The Senate Seat is Not Worth…

From “A Senate Seat Is Not Worth Roy Moore” by Timothy P. Carney, Washington Examiner, Nov. 14:

Imagine a well-intentioned honest liberal Democrat granted the power of clairvoyance in 1998. If he could look ahead to 2017, and see the consequences, what do you think he would tell his party about former President Bill Clinton? What would he say as the party leaders lined up feminist Gloria Steinem to write an op-ed defending Clinton, despite the affair with an intern half his age and the flood of charges of sexual assault or harassment?

Maybe he would say, “Guys, let’s not establish the principle that character doesn’t matter in public office. Let’s not mock those objecting to sexual impropriety as mere prudes. Let’s not rush to ‘move on’ from President Clinton’s crimes. If we do, we will suffer later.”

It’s not a stretch to suggest that the Left’s fierce, ruthless, and successful defense of Bill Clinton—and the virulent attacks on his critics and victims—paved the way for Trump’s presidency.

Just so, there will be long-term consequences to any conservative embrace of that same nihilistic worldview that gripped the 1990s Democrats. And for conservatives, the consequences will be even worse, because conservatism as a philosophy requires boundaries, norms, and traditions that such a worldview cannot sustain.


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