Merry Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

How to share a year’s worth of our family ‘life’ in a short post?  I’m going to give it the old college try. [If MSU can win the conference beating unbeaten OSU, I certainly should be able to write one letter.] After more than 24 years in sunny Florida, Jennifer’s parents moved a home about 5 miles from ours here in sunny, snowy Ohio! They are now both in their 80s and decided it was time to downsize, get back to their roots and get closer to the grandkids – ops, only one grandkid left in town! It is wonderful to have them close. We can help; we can have dinner on the spur of the moment; we can drop in to each other’s home… We are making the most of it. Hard to beat that, eh?

Well, wouldn’t you know it but Jenn and I have finally graduated! At least that is how one friend put it. “You’ve been such good parents that you have been promoted to grandparents.” There you have it – one of the bigger events in our family this year. Trace Martin Donald was born in Boston on 9/24 to Emily and Chris. Jenn and Evelyn were out for the 9/11 due date [another miscalculation the medical profession probably won’t ever admit to] but Evelyn had to return for school before Trace was born. Our grandson and his parents were here for a short week in October and we are looking forward to having them another week between the holidays. Trace is the cutest and smartest boy born this year – honestly.

After 12 years, more or less, with The Andersons, Joel accepted a position with Promise (name of Company) in Cincinnati, OH. In his position managing the technology side of website design projects, he will much better be able to leverage his skills and hopefully find his work more fulfilling. Living in Cincinnati also gives John Mason, Jenn’s brother, a relative in town. Joel and John have become better acquainted these past six months.

Mark has been working at The Andersons White Pigeon (MI) terminal the past year. As an Account Rep he is learning the grain business from the ground up. He lives in Elkhart IN where he has discovered Crossfit – a regiment not for the faint of heart. We got worn out just watching him compete at in a two-day competition where he finished 7 of 23 men.

“I think this summer I will learn to cook.” And it was with that inspiration that the remaining Rossols in the house embarked on a three month culinary journey – with Evelyn as our chief guide and chef – but not bottle washer. That job was left mostly to Dad. What fun we had enjoying one recipe after another. I think Evelyn enjoyed it so much that she might have second thoughts about her career ambitions. Evelyn has been accepted at Kent State U in Fashion Design – her dream for many years. Evelyn continues to cook, study, cheer, sew, work at a Chocolate Shop and bring happiness to her mother and I.

My parents are both doing well. We are so thankful for the marvels of medical technology; Nelda’s heart issues culminated in single by-pass surgery and what was likely a normal recovery. Its wonderful that my siblings are close to Herbert and Nelda; there to help in these kind of situations.

Jenn continues as the unofficial “Cheer Parent” for her second year. She also still enjoys her time at the Toledo Christian library a few days each week. Of most concern: what will she do next year with an empty nest? Please send ideas her way! And me, well, I’m beginning to think like the SAP system migration might just last until I retire; its the project that keeps on giving! Serving on the Presbytery Council is also an accountability that I find rewarding, both personally and as a way to keep our church connected in the Midwest Presbytery.

Well, how’d I do [with the letter]? For Jenn and Evie, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Please stay in touch. If they haven’t canceled our accounts I think we’re still on Facebook, or email, or phone. (The Flickr link below has 2013 “Christmas Letter pictures”.)
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