10,000 Unnecessary Cancer Deaths Linked to COVID-19 Pandemic, Lockdown in UK

The Epoch Times  9/23/21By Jack Phillips

A lack of face-to-face doctor visits in the UK since the start of the CCP virus pandemic may result in 10,000 unnecessary deaths due to cancer, said a report from University College London published this week.

Researchers with the university said that a drop in emergency referrals from general practitioners in 2020 across the United Kingdom resulted in some 40,000 late diagnoses of cancer. The delays, combined with longer National Health Service (NHS) treatment due to the pandemic, mean that thousands will die “significantly earlier” from cancer, the report found.

The study found that more than 60 percent of people surveyed by the university were concerned about talking to their general practitioner (GP) about “minor health problems” amid the pandemic. Before the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus’s spread, around 80 percent of appointments with doctors were in person, but only 57 percent of consultations were face-to-face in July 2021, the report noted.

“The immediate effect of the pandemic was to delay early diagnosis. Even before the pandemic, Britain’s performance was not up there with the best of the world,” said report co-author David Taylor, a professor with University College London, according to The Telegraph.

“There is some evidence to suggest every month treatment is delayed can increase the risk of early death by seven percent,” he said. “Some of it is about patients not presenting, worrying about being a burden on their GP, some of it is about access problems.”

In October 2020, a report from health care analyst firm Dr Foster said the NHS’s guidance that residents should “Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives” scared patients away from seeking medical attention last year.

Dr Foster’s director of strategy and analytics Tom Binstead said of the report last year, “Overall, the analysis suggests that the long-term effects of the pandemic are likely to be far-reaching, with a future spike in demand possible due to missed diagnoses and postponed procedures.”

“Cancers may now require a greater level of treatment, or even be untreatable,” he said at the time, “if they have been left undetected or untreated as a result of the crisis.”

A spokesperson for the NHS told The Telegraph and other news outlets on Tuesday that during the pandemic the agency prioritized individuals who sought care for cancer.

Services for cancer are at “pre-pandemic levels,” while the latest monthly figures suggest “more than 200,000 people referred for checks and more than 27,000 starting treatment,” the spokesperson said.

COVID-19 is the illness caused by the CCP virus.

The Epoch Times has contacted NHS for comment.



Roger Stone: On-Air Service of Left-Wing Harassment Lawsuit Becomes Fake News Media Frenzy – American Faith

Roger Stone: On-Air Service of Left-Wing Harassment Lawsuit Becomes Fake News Media Frenzy

By Roger Stone 2 hours ago

When I was accepted service in the early morning of September 16th in a bogus January 6th-related civil suit, while on the radio (via cellphone) being interviewed by Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit and Kell Brazil, for “Real Talk” 93.3 in St. Louis, Missouri, it very quickly became a trending media frenzy.

It reminded me of the pre-dawn hours of January 25, 2019, when 29 heavily armed FBI agents stormed my home to arrest me for the fabricated crime of “lying to Congress,” an act of overreach which shocked the nation and exposed the politically motivated bullying tactics of Mueller and his thugs.

That I was served in a civil lawsuit that was announced weeks ago in which the shady left-wing “Lawyers for Civil Rights Under Law” recruited seven Capitol Hill police officers to file a baseless and abusive lawsuit against President Trump and me claiming, falsely, that we conspired with others to deny the officers their civil rights and to endanger them was neither surprising nor out of the ordinary.

In fact, The Gateway Pundit was the first media organization to expose the continuing, corrupt, baseless, and relentless legal attacks against me and my wife when we lost virtually everything we own and my wife is struggling with stage 4 cancer.

Although The Washington Examiner did at least accurately report my statement that the lawsuit is “baseless, groundless, unsubstantiated and entirely devoid of evidence,” but got other key facts wrong.

In fact, every one of these fake news outlets – the very same news outlets who insisted in a drumbeat of attacks that I colluded with the Russians and collaborated with WikiLeaks to elect Donald Trump for over two years – and who now insist despite the lack of any evidence or proof whatsoever – now insist that I must have been involved in some way in the illegal acts of January 6th. In other words, all of these media outlets acted as if the allegations in this bogus and politically motivated lawsuit are facts. Once again, my name is clickbait for drooling leftists suffering from Stone Derangement Syndrome.

