High Priest of Stats Is the Go-To Guy

High Priest of Stats Is the Go-To Guy – WSJ.com.

Yet the young are all the rage!? Some wisdom in this story.


… Mr. Silverblatt’s career has been made by winnowing huge amounts of data to produce such granular stock-market details. And over the years he has stuck to the methods that work. He uses a cellphone, though an old-fashioned pager still clings to his belt. (“When that goes off, I will jump. It’s ‘Houston, you have a problem.’ “)

His preferred method of crunching numbers is an old DOS-based database manager. When he churns out one of his email blasts several times a week on market minutiae—sent to hundreds of institutional investors, analysts, mutual-fund companies and government officials—he prints out hard copies, hand-checking figures with a pen. All this has helped make him the go-to guy for market watchers with wonky questions.

“I remember somewhat recently, I was looking for the largest traded gold companies in the late 1970s. I didn’t think he’d have it. But he had it to me in like five minutes,” says Chris Verrone, head of technical analysis at Strategas Research Partners.  …


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