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🔥 Okay, now they’ve done it. Finally, after all these long months, they’ve gone too far. An incredibly offensive and defamatory article in the UK Express yesterday bore the headline, “Blood Clots: The Nation’s Favourite Drink Could Make Your Blood Sticky – Increasing Risk.”

Oh, no you don’t. This aggression will not stand.

In an Express “exclusive,” cherry-picked expert Professor Mark Whiteley warned caffeine can cause “sticky blood”, increasing the risk of a blood clot. “Dehydration affects the constituents of the blood, making blood thicker and more ‘sticky’,” the useless expert explained.

Quit smirking, tea drinkers, you didn’t dodge the bullet either. He also defamed tea. The Express reported Professor Whiteley noted tea – Britain’s favorite brew – also contains caffeine, “which actually causes you to lose water.” It wrings the H2O out of you, just like squeezing a moist dishrag.

And guess what else dehydrates you? The prof pointed out that ALCOHOL is also a terrific dehydrator.

This is SO dumb. You know what else makes you dehydrated? NOT DRINKING WATER FOR A FEW HOURS. Remember all those people getting blood clots after forgetting to hydrate at an endless JV volleyball tournament or something? Yeah, me neither.

Haha, the doctor also pointed out that dehydration — and sticky blood clots — can even come from an unexpected source — WATER: “over-drinking [water] can also cause problems,” Professor Whiteley warned.

Water causes blood clots! I’m not making that up!

🎾 Novak Djokovic just won Wimbledon for the 7th time. But he can’t enter America to play in the U.S. Open, because he didn’t get the jab. Which doesn’t prevent transmission, slow the spread, or flatten the curve. Because science!

I know it seems unfair to Djokovic, but on the other hand, is it really fair to let unjabbed athletes compete against the jabbed ones? Just asking.

✈️ A feisty Dutch Minister of Parliament named Christine Anderson made some uncensored public remarks this weekend, revealing that pilot shortages might not only be an American phenomena caused by a computer glitch:

“A lot of pilots that did not want to get vaccinated had been laid off, and the ones that did get vaccinated because they had families to feed and mortgage[s] to pay … may no longer be fit to fly. And that is a problem.”

Indeed. Back in November, Senator Ron Johnson held a committee hearing here in the U.S., where former vaccine-injured pilot Cody Flint testified:

“We are now seeing pilots experiencing blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, dizziness and confusion at rates never seen before. Pilots are losing their careers and having to call in sick or go on medical leave from medical issues developing almost immediately after vaccination.”

The unfortunate jab-taking pilot testified he’s had SIX spinal taps over eight months and has lost a year of his life to medical treatments and recovery. His doctors say only a vaccine injury or a massive head trauma could have caused all his health problems.


🔥 At least it’s finally making the news. The Dutch farmers have caused enough of a ruckus that corporate media has had to tentatively recognize them. The AP ran a barely-informative story this weekend headlined, “Anger Simmers for Dutch Farmers Who Oppose Pollution Cuts.”


The AP tentatively labeled the national shutdown in the Netherlands as merely a “summer of discontent” for peeved farmers: “Dutch farmers are embroiled in a summer of discontent that shows no sign of abating.” The news service almost immediately tipped its hand though, when it said the Dutch experience could “foreshadow similar reforms — and protests — in other European nations whose farmers also pump out pollutants.”

Haha. Farmers, pumping out pollutants. Good one. But .. WHAT ABOUT FOOD, you idiots?

And exactly what is the pumped-out pollutant? The AP said, “Airborne nitrogen leads to smog and tiny particles that are damaging to people’s health.”

Airborne nitrogen. Hmm. What’s the atmosphere made of again?  [Hint: 21% nitrogen.] Dummies. You know where nitrogen for fertilizer comes from in the first place? It’s distilled out of THE AIR.

Quoting the Dutch government, the AP said it “sees three options for farmers: become (more) sustainable, relocate or stop.”

Stop? Stop farming? Then what happens after the farmers stop farming? Oh, wait … is Joe Biden running the Netherlands too?? That would explain a lot.

After the United States, the Netherlands is the world’s second-largest food exporter. Or, was. WAS the world’s second-largest food exporter. Not this year, is my guess.

💉 Here are a couple weird charts for you. First, let’s compare several countries’ covid rates:

Lookey there! India, Philippines, and Africa — the three lowest jabbed populations — also have the least cases. And the three most-jabbed countries — Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand — also have the most cases. Weird! But, who cares about cases anymore, am I right? Deaths, now that’s the important metric. Let’s check deaths:

And there they are down at the bottom, again: India, Philippines, and Africa. And New Zealand and Australia are back at the top (Don’t worry, Singapore got a late start, they’ll catch up).

Do you think there’s any chance the CDC will look into this? I’m betting not.

🔥 The Associated Press is baffled and confused about what’s making so many people distrust the government these days:

Have they considered ALL the possibilities? How about … the media? Might the media have anything to do with it? The AP doesn’t even speculate as to what might be causing trust to wane and conspiracy theories to rise. The article seems to blame the conspiracy theorists themselves, but that’s just more circular logic.

🔥 The UK Express ran an under-reported story last week headlined, “Iran, China and Russia Link Up for Military Operation to Challenge ‘Unipolar World’.”

The RICe alliance — Russia, Iran, and China — is significant enough news. Christians are triggered because they identify that axis with an Ezekiel 38 end-times prophecy. Regardless, the apocalyptic undertones underscore the dark significance of an incredibly dangerous military axis that is not a good combination for the West and has no business being on our southern doorstep.

That’s right, southern doorstep. The article’s sub-headline explains that the three RICe countries are joining “10 other nations in Venezuela to take part in joint military operations in a defiant message to the unipolar world order.” In VENEZUELA.

So much for Joe Biden’s oil outreach to that South American communist hellhole. In other words, Russia, China, and Iran are moving major military assets into Venezuela — just two hours south of the U.S. border. It’s for a “drill.” And Venezuela is another one of the biggest non-Arabian oil producers in the world. This alliance, VRIC, can’t be good for gas prices. But there’s a bigger problem.

Think about it. While we are busily relocating all our major military assets to the East — toward Ukraine — the eastern nations are hauling their major military assets to the West — toward us. Um, is this raising any red flags or anything? Are the generals paying attention? Or, are they distracted by planning the base’s next drag show?

Where’s the corporate media on this story? It seems like a terrific bit of fear porn. You could fairly compare this move to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Where’s Joe Biden? So far, it’s all crickets. We are forced to read about the South American “drill” in the UK Express, right next to a story headlined, “Kim Kardashian Displays Her Ample Assets While Frolicking In a Silver Bikini at Beach Bash.”

You literally cannot make this stuff up.

Keep smiling! I’ll be back tomorrow with more tasty C&C — caffeine-caused blood clots or not.


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