Here are some examples:

  • WASHINGTON POST: Roger Stone Served ‘a big, big stack of papers’ from Capitol Riot Lawsuit During Radio Interview
  • USA TODAY: Roger Stone Served with Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Lawsuit During Live Radio Interview
  • THE INDEPENDENT: Roger Stone Interrupted During Radio Interview to be Served With Jan 6 Lawsuit
  • YAHOO NEWS: Roger Stone Served in Capitol Riot Lawsuit During Live Interview
  • NEWSWEEK: Roger Stone Served With Capitol Riots Lawsuit During Radio Interview
  • THE DAILY BEAST: Roger Stone Interrupted on Live Radio to Be Served With Capitol Riot Lawsuit
  • THE HILL: Roger Stone Served with Capitol Riot Lawsuit During Radio Interview
  • THE SEATTLE TIMES: Roger Stone, During Radio Interview, is Served ‘a big, big stack of papers’ From Capitol Riot Lawsuit
  • SALON: Roger Stone Served Jan. 6 Lawsuit Papers During Live Radio Interview (Salon actually cops to cribbing the story from Raw Story which is like getting it from the sewer!)
  • RAW STORY: Roger Stone Interrupted During Radio Interview to Get Served Papers for Capitol Riot Lawsuit
  • THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Roger Stone Served with Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Lawsuit During Live Radio Interview

In other words, all of these stories – and dozens of more like them-neglect to mention that the lawsuit filed by the Obama-affiliated “Lawyers For Civil Right Under Law” is more of a sensationalized press release. The assertion  President Trump and I conspired with others to deny the civil rights of seven Capitol Hill Police Officers and for “endangering” them- is categorically false. Everything I said and did on January 5th fell well within under my First Amendment free speech rights, and I most certainly never urged anyone to hurt anyone else at any time, including January 6th at the US Capitol. I certainly never advocated lawlessness, violence, or insurrection. This lawsuit is based on ‘guilt by association, conjecture, speculation, and lies.

This “lawfare” lawsuit – meaning the filing, for political motivations, of incendiary, clever and sensational charges although devoid of any evidence or proof, but filing in a politically sympathetic jurisdiction, and dragging the matter out in order to generate more bad publicity for the target and force them to pay massive legal fees just to get the frivolous lawsuit dismissed, when the sensationalized lawsuit is dismissed, it will receive no coverage whatsoever from the very same media outlets who gave broad coverage to the filing of the original defamatory charges by the plaintiffs.

The left-wing lawyers and the media are in it together but their actions in this suit are an abuse of the judicial system and they run the very real risk of a Rule 11 Violation ruling against them. I have already won dismissal in two previous harassment lawsuits, one by the left-wing-Obama connected “Project Democracy” and the other by the Democratic National Committee. Both were designed to drain my financial resources at the same time I was seeking to defend myself in the Mueller Investigation

I will not waver in my fight for Justice. Patriots who want to help me in my never-ending struggle with the Deep State can contribute to StoneDefenseFund.com.

God bless you.


Supermodel rejects COVID vaccine in defiant post – American Faith

Supermodel rejects COVID vaccine in defiant post

‘I will not be forced to prove my health to participate in society’

Supermodel Doutzen Kroes said in a defiant social media post that she would not be getting vaccinated for the coronavirus.

Kroes spoke out after a self-imposed six month break from social media. The 36-year-old said that others had inspired her to speak her truth about her stand against forced vaccination.

“I will not be forced to take the shot. I will not be forced to prove my health to participate in society. I will not accept exclusion of people based on their medical status,” Kroes wrote.

“Freedom of speech is a right worth fighting for but we can only solve this united in peace and love!” she added.

“Pass on the torch of hope and love and speak your truth,” she concluded.

The post received more than 342,000 “likes” on Instagram and more than 48,000 comments, many of them critical of her public stance against vaccines.

Among her supporters was fellow superstar model Gisele Bundchen, who chastised those critical of Kroes’ post.

“I can’t believe the hate being directed at her because she expressed her feelings,” wrote Bundchen. “It saddens me to see all the judgment and the lack of empathy in so many people’s hearts. Hate is not the answer.”

Kroes has more than 6.9 million followers on Instagram. She became one of the more successful fashion models after being a lingerie model for Victoria’s Secret. 

President Joe Biden announced the first federal vaccine mandate on Sept. 9 after his administration previously said that it was not the role of the executive to issue such mandates. That mandate applies to employees of companies with more than 100 workers. 

Although there has been a spike in new cases of the coronavirus in the U.S., the pandemic appears to have plateaued, with the seven-day-average hovering at about 140,000 per day. The previous spike reached a seven-day-average of 250,000 daily cases in January. 


Beijing Unleashes Sweeping Bid to Remold Society

The Epoch Times   9/22/21 by Eva Fu

China’s tech behemoths are handing months of profits to the regime in Beijing to demonstrate loyalty to the Communist Party. Popular actors have been erased from internet history with their devoted online fan groups disbanded. Young gamers now are allowed no more than three hours of playtime per week.

Across Chinese classrooms, 147,000 newly minted inspectors have been deployed to oversee the national dissemination of the ideology of China’s top leader, Xi Jinping.

