[.]” Rev. 16:8–9.

See? It’s hot as Hades. Literally.

🔥 Finally, for some reason the Russians are getting prickly about the weapons we’re providing Ukraine, in particular our high-tech HIMARS missile systems. Yesterday, Reuters ran a story headlined, “Russia’s Medvedev: Attack on Crimea Will Ignite ‘Judgment Day’ Response.”

Judgment Day. That doesn’t sound too good. Reuters explained:

“[Russian President Medvedev’s] comments were aired a day after a Ukrainian official suggested that Crimea, which most of the world still recognizes as part of Ukraine, could be a target for U.S.-made HIMARS missiles, recently deployed by Kyiv as it battles Russian forces.”

The trouble is the U.S.-supplied HIMARS missiles can reach Russian targets in Crimea, which Russia considers part of its national territory. But Ukrainian officials are saying they think Crimean targets are fair game because Russia is staging weapons and supplies in Crimea for use in Ukraine. So, fair’s fair.

But Medvedev just said that an attack in Crimea WILL ignite Judgment Day.

Now connect this dot: yesterday, Russia launched its brand-new super-gigantic, high-tech nuclear submarine, the Belgorod. It includes a number of unique features, like 2 megaton nuclear drone torpedoes that can race around at 130 miles per hour. Torpedos, not missiles. The torpedoes are designed to explode UNDER WATER with the force of 10,000 Hiroshima’s, creating a massive tsunami.


See those massive torpedo holes on the front of the sub? Those holes launch the Poseidon nuclear drone torpedos, which are named after the mythical god who controlled the seas. Some news reports estimate a tidal wave created by an underwater 2-megaton nuclear explosion could be up to a third of a mile high. Thus, the six torpedoes can target six coastal cities, like, say, Washington D.C., effectively wiping them off the face of the Earth in an hour — or less — with an unstoppable tsunami that would destroy or bury every single nuclear bunker along with every other above-ground structure.

If the launching of the Belgorad isn’t a message to Washington about Crimea, HIMARS, and Judgment Day, then I don’t know what else they would have to say to make it clear they mean business. Joe Biden, on the other hand, is a neurologically-impaired monkey playing with a box of unstable, torpedo-shaped hand grenades.

I have to give you one more, to round out today’s theme, and then I promise I’m done: “And one powerful angel picked up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea, saying, ‘In this way Babylon the great city will be thrown down with violence, and will never be found again!’” Rev. 18:21.

I’d guess that a 1,700-foot tsunami could throw down Babylon, or any other city, with violence so that it would never be found again.

See? It’s like we’re now IN the book. That’s not a good sign. If you’re doing it right, where you want to be is NOT in the Book of the Revelation. That’s where politicians are SUPPOSED to keep us, OUTSIDE of the final book of the Bible.

I’m just a lawyer, not a reckless politician, but maybe — just maybe — somebody should consider de-escalating this whole Ukraine deal before something REALLY bad happens. I’m just saying. Don’t cancel me.

Have a marvelous Monday! I’ll see you back here tomorrow for more.


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