U.S. monitored Merkel’s phone?

The Left is in an uproar! I’m sure there will be calls for Congressional inquiry soon.
BERLIN (Reuters) – The German government has obtained information that the United States may have monitored the mobile phone of Chancellor Angela Merkel and she called President Barack Obama on Wednesday to demand an immediate clarification, her spokesman said.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Obama had assured Merkel that the United States was not monitoring the communications of the chancellor.

But the strongly worded statement by Merkel’s spokesman suggested that Germany was not fully satisfied. It demanded an “immediate and comprehensive” clarification of U.S. surveillance practices.

“She made clear that she views such practices, if proven true, as completely unacceptable and condemns them unequivocally,” the statement read

Merkel calls Obama over suspicion U.S. monitored her phone – Yahoo News.


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