Be it e-commerce, entertainment, education, or gaming, few areas of Chinese society have been left unscathed amid Beijing’s torrent of regulatory activity in recent months. As authorities clamped down on the offending actors, stock markets tumbled with hundreds of billions wiped out, while companies and individuals have scrambled to assess the new rules, lest they tread on the regime’s toes.

The cascading crackdowns have been swift and puzzling, with some likening the Party’s attempts at social engineering to that which occurred during the Cultural Revolution, a decade-long period from 1966 when the regime’s first helmsman, Mao Zedong, sought to reassert his control within the Party by launching a mass campaign to destroy traditions, beliefs, and social mores.

A “profound revolution” is underway in China, declares nationalist essayist Li Guangman, a former editor for an obscure state newspaper. In a recent commentary quickly promoted on prominent Chinese state media websites, he hailed the regime’s campaign as a “return to the original intent of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) … and the essence of socialism,” and offered up two potential targets: housing and medicare.

Epoch Times Photo
Journalists walk past a screen showing video footage of Chinese President Xi Jinping, during a visit to the Museum of the Communist Party of China, near the Birds Nest national stadium in Beijing on June 25, 2021. (Noel Celis/AFP via Getty Images)

As with past measures, the Chinese regime has framed the series of actions as necessary for the public good. But the pace of the activity has been dizzying, with a thoroughness unseen in China’s recent memory.

It looks like the “opening days” of a cultural revolution, said June Teufel Dreyer, a political science professor at the University of Miami.

To Robert Atkinson, economist and founder of Washington-based think tank Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, some of the measures mark the latest efforts by Beijing to curb freedom of expression. He cited the ban on “effeminate actors” and gaming restrictions as examples.

“You get the sense that what Xi is saying is, ‘No, we don’t want a society that’s individualistic. Your job as a Chinese citizen is to support and follow the state,’” Atkinson told The Epoch Times.

“The goal of Chinese society is not to make people happy, it’s to make the state powerful,” he said.

Total Control

The “straw that broke the camel’s back” goes back to last October, according to Dreyer, when internet giant Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma made a blunt speech criticizing China’s regulatory system. For his outspokenness, the entrepreneur went missing for three months. Overnight, regulators pulled the plug on what was meant to be the world’s largest initial public offering by Ant Group, Alibaba’s sister fintech firm.

The regime is “trying to prevent wealthy, vested interests like Jack Ma from … winding into the political decision-making process,” Dreyer said.

Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba
Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba, speaks during his visit at the Vivatech startups and innovation fair in Paris, on May 16, 2019. (Philippe Lopez/AFP via Getty Images)

The punishment of Ma appears to be the lightning rod that set off a sweeping overhaul engulfing virtually all facets of society. Since then, regulators have pulled apps for alleged data transfer violations, shunned “misbehaving” celebrities, disciplined thousands of “self media” accounts for “badmouthing the financial market,” and barred paid private tutoring on core school subjects.

“It’s about sending a message that says to the capitalist class that … you as a businessperson are under the thumb of the state,” Atkinson said.

Paralleling the moves is Beijing’s renewed emphasis on “common prosperity,” a slogan the Party has touted since its early days as the end goal of socialism.

Xi’s recent pledges include redistributing wealth to close the yawning income gap—likely to drum up popular support as he mounts his bid for an unprecedented third five-year term late next year.

The targeted sectors have been racing to align with the Party’s decrees. Dozens of actors have signed statements supporting Beijing’s campaign. The embattled Alibaba on Sept. 3 vowed to spend 100 billion yuan ($15.5 billion) by 2025 in support of the common prosperity drive.

The logo of China’s pioneering digital payments firm Alipay on the office block of its parent company Ant Group in Shanghai on Nov. 4, 2020. (Hector Retamal/AFP via Getty Images)

‘Rejuvenation’ Chase

Behind the avalanche of changes is Xi’s vision for a grand national “rejuvenation,” a term he invoked more than two dozen times as he spoke from the balcony atop Beijing’s Tiananmen Square on July 1 to mark the CCP’s 100th birthday.

But the rejuvenation campaign has hit some domestic roadblocks.

China’s workforce has been shrinking for years, in part due to the decades-long birth policy allowing each household to have one child only. Even as Beijing moved to a two-child limit in 2016, the costs of raising children in urban China have deterred would-be parents. China, now encouraging a third child, has called off tests for first- and second-graders and banned for-profit tutoring firms, blaming them for adding a financial toll on families. Hotlines have been set up to catch violators.

Such measures haven’t necessarily been embraced by Chinese parents, who are known for expending large amounts of time and money on their child’s education to ready them for the hyper-competitive university entrance exams.

“This is the system’s flaw, and students and parents shouldn’t be asked to bear the consequences,” Amy Ma (a pseudonym), a primary school teacher in central China’s Hubei Province who has taught for 30 years, told The Epoch Times, adding that the education policies would do little to ease parents’ anxiety about their child’s future.

For most Chinese families, the education system is “the last chance to change their children’s fate” when “the Party has monopolized all resources in society,” she said.

To boost their academic performance, Chinese kids would now have to turn to in-home tutors, Richard Zhang (a pseudonym), a division chief for a city-level education bureau, told The Epoch Times. With the tutor pool slashed as a result of the new regulations, the cost of such services could become prohibitive, he said. Thus, ultimately, it may only be rich families who can give their children a competitive edge.

China beijing vaccination
A woman wears a protective mask as she sits in front of a sign promoting a local government COVID-19 vaccination center in Beijing on May 23, 2021. (Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

A lack of enthusiasm from Chinese millennials also is hindering the regime’s prosperity drive. A new counterculture movement called “tangping,” or lying flat and doing nothing, is catching on with young people, who are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the exacting demands of professional and social life.

Labeled as “disgraceful” by Chinese state media—while praised as a silent form of resistance by some others—the “lying flat” approach to life adopted by many young Chinese is the exact opposite of what Xi needs to back Beijing’s ambition, Dreyer said.

“He wants to see a highly competitive society in which everyone works hard and therefore the Chinese country nation is able to eclipse the United States,” she said. “He’s not going to get it if people are going to lie flat.”

Economic Woes

A pressing cash problem is also forcing Beijing to turn on the rich, according to Antonio Graceffo, an analyst of China’s economy and Epoch Times contributor who has spent more than two decades in Asia.

The highly contagious Delta variant of COVID-19—which spread to half of China in August—has continued to challenge Beijing’s costly strategy of shutting down cities and quarantining every positive case, which has disrupted travel and dented tourism, a once booming industry contributing to roughly a tenth of China’s economy in 2019.

China factory
A worker makes an iron bar at a steel factory in Lianyungang, in China’s Jiangsu Province, on Feb. 12, 2021. (AFP via Getty Images)

Sales growth and factory output in August both hit a one-year low as authorities toughened social restrictions to curb surging virus outbreaks. China’s overall debt meanwhile grew to about 270 percent of its GDP in 2020, a jump by about 30 percent over one year.

Monthly data from August showed that one in every seven young urban workers—those aged 16 to 24—have failed to find employment. The move against the private tutoring industry has put some $140 billion at stake and triggered waves of layoffs.

Such signs suggest “the brink of an economic crisis,” Graceffo told The Epoch Times. “The money has to come from somewhere.

“I think that Xi Jinping is reaching for anything to make money.”

Attempts to stimulate growth will be further frustrated by the CCP’s practice of embedding Party branches in companies, which puts another strain on economic freedom.

“They’re not going to be making decisions based on profitability—they are making decisions based on government leaders and giving them to the Party,” he said.


Alongside such domestic challenges, the regime is facing strong headwinds from the West.

In the past year, Beijing has aggressively pushed back as Western criticism rises over the regime’s human rights record, militarism, the lack of transparency on COVID-19 origins, and its consistent efforts to cast the blame on the outside world.

Clad in a gray Maoist suit during the Party’s centennial, Xi warned that foreign forces would figuratively get their “heads bashed” if they dared to bully China.

The regime’s recent policies give off a sense of growing wariness toward Western influence.

Gone are English-language tests from Shanghai’s primary schools; in is a new course on Xi Jinping Thought—mandated from grade school through college nationwide.

Epoch Times Photo
Chinese schoolchildren attend class at the Shiniuzhai Puan Center Primary School in Pingjiang County in China’s Hunan Province, on the first day back to school after the national holidays, on Oct. 8, 2015. (Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images)

Beijing is setting up a third stock market that some analysts read as a move to financially decouple with the West. A new data law, applying to Chinese and foreign companies alike, expressly prohibits the transfer of domestic data into foreign hands and threatens to retaliate against any country using “discriminatory” measures with respect to data.

Social media channels have been purged for “reposting overseas reporting or commentary that carry distorted interpretation of China’s financial trends.”

“You don’t want people thinking about anything except the Party and how to serve the state,” Graceffo said.

According to Dreyer, the regime has decided to make a “trade-off”: Cutting English studies and private tutoring could throw millions out of work, but it also means students have more time to study Party ideology.

“Less English instruction, more indoctrination, in the long run is what China needs,” she said.

But given China’s share of global trade—nearly 15 percent in 2020, and third only to the European Union and the United States—keeping out Western influence entirely may be impossible, Dreyer said.

“You can’t divorce the technology completely from the society that produced it,” she said.

“He’s simply trying to resist,” Dreyer said, referring to Xi. “The future is not preordained, it never is.”



I'm serious… usually. (Martin Rossol)